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KoushaRyouri ~C20

  Chapter 20: The visitors came again.     So Fletty and the others are heading home.   I take off the Jewel Chameleon's leather and watch them go in silence.   I can't help but feel my eyes burning at the thought that this is the last time I see them.   Then I returned to the mountain and began the routine that I had been following for 300 years.   As usual, I am about to leave my house to search for today's dinner. But...   "Hello, we meet again, Luciel-kun."   Three days later, I see Fletty under the camphor tree, cheerfully raising his hand.   I rub my eyes for a moment, wondering if I am dreaming. But the gentle-looking knight doesn't disappear from my sight.   "Huh, Fletty-san!   Are you real?"   I ask, and Fletty laughs lightly.   "Hahahaha!   As you can see, my feet are still attached."   "Why are you here?"   "I told you about the family treasure that was stol

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep24 Each one prepares to attack

  "Sasha-dono, it was decided that you will   go with us."   "! Is that true! I'm happy!"   After the meeting, Michael leaves the dormitory and meets Sasha in a private room at a high-class restaurant in the capital. The restaurant's food is delicious, but one of its main selling points is the secrecy of their private rooms.   As they sit facing each other, they enjoy their meal and chat. Sasha made a powerful gut pose inside her mind.   (Now I can get inside the giant tower where Raito is! This time I must kill him with my own hands!)   "The Prime Minister is also supporting us gladly. As proof, he lent me his fantasy-class armor that has been handed down in his family for generations. The Count family also did the same thing, right?"   "Ye, yes! My foster father will lend me a fantasy-class weapon that has been handed down in the Count's family for generations. He told me to use it to protect myself and Mi