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Friday, March 18, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C11: The Hero, know.



 Albert Kingdom, Royal Capital Nirveld


In the center of Nirveld, the royal capital.

This is where many important people, nobles, and wealthy merchants live.

In the middle of the city, there is a luxurious and huge mansion.

A circular iron fence surrounds it. It has a spacious garden and a big overwhelming mansion.


This is the mansion where the Hero Arca lives.


The mansion is luxuriously decorated, and the floor is covered with a soft red carpet.

The maids with very revealing outfits are working around the house.


One of the maids is heading to a certain place.

She is wearing a classical maid's uniform and walks gracefully to the innermost part of the mansion.

She knocks on the door and calls out to the person inside.


" Hero-sama. May I come in?"


"...... yeah, it's okay."


"Excuse me."


She opens the door and enters.

The dimly lit room is filled with a lewd smell that makes people frown.

A dozen women are lying on the bed in the center of the room, naked and moaning seductively.


A sweaty man sits on the edge of the bed beside these women and drinks from a bottle.


"Oh, Sarah."


"Hero-sama, excuse me for disturbing you when you're tired."


"I'm not tired. I can still go on."


"As expected of you, sir."


But the maid - Sarah's expression doesn't change.

Arca doesn't like it, so he approaches Sarah and grabs her huge breasts above her maid's uniform.

She is being roughly fondled, but Sarah's face remains expressionless.

This woman is like a doll...... he thinks so and slowly lifts her skirt.


"You're next. Keep your ass facing me."


"Certainly. But first, I have to report something."


"That can wait."


"But, Hero-sama. This involves your family."




Arca's hands stopped.

Not only that, his face that had been smiling arrogantly, now stiffened.


"…… Family?"




"... My family?"




Instantly, a picture of a huge back ran through Arca's mind.

Tall enough to look up at.

Firm muscles.

The power to smash everything with a single blow.


It is his father, Clore.


"Hey, why is Dad ...... my dad......!?"


"For the past few weeks, we have received information that two people claiming to be the father and mother of the Hero have been traveling throughout the country. They are going around villages and towns damaged by the Hero when fighting the monsters and helping to rebuild them."


He could not believe his ears when Sailor [Sarah] said that.

Until now, Arca had been working to defeat demons, demonic beasts, and the demon king's army.

His ultimate goal is the Demon King, but he is told that he is free to do as he pleases until then. That's why he's living a luxurious life like this.

While Arca is confused, Sarah continues her story.


"They are currently staying in Apuu city. What shall we do? Those insolent people pretend to be the Hero's parents. Shall I go and kill them?"


"Wa, wait, wait. If they're really are my father and mother, Sarah would be the one killed for sure."


"I am still a former top-ranked adventurer. I'm sure I won't lose."


"Their level is far beyond your imagination...."


Recalling the past, Arca's body trembles.


"No, wait. Maybe they're just swindlers...... Do they have any distinguishing features?"


"Based on the information we have, the man is over 2 meters tall. Apparently, he's quite muscular."




Over 2 meters tall and muscular. There are many such men in this country.

He wants more specific information.


"Anything else? His strength or something......"


"It's fake news, but..."


"Just tell me."


"...... There is a report that man killed a dragon with a single punch."


"That's my dad."


That made him sure.

He is 2 meters tall and muscular. And there is only one person he knows who can kill a dragon with a single blow.


His own father, Clore.

That means that the person traveling with him is his mother, Wiel.



"Why my parents are......"


"This is not certain either, but there is another piece of information."


" ...... Say it."


Maybe they are worried about him and come to see him.

Such faint hope is...


"He says he's going to beat up his son."


--crumbling instantly, and he has to prepare to die.


  1. Yup, better start running. Maybe the demon lord will hide you

    1. Probably the Demon Lord will prepare him on a comically large silver platter~

      Just to not cross Clore~

  2. oh hell yeah! the hero needs to get his vibe checked


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