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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C10: The Hero’s father, audience.


"Oooh, Mister Clore!"


"Mister, we got some good veggies today!"


"Clore-san, you look great today..."


"Uncle, let's play!"


As Clore walks down the street, more and more people call out to him.

Everyone looks cheerful and seems to trust Clore from the bottom of their hearts.

While staring at Clore's back, Mion speaks to Wiel.


"Clore-sama is very popular, isn't he?"


"Because he comes here once a month to sell wood. It seems that when he stays overnight, he helps people in this city."


Surely with his great body and strength, he can help people do various things.

Somehow, Mion is convinced of this.

They proceed down the main street while greeting everyone one by one.

Perhaps everyone knows him because everyone greets him.


"Where are we going?"


"I don't know, but it's my husband. I'm sure he knows where we should go."


Wiel trusts Clore completely, and she continues to follow him with a smile on her face.

Mion is worried about how they can help their friends with such a carefree attitude.

But for now, she has no choice but to trust them and follow them.


After walking for about an hour.

A huge mansion comes into their view.


"This, this is......?"


"It's the feudal lord's house."


"The feudal lord ...... a nobleman!?"


"Yes. Shall we go?"


"Shall we go!? What do you mean?"


Clore and Wiel talk to the guards.

Immediately, the iron door opens, and they are allowed to enter.

Mion's thoughts and body stiffened at the thought of being able to meet with a nobleman so easily.



(Hero Clore-sama, you're too amazing ...... )


"Hmm?" Mion-chan?"


"Aah. Yes, I'm coming....!"


She hurriedly follows them.

The guards greet the three with a salute, and the iron door closes loudly.

And an old man is waiting for them in the garden.

A maid is standing by his side and bows her head respectfully.


"Clore, Long time no see!"


"Long time no see, Lord Gordo. You look well."


"Gahahaha! Well, I won't let the young ones win yet!"


The old man speaks to them in a friendly manner.

When Mion hears the name of Gardo, she straightens her back.

He is Count Gardo Roseia, ruler of Apuu city and the surrounding area.

He is a real nobleman.


"Gardo-sama, long time no see."


"Mm-hmm. Wiel-dono is as beautiful as ever. I wish you would tell me the secret of your youth. Gahahaha!"


Mion blinked at Gardo's attitude as he spoke with them.

Knowing that he is a nobleman, he thought he would be more arrogant, but it is quite the opposite.

He is friendly and speaks with Clore and Wiel as if he is talking to an old friend.


Gardo laughs for a moment and then notices Mion behind them.


"Mm? Is that girl a rabbit tribe?"


"Yes, I'm Mion, a rabbit tribe."


"Ni, nice to meet you, Roseia-sama! My, my name is Mion...!"


Her words end awkwardly because she is so nervous.

Gardo grins and taps Mion's shoulder strongly.


"Gahahaha! No need to be so nervous! If you're Clore's friend, then you're my friend too!"


"Ye, yes..."


Maybe this is what they call putting aside rank. Somehow she feels a little relaxed.

But Mion does not trust that words.

Nobles and commoners are as different as heaven and earth.

Everyone should already know that.


"So, Clore, what's up today? Would you like to have dinner together?"


"No. Actually, there is an urgent thing?"


"Hou, urgent thing?


"Yes. Actually..."


Clore told Gardo what had happened so far.

His smile that he had shown earlier disappeared and turned into an anger-filled face.


"...... Is that true?"


"Most likely."


"...... It's not good here. Let's go inside."


Gardo pushes Clore's back and asks him to go inside.

The three quickly enter the mansion together with Gardo.



Gardo sits back in his chair and holds his head.

He has ruled this city for decades. He had never heard such information.

But he doesn't think that what Clore is saying is a lie. He has known Clore for a long time. Gardo knows very well that he is not the kind of person who would lie about something like this.


"Assuming that's true, how do they get them in?"


"On the way here, I interrogated the bandits. Apparently, there is an underground tunnel that connects the outside to the inside. The nobles who participate in the slave auction also come in through that tunnel."


Illegal things are happening in the city he rules.

Gardo let out a deep breath.


"Lord Gardo. Let me ask you, ...... you are not involved in this matter, are you?"


"Of course not."


Their eyes cross each other.

After a few seconds, they both smile.


"It looks like you're not lying."


"Yeah. You know how much I hate illegal things."


Their relationship is not shallow. He knows Gardo won't let illegal things happen in his territory.

Gardo drinks his tea and calms himself down.


"Why did they choose this city?"


"This is just my speculation, but this city is located at the edge of the country. This city has access to various supplies and transportation. And most importantly, it's not far from regions where the demi-human population lives."


Clore is right. This place is on the edge of Albert Kingdom and is blessed with good supplies and transportation.

It is speculation, but what he says is true.


Gardo slams his glass on the floor with a face full of rage and hits the desk.


"How dare they look down on me..... I will eradicate them for sure! Clore!"


"Yes. That's the reason I came here, too."


Crush the slave auctions and destroy the Slave Traders.

The two men shake hands strongly and turn their murderous intent toward the enemy they have not yet seen.



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