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Monday, March 28, 2022



Chapter 51: Liquor that doesn't exist here.


"......As I said, my hometown has a lot of trade activities. It's easy to get various kinds of liquor."


After a brief explanation.




The adventurers sighed loudly.


The hunters close their eyes and think about the unknown drink.


The magicians are drooling as they listen to my explanation.


The Dwarf uncle is so frustrated because he wants to try to drink hot liquor that is hot enough to start a fire.


Stella keeps muttering about wine, and Aina is worried about her.


Their reactions vary.

There is only one thing in common.

Most of the adventurers here like to drink liquors.


"Hmm. That means......"


I ponder to myself.

Isn't this a huge business opportunity?


I drink down the remaining ale in my beer mug.

...... Yeah. It still tastes terrible.

It's easy to prepare a nicer drink than this ale.

All I need to do is go to a convenience store and buy liquor.


There are many adventurers in this bar who love to drink. In other words, people who have money.


"...... Can work."


I felt my eyes begin to glow with the money color.


"Cough cough."


I coughed loudly.

The adventurers' gazes are drawn by my intentional coughing.


"............ By any chance, are you all interested in liquor from my homeland?"




"Actually, our first store has some of my homeland's liquor ........."




"Well, there're about......"




"Yeah. Actually, we have quite a lot."




"If you guys want, I can consider selling the liquor in our first store..."




"I'm still considering it, but what do you guys think?"


Their reply seems to be even faster than the speed of light.


"Buy, buy, buy! I'll definitely buy it!"


"I want a liquor that's as sweet as fruit!"


"I want the orange wine."


"Nihonshu(Japanese sake)! I want to drink the Nihonshu."


"Boy! Liquor! Bring me that booze that can start a fire! I'll put my Dwarf pride on the line to drink it.


"Me too! I want the sweet, delicious liquor too!"


".................. Shirou, give me some of Chocho's liquor. Choco. Choco. Choco."


The adventurers push aside the table and crowd around me.

I think I heard Kiki's and Nesca's voices mixed in near the end.

The adventurers are pushing so hard that I'm quickly cornered against the wall.


The adventurers' thirst for liquor.

This is going to work. It's definitely going to work.

Just in case, I glance at the waitress and the chef.


"......" (all)


They both silently thumbs up at me.

That means it's OK.


"Boy! So, when do we get the booze--Mmm?"


I raise one of my hands and interrupt the dwarf uncle.


"I understand everyone's feelings. So..."


And-----I said the words I had wanted to say for a very long time.


"Please come here again tomorrow. I'll serve you to my homeland liquor."



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