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Lupus sensei YouTube channel event: 50 free translated episodes.


I'm hosting an event to present the Lupus-sensei YouTube channel and gain additional support for this website.

You may read 50 new translated episodes by subscribing, viewing videos, and sharing Lupus sensei youtube videos.

The goals are as follows:
1. Gather 1000 subscribers
2. To accumulate 4000 public watch hours.
If both goals are met, I will release 50 episodes of the translated novel.

This event will take place until July 31, 2022.
The result will be announced on Aug 1, 2022.
The new translated episodes will be posted on

The more you watch and share Lupus Sensei videos, the more likely 50 translated episodes will be released on this website.


Lupus sensei youtube channel



"Nice to meet you. I'm Leto. I'm the chairman of Leto Company and the auction's owner."


The man who introduced himself as Leto takes off his silk hat and bows.

His politeness does not hide his ugly-looking personality. In his words and gestures, one can sense that he is making fun of people.

The moment they see Leto, those who were hopeful earlier tremble with fear.


Clore looks at Leto while the people who fell silent face down.


"Are you the head of the Slave Traders?"


"Slave traders? Gosh, what are you talking about? I'm just a merchant."


"Don't try to fool me. You're catching these people and trying to sell them."


They are still frightened and do not want to look at Leto. The device in his hand seems to make them suffer extreme pain.

Alan's collar has been removed, but he is also face down and sweating heavily.

Leto strokes his beard and turns up the corners of his mouth like a crescent moon.


"People, people, people? Are there any people here? Everything here is goods. Pets to be sold to the rich and the nobles. You can break them, rape them, and kill them as you please. They are nothing but goods."


He is so disgusted by Leto's behavior.

Clore clenches his fist and is about to run toward Leto, but...


"Higa!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!?"


"It's hurt, hurt, hurt, aaaah!"


"Danger, dangerrrrr!?!?"


He heard painful cries from behind him.

He looks back and sees that the slaves' collars are glowing faintly.

It seems that the collar's power is activated by the device in Leto's hand.


"I've seen your power. It looks like you are very proud of your power, but that only works in close range. If I stay away, there is nothing to be afraid of. If you try to get closer, I'll make the goods suffer even more..."




"─ ─!? ──!!!!"




Leto increases the device's output, and the prisoners scream painfully.


"Stop it!"


"Then don't resist."


"...... I understand."


Clore raised his hands to show that he would not resist.

Leto nods in satisfaction and switches off the device.

With the pain gone, they stopped screaming. But most of them had cramps and passed out.


"You know, I always value those who have power like you. What do you think? Would you like to join me?"


"I refuse. I'd rather die than do evil."


"Heh, you're an ally of justice...... but I have hostages, you know? Don't you care about them? If you refuse, those people behind you will have to suffer."


Leto's eyes turn to those who are being held captive.

Indeed, Leto is now in control of the situation. With that device, all the people with slave collars are like hostages.

Clore keeps his hands up and remains silent.


Clore's power is strong. No, he is too strong.

But Leto has seen his power in another room and thought.

With this power, you can do anything he wants.

He wants this power.

That was why he risked everything to come out here, and he won the bet.

As long as he has hostages, that power is his to command.

Thinking of his own bright future ahead, Leto's face distorts... and he realizes.


Clore's raised hand is forming dekopin shape.



A split second later, Clore's fingers flick - and something invisible pierces both of Leto's wrists.


" ............ Eh, ah......? Ah, aaaaaaah! My, my hand aaaaahhhh!?!?"


"Did you think I don't have any way to attack from a long-distance? I can send air bullet flying with dekopin, and it has enough killing power."


One more shot, and then another shot.

Air bullets pierce both of Leto's legs.

A lot of blood spilled from his pierced hands and legs.


"My, my! My hand, my foot!"


"Stop yelling, you scoundrel!"




Clore grabs Leto's head and lifts him up lightly.

His fingers dig in the skull, and a cracking sound echoes.

He had the upper hand just a moment ago, but now he is overwhelmingly defeated. No, one of his legs is already in the coffin.


"Wa, wait...! I, I'll pay you! Tens millions, hundred million! So, let's wogh hogegher....!"


"Piece of shit."





Leto's head was crushed by Clore's grip, then his body fell to the ground.


"Give my regards to Enma (the King of Hell)."



Translator note:

Dekopin (Forehead flicking)


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