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Monday, March 14, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C9: The Hero’s father, facial recognition pass through


 "It seems they have already been sold."


Clore returns after speaking in physical language with the man who acts as the leader.

He holds a bag full of Albert Kingdom gold coins in his hand.

There are hundreds of coins. Since Clore's annual income is one gold coin, that means he got hundreds of years' worth of earnings. This money is made from human trafficking.

His anger is boiling and getting stronger.

He suppresses his emotions and hands the bag to Mion, who looks down with a sad expression on her face.


"Mion-chan. As I said before, those caught as slaves are guaranteed their safety until they are sold at auction. If we want to rescue them, we must go there."


"...... Yes. I will not give up."


Mion wipes away her tears, which are about to fall, and pulls herself together.

Crying here will not bring her comrades back.

If she has time to cry, she must take action, even just a little.

Seeing the determination in her eyes, Clore nodded slowly.


"That's good. You're a strong child."


"Tha, thank ...... you...."


Suddenly being praised made her embarrassed, but she turned her head down for another reason this time.

Clore tilts his head at Mion's change, but this is not the time for that.

He takes the horse out of the Stonewall, removes all of their equipment, and releases them into the wild.


"All right. Wiel, please take care of the rest."


"I understand."


Wiel puts her hand on the stone wall.

The stone wall crumbles and sinks deep into the earth, engulfing the pieces of flesh...... and finally, there is nothing but an empty space.


"I buried them pretty deep, so no wild beasts or monsters will dig them up."


"Thank you, Wiel."


At this point, Apuu city is only a short distance away.

As the three of them ran toward the city, Apuu's gate finally came into view.


The village where Clore and the others live is surrounded by a wooden fence and gate.

But Apuu city is protected by a thick and high wall made of stone blocks and a massive gate that cannot be moved by one person.


Apuu is one of the biggest cities in Albert Kingdom and is known as a city where various things gather from all over the country.

Even now, merchants are lining up to pass through the checkpoint.


"To enter Apuu, we must pass through a checkpoint. Apart from the merchants, there are separate checkpoints for travelers and tourists."


"Clore-sama, where do we go through?"


"Good question. We'll go in through the other entrance. This way."


Clore left the line and headed for the guard post, not the checkpoint.

A guard is yawning as he stands at the guard post's entrance.

But when he sees Clore, the guard straightens his back and salutes him.


     "Ah, Mister and Mrs. Clore! Thank you for your hard work!"


"Thank you for your hard work. I'm sorry, I need to get inside as soon as possible. Can we have your permission?"


"Oh, of course! Please, come through!"


"Thank you."


With the nervous guards saluting them, the three walked past the guard post and entered Apuu's city.

Mion's eyes widened at such a difference in treatment.

No wonder. Mion had been to Apuu several times before to help with work, but she remembers that the procedures were troublesome and she had to wait for a long time.


Wiel sees Mion's reaction and smiles.


"If you ask why, it's his face."


"What? What with his face?"


"Yes. To put it simply, my husband is a hero in this city."


"A hero......!"


She had only heard of heroes in fairy tales.

Mion is shocked as if she had been hit on the head by two names she had never thought of.


The Hero Zeno stopped an army of thousands of Demon Beasts with one sword.

The Hero Michelle used her magic to cleanse the plague of death.

The Hero Kalea led an elite army to overrun the Demon King's army.


All of them are incredible achievements.

Those who accomplish great achievements are called heroes and are passed down to future generations.

But thinking back, Clore killed a dragon with a single punch.

No wonder he is called a hero.


"What achievement did Clore-sama do......?"


"This stone wall."


"....Mm? Eh?"


"More than twenty years ago. He cut out the stone all by himself and built a stone wall around the city in one night."




She couldn't believe her ears.

No, no one would believe it.

He built this huge stone wall in just one night, all by himself.

It's an achievement, but it's just too crazy.


"More than twenty years ago, Apuu was not a city but a village. To develop it from a village to a town, the aristocrat who ruled the village at that time asked my husband to build it. He asked my husband to use his power to build a stone wall as quickly as possible."


"And he did that overnight...?"




It's too crazy. It's more than an achievement.

Clore is less than forty years old now. More than 20 years ago, he was still a teenager. Younger than Mion now.


(Clore-sama...... who the hell is he ......?)


Mion's wonder grew even more.


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