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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C12: The Hero’s father, out of standard.


 ◆Albert Kingdom, Apuu city◆


Clore and the others left the Roseia mansion and explored the area around Apuu.

Clore's presence detection, Wiel's detection magic, and Mion's hearing senses are used to search for suspicious places.

Gardo is waiting for them at the mansion to secure the liberated slaves.

But after an hour of searching, they still haven't found any clues.

According to the bandits, a magic spell keeps the place unrecognizable, so they can't reveal its detailed location.


"Wiel, how's on your side?"


"There are signs of magic. But it is cleverly concealed. I can't pinpoint the exact location."


"I, I can hear sounds in this area with my hearing, but my senses are clouded by the recognition blocking magic......."


Wiel's magic detection is top class. He has been with her for many years, so he knows it very well.

The rabbit people's hearing sense accuracy is also top class among demi-humans.

If these two cannot grasp the exact location, it means their opponent must also be very good at magic.

Clore crosses his arms, thinking, then kneels down and puts his hands on the ground.

He is muttering something, but it is so small that even Mion's ears can't hear it.


"Clore-sama, what in the world are you.....?"


"Shhh. Mion, let's be a little quiet now."


"Ye, yes......?"


The two silently take a distance from Clore.

After waiting for Clore for a while, he suddenly stands up and turns around.


"I found it. Certainly, there is a cave."


"Really? Then, let's go."


"Okay. This way."


Clore leads the way, followed by Wiel.

Mion also quickly follows them, but she does not understand their conversation just now.


"Wie, Wiel-sama. What did Clore-sama do......?"


"Hmm......... Mion, have you ever heard of something called sonar?"


"Yes. It's used by the bat-type monster, isn't it?"


Simply put, it uses ultrasonic waves and uses their reflections to detect things.

By doing so, the location of invisible objects can be accurately detected.

But just now, Clore was just holding his hands on the ground.

He didn't seem to be channeling his magic power or emitting ultrasonic waves like a bat.

Then why.....?

Wiel answers that question smoothly.


"My husband used his voice instead of sonar."


" ...... I don't understand what you're saying."


"He puts his palms on the ground and emits his voice. He feels its echo, and it does the same thing as sonar."


The explanation made no sense to her.

All she understands is that Clore is an outrageous person.


"Recognition blocking magic requires setting up various rules. Signs detection, magic detection, hearing detection, visual detection, smell detection... The more complex the rules, the more difficult the magic to handle. But if one can control everything, then it's the most troublesome magic to face against."


"I, I see....?"


"He knew this, so he exploited the blind spot in recognition blocking magic. Which is touch detection."




Finally, she understands. That was the reason Clore was putting his hands on the ground.

Detecting by voice reflection is not something that normally comes to mind. That is why it is a blind spot, creating an opening.


"It's outrageous."


"When I first heard the principle, I thought the same thing. I thought this person's existence was extraordinary... No, he's outrageous."




She has never seen people whose existence is so outrageous.

She wonders if he is really a human being. To be honest, she doubts that.

Perhaps he heard what they are talking about, Clore sighs softly.


"You two realize you're being rude?"


"Oh my. I'm just telling the truth."


"I'm a real human being. I can only do things that are within human physical abilities."


There is no one else who can do this in the first place.

But Mion gulped that word down.


They follow Clore for a few minutes. At a certain place, Clore stopped.

There is nothing when they look around. It is just a forest.


"Dear, is this the place?"


"Yeah. Wiel."




Wiel puts her finger on a giant tree in front of them.

Immediately after, the tree shakes with a sound, and a door appears in the center of the tree.


"Bingo. This is the entrance."


"On top of recognition blocking magic, there's also concealment magic. Those who know they are doing bad things are very good at hiding."


Clore puts his hand on the door.

But it doesn't move at all. Maybe it is locked.


"The door is locked with a spell that stops it from opening if anyone other than authorized persons touch it."




He sighs softly and puts in a slight effort.

And then...CRUNCH! The door broke off completely from the tree.


"It's open."


"No, no, no! Clore-sama, that's not open, that's broken!"


She had tried to keep quiet, but she had reached her limit.

He breaks magic with his arm strength. Is such a thing even possible?


"Well, the road is open. Don't worry about the details. Let's move on."


"That's right. Come on, Mion-chan."


"... If you say so."


Mion gave up and stopped thinking. 



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