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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C14: The Hero’s parents, get a little serious


Clore's advance does not stop.

They follow Wiel's instructions and continue walking down the correct path, completely destroying the enemies that awaits them.

Finally, they arrived at a carved steel door.

Realistic faces of devils and skulls are staring at them.




"Yes. This is the place."


Both of them looked tense.

Mion gulps her saliva and asks nervously.


"Uh, um. What's ahead of us......?"


"The one who manages the slaves ...... This is the headquarters of the Slave Traders......."




"The bandits are hired by the Slave traders. The devil is the slave trader, while the skulls represent the slaves. This is like a symbol of the slave traders, and this is their headquarter."


After finishing his explanation, Clore puts his hand on the door.

As expected, this door is also locked by magic.

And the surrounding area is also made of steel, so it would be impossible to break it like before.


"It's hard.... both of you, stay away."


"Okay. Mion-chan."


"Ye, yes."


After making sure they are far enough, Clore rolls his shoulders.


'It's been a while since I did this. All right."


Croat clenches his fist.

The atmosphere around Clore is gradually distorted, maybe because of his fighting spirit.

It is similar to shimmering flames, where the surroundings are distorted by the heat.

After a few moments of gathering power.

He thrust his fist toward the steel door.








With an explosion sound, the steel door shattered into pieces.

Its pieces turned the bodies of the slave traders and bandits waiting behind it into beehives.

Once they get inside, it seems that there are still many bandits left.

They are all armed, but their eyes are filled with fear.


"What was that, Clore-sama? Was it like a special move?"


"Yeah. Special move, 30% punch."




"By the way, the one that killed the dragon was special move 50% punch."


"........ I see!"


Once again, she is reminded that common sense does not apply to Clore.


"Now, Wiel. Can I leave this place to you?"


"Okay, leave it to me."


"Then, Mion-chan. Let's hurry up. Mion's fellow tribes are ahead of us."


"Oh, okay!"


Clore and Mion run to the back and pass the frightened slave traders.


◆ Wiel ◆


"Now, shall I do my part?"


Wiel turns around and smiles like an angel.

Perhaps they are relieved that the source of their fear is gone, the Slave Traders turn their vulgar smiles to Wiel.


"Hi, hihi. If that monster isn't here, it will be easy.....!"


"And she's a great beauty, too."


"I'm going to catch and rape you. I'll rape you to death...!"


Maybe there are a hundred of them.

In front of these men, Wiel puts her hand on her cheek as if she is troubled.


"Ara ara. You're troublesome people. Do you think I am weak?"


Wiel's eyes squinted ...... the next moment, the slave traders’ instincts see a vision of something.

A strange figure is standing behind Wiel.

Something more brutal than the demons, crueler than the devils.

They instinctively sensed it, but they couldn't move a step.


"Fufufu. In the old days, bad guys used to tremble just by seeing me... The flow of time is cruel. To think some people don't know about me."


Wiel snaps her fingers.

Immediately after, something like black boiling magma erupts from beneath Wiel's feet.

From there, countless tentacles appear in a blink of an eye.

Jet-black tentacles slowly crawl on the ground and extend toward the traders.


"What, what the hell is this...!?"


"Ma, magic!? I've never seen this!"


"He, he, help...!"


The tentacles catch the fleeing traders and drag them into the black magma.

Until all the traders are dragged down, Wiel only smiles like an angel.


  1. He really resembles Younger Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho 😁

  2. Going on a hunch but i think she is either the former demon king or something


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