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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C18


Chapter 18: Careless



Apparently, Fletty and the others decided to attack at night.


After spending half a day to reach the bandits' hideout, they plan to move just before dawn, when their opponents are asleep.


It may not be chivalrous, but considering their number, it's their best option.


"Mildy, how are you feeling?"


"I'm feeling great, Commander. I feel like I've been reborn. My eyes are all bright and clear."


"It seems like our eyes are improved. I can see clearly in the dark."


Thinking that Fletty would choose to attack at night, I mixed some ingredients with night-vision effects into their foods beforehand.


The egg I used for frying in breadcrumbs was one of them.


It was Black Crow eggs that I had eaten when I was still a child, and they had the same effect as eating the meat.


"Looks like everyone's eyes are clear. Let's go!"


Fletty gave instructions to her comrades.


Richil, who is by his side, raises her staff and starts chanting a spell.


"The hollow spirits of the night... Come forth before me and sing by the lakeside of the moon... for a short while into the darkness... Now, come forth."


The Night Serpent's beautiful chant!


The magic effect is like a snake entangling the guards who are standing at the hideout entrance.


It's the same strategy I took, but the bandits didn't seem to have taken any precautions.


The guards quickly fall asleep. Actually, he already looked very sleepy from the start, so he collapsed completely.


It was only two nights ago that I attacked their hideout.


Maybe they didn't have enough time to take countermeasures. They probably didn't think that they would be attacked again so soon.


I thought that my raid had put them on their guard, but maybe they let their guard down.


"Okay. Let's jump in. Ready!?"




As the group's voices came together, they jumped straight into the hideout, with Fletty leading the way.


I put on my Jewel Chameleon again and followed Fletty and the others.


The first thing I notice is how quiet the place is.


The sound of armor scraping. Footsteps. I can only hear the sounds of Fletty and the others as they move forward with their magic lights.


It's as if no one is here.


Maybe Fletty also notices that something is wrong.


No matter how close to dawn they sleep, it would not be surprising if 1 or 2 people noticed them...


There is a possibility that it is a trap.


Fletty stops once to look inside the room where the bandits are sleeping.


Surprisingly, the bandits are sleeping soundly. No one noticed their infiltration.


"I thought they would be more intuitive bandits. The thought of these guys stealing our family treasure is making me angry all over again."


"Quiet, Mildy... You will wake them up. Since they are sleeping, so just let them sleep peacefully. Don't wake a sleeping child."


"But if we let them sleep like this, it will be troublesome when they wake up."


Unusually, Garner expressed his opinion.


"Don't point your blade at something asleep."


Fletty also twisted his head.


Everyone stops in the middle of the hideout.


That is true, but there's an easy way to get around the problem.


I secretly use magic.


[Wind Bullet]!


An air-compressed bullet hits the upper part of the room entrance.


A crack appears, then rocks and dirt fall down, making a noise.


"Wha, What? Suddenly!"


"Is everyone okay?"


"No problem."


"Same here."


Suddenly, the entrance to a different room from the one Fletty is looking at is blocked.


"What happened? Suddenly it collapsed."


"Is it a cave-in?"




Fletty suddenly realizes something.


"We should block the room entrance. That way, if the bandits here wake up, we can avoid a pincer attack."


"I see. You're right."


"Good idea."


"......Then, I'll..."


Garner raises his fist.


I don't think he will use his bare hands to...


Gong! Gong! Gong!


He blocks the room entrances one by one.


Amazing. He blocked it with his bare hands.


"As expected, Garner. Good job..."


"Even if the bandits wake up, they can't move right away."


Richil patted her chest in relief.


Mildy made an unusual puzzled face.


"I can't believe no one has woken up despite all the noise we've been making. It's really creepy. I wonder if they are possessed by ghosts."


"Don't talk about scary things out of the blue, Mildy."


Richil shivered.


That reaction... Maybe Richil is not good with ghosts and that sort of thing.


It's a bit cute.


"Okay. Let's proceed to the back. We'll hit the boss at once."


The three of them nodded in agreement as Fletty gave his order.





Eventually, the four of them made it to the back of the hideout without incident.


No one had woken up when they were breaking into the room. I wondered if something had happened to cause them to sleep so deeply.


Maybe the Bandits Leader was pissed at them and put them through some intense training?


At any rate, I am glad that the four of them made it here unharmed. I was planning to help them secretly if they got into trouble.


The one in the back of the hideout is the Bandits Leader, after all.


"What, you're..... Ouch, ouch, uch."


The Bandits Leader stands up, screaming in pain.


It seems that the wound he got in the fight with me has not healed yet.


"Are you injured?"


"What the hell? I thought I recognized your face from somewhere, but you're the knights who came before... Damn it! Where are those bastards?"


"Your men are sleeping soundly, so are the men who were on guard duty."


"Not them! You mean the guys I sent to guard the mountain foot?"


"There were no such guys."


"Haaaaaa...????... Damn it! Those bastards! Did they ignore my orders and leave? They're useless! They're all useless!"


"No reinforcements are coming. You're alone."


"What the hell is going on? The men at this hideout have been asleep since last night and won't wake up. I thought I finally woke up two of them, but they couldn't even be on guard. They're all idiots."


Sleeping and not waking up?


Does that mean they've been asleep since I first came?




I quickly covered my mouth as I was about to blurt out.


Garner-san looks towards me again but doesn't notice my presence.


Oops. I was careless.


I forgot to collect the branches from the Sleeping Forest. Maybe it's still lying around somewhere in this hideout.


If that's the case, why are Fletty and the others still awake?




The crunchy grass.


The effect is strong resistance against sleep.


That's why Sleeping Forest's sleep effect isn't working.


(Thank God...)


I choose crunchy grass as an ingredient for the scissors bread because it's nutritious magical grass. It was a coincidence, but I'm glad I fed it to Fletty.


"Damn! This is all that kid's fault."




Fletty reacts, but those words are quickly drowned at the bottom of his brain.


The Bandits Leader grabbed his magic sword that was standing at his side.


At that moment, flames burst out, and the hideout turned red at once.


It was also a signal to start the battle.


The Magic Swordsman is slowly approaching.


But Fletty and the others aren't intimidated.


"Come on, Magic Swordsman... It's not going to be like the other day!"


Fletty also holds his sword and takes a stance.


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