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Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep29The next revenge

    Currently I'm temporarily returned to my office in Naraku. I had informed Miya and Elly that I would return to hear the information they had obtained from Kaito. The instruction I gave them was to obtain the information by any means necessary. That is why they are already waiting in my office.   They greet me when they see me.   "Thank you for making time in your busy day to talk with us. It is an honor to spend time with you, my Lord. I have no regrets for my maid's way."   "I've been looking forward to meeting you too, God Raito! So much that I want to celebrate this special day!"   They were so excited because they hadn't seen me for a few days. While smiling, I take off my mask, put it on my desk, and sit on my chair.   "Ahahaha, I'm glad to see you two after a while too. So how are things going with Kaito?"   "Of course, everything is fine! I have used my forbidden magic to examine every

Yuusha no chichi~ C16: The Hero’s father, smash

  Lupus sensei YouTube channel event: 50 free translated episodes.   I'm hosting an event to present the Lupus-sensei YouTube channel and gain additional support for this website. You may read 50 new translated episodes by subscribing, viewing videos, and sharing Lupus sensei youtube videos. The goals are as follows: 1. Gather 1000 subscribers 2. To accumulate 4000 public watch hours. If both goals are met, I will release 50 episodes of the translated novel. This event will take place until July 31, 2022. The result will be announced on Aug 1, 2022. The new translated episodes will be posted on The more you watch and share Lupus Sensei videos, the more likely 50 translated episodes will be released on this website.    Lupus sensei youtube channel =================================   "Nice to meet you. I'm Leto. I'm the chairman of Leto Company and the auction's owner."   The man who introduced himself as Leto takes off his silk h