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Monday, March 28, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C15: Demi-human little girl, reunite


◆ Clore, Mion ◆


They ignore the cries of despair behind them and proceed further in.

Each time they hear a scream, Mion flops down on her ears.

Clore is used to it, but these desperate cries would break any ordinary person's nerves.

Actually, Mion is almost fainting now.


"Mion-chan, are you okay?"


"Yes, yes. Somehow...."


"Well, if you're going to learn magic from Wiel, you'd better get used to this level of desperate screaming."




This level. This means that worse things await her in the future.

It is no use crying over spilled milk. It is important to know when to give up in life.

Mion quietly killed her feeling.

Then, Clore stops in front of an iron door and gently touches it with his fingers.


"Hmm...... Just after this."


"Here, here's where my comrades are......!"




Clore grips his fingers into the iron door and lightly tears it open from side to side.

A dazzling light leaked out from the end of the torn iron door.


"What, what the hell is....?"


"I heard that door can never be opened!"


"It's more like it is pried open...?"


Confused voices can be heard inside, and Clore slowly walks through the gap.

Looks like, besides the demi-humans, there are also young human men and women imprisoned.

They all have slave collars attached to them and are chained to the walls.

The imprisoned people get noisy when they see the big muscular Clore looking at them.


"So, so big...!"


"Giant tribe... no, he is a bit short for a giant tribe but still big."


"Who are you....?"


"Is he working for the Slave Traders...?"


The frightened people cower to avoid eye contact.

Among them, only one rabbit tribe is looking at Clore.

No, not Clore. That rabbit tribe is looking at Mion, who is standing behind him.


"... Mion...?"


Mion's ear twitches when the voice reaches her.

She recognizes that voice.

It is her only family member who raised her by himself.

Her beloved father, who she thought had died.

Various emotions erupt all at once, and Mion runs past Clore.






A rabbit tribe man hugs Mion, who jumps on him.

Apparently, this man is Mion's father. He looks like Mion, and he has the same blue hair color.


"Papa, thank God...... I'm really glad!"


"I'm sorry, Mion. I made you worry."


"Uuh, ueeng!"


Mion cries on her father's chest.

Clore silently looks at him.


"Hey, Mion-chan is alive.....!"


"Thank God ...... thank God ......!"


"Our village was attacked, but we can only hope that one of our people survived."


The rabbit tribe people express their relief.

Clore knows how terrible the situation in the village was, but it's better not to mention that now.

With that thought in mind, he stays silent for now.


"Papa, I'm so sorry. It's because I ..... I'm too weak...!"


"No, it's okay. I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have pushed you away."


"It's okay. I know you had to do that back then."


Mion and Mion's father cry because they have reunited.

But they are still in their enemy's territory. They can't stay immersed in their emotions forever.


"Excuse me. You are Mion's father, right?"


".... Ye, yes. My name is Alan... Excuse me, who are you?"


"I'm sorry, but we don't have time for this now. We have to get everyone out of here."


"Out, out of here....?"


Everyone here is buzzed at Clore's words.

They can't believe the words they just heard.


"Ho, how? The number of enemies here is far too many. More than a hundred people are being held here. It's impossible to escape...."


"Don't worry. The enemies outside have been neutralized by my wife."


"......Wife? Neutralized?"


Alan tilts his head. He doesn't understand what Clore is saying.

'Of course, you wouldn't understand', Mion thought so. But she swallowed that words.


"Clore-sama, first we must do something about the slave collars."


"That's right. Mion-chan, stay away."


"Eh? ...Oh, okay."


Mion moves away from Alan, and Clore approaches him.

Alan is inwardly intimidated by Clore's size, but he tries to stay calm because he doesn't want to look bad in front of his daughter.


I'm going to remove the collar now. Please turn your head up a little."


" ...... Do you have the key? If you try to remove it by force, it causes extreme pain to the person wearing it."


"It's okay. Trust me."


"...... I understand."


Her beloved daughter trusts him. Then, he has no reason not to trust him.

Alan prepares himself and raises his head slightly.

The collar made of thick steel reflects the light and glints faintly.


While everyone around him watches and holds their breath, Clore inserts his finger into the collar and neck gap.




CRUNCH!! ─ ─ Alan's collar is torn off in a flash before he can even feel the extreme pain.




They have no idea how that could happen. They couldn't believe what they saw.

The collar's thickness is more than 5 centimeters.

That thick hunk of metal was torn off in an instant.


"It's all right now. I'll tear off everyone's collars."


"Eeto... Eh?"


"I'll go around all of you one by one, so everyone.."


Immediately after.


"Ugh !? Ga! Aaaaaaah!?!?"


"Hih!? Kyaaaa!!"


"Aga, Higih!?"


Suddenly screams come from everywhere, and people fall to the ground.

Their collars are glowing a dark purple. This is a sign that the mechanism linked to the collars is working.


This means...



"Oyaoyaoyaoya~? I thought I heard the goods getting noisy... What does this mean?"



─ ─ Someone with the controller is coming.


When they turn toward the voice, they see a man walking lightly.

He is wearing a luxurious-looking suit and a silk hat. He holds a walking stick in his left hand and a black device in his right hand.


The man looks at Clore with eyes like glass balls. He shows a smile filled with hatred toward anything in this world.


  1. New dead dude. No need to know your name you'll be a corpse shortly

  2. He crush the steel collars by finggering it?? Dude how wiel survive?

    1. What do you mean, The Tentacle Lady Dark magician can take it.


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