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Friday, March 25, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C13: The Hero’s father, attack.


A staircase stretches down to the ground when they pass through the door.

There are no torches or lights, but it is bright. The stairs are constructed for easy descent and even have handrails. They are definitely man-made.

Mion peeks through the door and nervously gulps down her spit.


"It, it's kind of scary...."


"Certainly, I have a bad feeling about this. There is a negative atmosphere coming through."


Wiel is also on her guard, looking at the end of the staircase.

Even for Clore and Wiel, this is the first time they feel such an intense negative atmosphere.


"I'll go first. Mion-chan will be in the middle. Wiel, you cover our backs."




"Ye, yes...!"


Slowly, they walk down the stairs.

As they walk down the stairs, the more intense the negative atmosphere grows. No matter how long they feel this atmosphere, they cannot get used to it.

Mion frowns and holds her nose. Perhaps she can't stand the smell.


"Mion-chan, are you okay?"




"You don't look okay..... If it is just the smell, I can block it. Please wait."


Wiel snaps her fingers, and Mion's body is enveloped in a pale light.

Perhaps it is a spell to block out unpleasant smells. She doesn't smell it anymore.


"Ah, thank you, Wiel-sama."


"No, no. Rabbit tribe has five senses that are sharper than human's."


"That's right. But it makes me anxious when my sense of smell is blocked...."


The five senses of the Rabbit People are sharper than humans, and Mion's sense of smell is especially sharp among the Rabbit Tribe.

Thanks to her sense of smell, she has escaped from danger many times in the past.

One of the senses that she relies on is being blocked. It is impossible for her not to feel anxious.


Wiel gently pats Mion's head.


"You'll be fine. My husband and I are here. We won't let anyone touch Mion-chan."


"Thanks... Thank you very much."


She knows how strong the two are.

So there is no need to worry, but she can't ask them to protect her forever.

She would not let her friends be killed or kidnapped if she was stronger.


She hates her weakness.


"That's fine."


Suddenly, Clore said a meaningful word.


"Wha, what do you mean?"


"Don't forget that feeling. But don't let it consume you. Tame it."


She doesn't understand what Clore means.

The emotion that Mion is feeling right now is extremely negative.

Don't forget that. Don't let it consume you. Tame it.

With a puzzled look on her face, she asks Wiel for help. But Wiel only smiles meaningfully and does not answer her.


(... I don't get it.)


She sighs softly, changes her mind, and continues walking down the stairs.


After walking down the stairs for a while, the stairs turn into a corridor at a certain point.

It is barely wide enough for adults to pass each other, but the ceiling is high. Though it looks too narrow for Clore, he has no difficulty moving through it.

Many doors are lining the walls of the corridors and intersections.


"Leave the route to my detection."


"I, I will help you with my hearing sense too...!"


"Thank you." Wiel, Mion-chan."


Wiel raises her hand, and Mion listens carefully to check their route.

Then their eyebrows twitched together.


"There are traps everywhere. The traps are set in such a way that if we don't follow the correct route, they will be triggered."


"And there are a lot of people waiting for us. A hundred or two hundred, I can't tell precisely."


"Hm. It seems they lured us here and made it impossible for us to escape, but...... their thinking is too naïve."


Clore walks forward.

He walks lightly as if he has nothing to worry about.


"Dear, that door."




He opens the door just as Wiel told him to.


"Die aaaaahhhh!"


The next moment, a big man behind that door swings his ax down at Clore.




Clore swings his fist toward the ax as it is swung down.

Immediately after, the ax shattered into pieces.


"....Hee? Aggyah!"


He grabs the stunned big man's head and lifts him lightly with one hand.

The man weighs probably more than 100 kilograms.

Clore shakes the big man in his grip and swings him around...




He threw it toward the end of the corridor.

The big man is thrown at super-high speed, like a giant cannonball, crushing the people at the end of the corridor into pieces of flesh.


"Wa, wait gee!?"








Probably around 50 people.

All the enemies in the corridor were reduced to pieces of flesh. Finally, the big man also crashed into the wall and exploded.




"Nice ball."


"Geez, I won't say anything."

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