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Monday, March 28, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep20 Sasha, to the forest

--looking back a little bit.


After receiving permission from her fiancé, the White Knight's Vice Commander, Sasha immediately began preparations to go to the Giant Tower.

With the reward money she earned from killing the "Master" suspect, she purchased weapons and armor.

At the same time, she hires a group of high-level elf adventurers to act as her guards through the adventurers' guild. In the worst case, she will use them as decoys.


"The minimum level is 300. It has to be an elf male with a handsome face, or I'll reject it."


Sasha hates ugly things.

She doesn't like to be around ugly men, even if it means risking her life, and she doesn't want any other woman in her group.

She thought that since she will be the one to pay for the trip, she might as well do as she pleased.


As Sasha had requested, they managed to get two elf male adventurers with handsome faces and their levels around 300.

A quarter of her reward money has been spent on this preparation.......


Sasha bites her thumbnail and talks to herself.


"If possible, I wish there were elves as high level and handsome as Michael-sama, but...... they are the best I can get."


This is what she wanted, but feel frustrated since she knew it is the best thing she can get.

In fact, elf level 300 or so is classified as quite high.

Defeating monsters will raise one's level, but it is very dangerous. The average level of elf adventurers is around 300-400.


Theoretically, the maximum level value for the elves is around 1,000, but this is a level that can only be reached by devoting almost their entire lives to kill dangerous monsters.

In fact, Michael and his friends are classified as extraordinary. That's because they had awakened their Master's blood and became Sub-master.


Sasha is not a Sub-master, but as a member of the Race Union she managed to raise her level to around 300 in a short period. That is quite amazing for an elf.

Also, in the last 3 years, she put so much effort to raise her level to 500, so she can be a woman who is suitable for the White Knight's Vice Commander.


"Let's think of it the other way around. Since their level is lower than mine, I can control them. If their level is higher than mine, they might use me as bait or decoy. Besides, my body belongs to Michael-sama. If their level is higher than mine, I'm afraid that they will try to rape me. As Michael-sama's faithful fiancé, I can't allow anyone else to touch my body."


She smiles triumphantly and plays with her long blond hair.

Sasha is actually very capable that the country had asked her help to find the Master.

She also has confidence in her own appearance.

This is one of the things that supported Sasha's pride when she was living in that abusive house.

"If it comes to appearance, I won't lose to my half-sister."


After finishing the preparations, they head for the forest by carriage.


Two adventurers she hired (one blond and one silver-haired) are also inside the carriage.

Both of them are elves. They are well-dressed and behave like gentlemen. For the two ikemen Sasha is a woman and their employer, so they treat her like a princess.

Sasha couldn't hide her excitement at this situation.


( I love Michael-sama's intellectual charm, but it's also nice to be pampered by wild adventurer types like them! I've been stressed out because of Raito's problems, but this is good for me.)


She is excited to see the blonde and silver-haired adventurers as they head towards the forest.


When they arrived at the forest, they offered their hands to help her get down from the carriage.


"If I am not back by evening, please go back to the mansion. Then, come back to pick me up the next morning. "


"Very well, my lady."


As the Count's adopted daughter, she finished giving instructions to the coachman.

While waiting for the blond and silver-haired adventurers, she switches to adventurer mode.

As she walks with them, they start discussing.


"I'll lead the way as a scout, so follow me. Be careful not to get separated from the others. In case we get separated, leave the forest and regroup."


"Lady Sasha, are we heading for the Mysterious Giant Tower at once?"


"No. First, we'll check out the forest and see what has changed."

I understand the field condition because I used to work in this forest a long time ago. I think I can regain my intuition in less time because my level is much higher now.

If a monster appears, I'll leave it to you two. Because I want to focus on scouting. "


"Leave it to us because we are there for that."


The blonde-haired and silver-haired adventurers are C rank, and it is rumored that they might be promoted to B rank soon, so the discussion went very smoothly.

Sasha is enjoying the adventure discussion for the first time after a long time.


( I like being a countess, but I don't hate this kind of adventurers' discussion.)


When she is in a happy mood remembering the past, she sees someone she can't forget.




"Sa, Sasha-sama!"


She stops and turns her face in a way that makes people worry that her neck may break.

Sasha's eyes are locked on a human child who is discussing with a beautiful brown-skinned girl and a knight in golden armor.

While the adventurers are confused with her behavior, Sasha is already walking towards the child.

The two elf adventurers hurriedly follow behind her.


(No! Impossible, impossible! No way Raito is in such a place!?)


As she approaches them, she feels that the child resembles Raito.

Similar height, dark hair, atmosphere - Sasha's heart started to beat painfully.


"Hey you, human over there!"


"...... What do you want?"


When she calls out, the child turns around and reply her with annoyed tone.

She can't see his face because he is wearing a mask.

Sasha impatiently speaks.


"Hey, kid! Take off that weird mask and let me see your face."


The masked child, the golden armor, and the beautiful brown-skinned girls seem annoyed.

But Sasha doesn't care and continues to ask.

As expected, the brown-skinned girl next to the child yells out her displeasure.


"Didn't you hear that? We're in the middle of an important meeting to enter the forest. Suddenly you talk to us and just say what you want. Don't you have any common sense?"


"I'm not talking to you! Just because you're a human being with a pretty face, don't get cocky!"


"I'm not cocky. I know many people who are more beautiful or cuter than me, so I can't get cocky....... Don't blame me for your lack of confidence in your own appearance."


"This, this human........."


As the beautiful brown-skinned girl pointed out, Sasha herself realized that she is less beautiful than the girl in front of her.

As an elf, she had lost in beauty to a human girl.


Her pride is badly hurt.

She is really annoyed with the fact that the blonde and silver-haired adventurers he had hired and all the other male adventurers around them are looking at the beautiful brown girl, and their cheeks are flushed red.

Her earlier happy mood was gone, and she felt like a volcano on the verge of exploding.


The child notices that Sasha is getting hysterical, so he sighs and calls out to her.


"I understand. You just want me to take off my mask, right? But I was badly burned in a fire, so I have to cover my face with a mask. To be honest, it's not something I would show to anyone else. So, are you sure?"


"I'm the fiancée of the White Knights vice commander. Don't mess with me. Just take off your mask!"


"……I understand"


"Heee! Ugeeeh! So disgusting!"


Sasha thought the boy is Raito and wanted to see his face, but she couldn't bear to see the burns on the boy's face and immediately turned her eyes away.

She didn't even have time to confirm whether the boy is Raito.

Reflexively she screams loudly.


"Hurry up and cover your disgusting face!"




To cover up her embarrassment, Sasha grumbles towards the masked child's party while leaving that place.


"Don't show disgusting things like that! This is why I hate humans so much!"


"Sa, Sasha-sama, please wait!"


She curses and walks away, letting out her anger.

The two elf adventurers following behind her.

As she walks away, she mutters to herself.


"It can't be Raito. It's been almost three years. ...... If he's a human, he should be a grown up now......."


Raito was twelve years old at that time, and about 3 years have passed since then.

After three years, a human child would have grown a lot.

No matter how she sees it, the masked child is still 12 or 13 years old.

The hair color, height, and atmosphere were similar, but that was all. His voice is different, and he doesn't look like a 15-year-old boy.


(I'm sure I was mistaken. ......)


But her scout instinct was tingling.

She had goosebumps on her neck as if a ferocious predator had targeted her.


( Ever since I got that paper, everything seems to be wrong. The message on that paper says, "I'll wait in the big tower".......)


Sasha bites her lip.


(My feet are shaking ....... Why is this happening! Why is the past chasing me? ...... Why is Raito possibly still alive? Is it because I tried to kill him, and now he wants revenge? Why...... why is this happening!)


Sasha kept mumbling, "It's not my fault". She suppressed her anxiety and kept walking.


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