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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C0.3: Three years later, Decision.



Three years later.

Clore is working hard as a woodcutter as usual today.

Over the past three years, his body seems to have grown even bigger than before.

He chops down trees with his bare hands every day and processes them into lumber and firewood.

Recently, there has been so much extra wood. He has been selling it not only to the village but also to neighboring villages and towns.




After transporting the wood to the neighboring village and finishing today's work, Clore walks through the gloomy mountain.

In the mountain at night, monsters are more active.

Ordinary people won't walk in the mountain at night, but that doesn't matter to Clore.


The sun is setting, and it's getting darker.

As he walks through the mountain, he defeats monsters that attack him with one punch.....


"... Uh... Hiks... Gusu..."


He hears the sound of a person crying faintly.

The cry sounds so faint that it would normally be missed, but Clore's ears could not miss it.

From the echoes of the sound, he could tell the exact location.

He rushes to where he hears the crying and finds a girl cowering in a tree hollow.


“Are you okay?”




"... Saaya-chan?"


"Eh ... fa... father-in-law ... uh, uuh... uwaaan!”


Saaya recognizes Clore and hugs his chest, and cries out loud.

Crying out loud in the mountains at night can be fatal.

Saaya, who grew up in the village, should know that, but it seems that she doesn’t care about that.


Although he is confused, he gently pats Saaya's back and tries to calm her down.

Immediately a second later - he senses a pack of monsters coming towards them. Perhaps they heard Saaya's cries.

When he realizes, a pack of wolf-shaped monsters surrounds the two of them.




"Saaya-chan, hide here."


"Eh... Father-in-law ...?"


"It's okay. I'll protect you."


She gently pats Saaya's head to calm her down.

He immediately hides Saaya behind him and faces the monsters.


"Come at me, monsters. My life is hard to take."








The sun has set completely.

Monsters’ flesh and blood covered Clore's body.

However, Clore is still breathing normally and watching his surroundings carefully.


"... Is it over? Saaya-chan, are you okay?"


"Ye, yes. Somehow ... Hieh!? Ah ..."


The moment she crawled out from behind, she saw Clore and fainted.

That's not surprising. He is now covered with fresh blood and pieces of flesh. If a weak-minded woman sees him, she'll most likely faint.


"She must be tired. Poor girl."


But Clore is a little insensitive.

Clore quickly headed to the village carrying the unconscious Saaya in his arms.


After running for dozens of minutes, the village finally came into view.



They must have been worried that Clore was late to come home. Wiel and a few other villagers are gathered at the village entrance.


“Ah, dear.”


“Wiel, sorry I'm late.”


“No. It's fine, as long as you get home safely....... Oh, dear, you're bleeding.....?”


“It's not my blood, no problem. More importantly, please take care of Saaya-chan.”


“Eh, Saaya-chan......?”


Wiel's eyes widened when she saw Saaya in Clore's arms.

She looks worn out and skinny compared to when she left the village three years ago.


"I don't know why, but it seems she was stranded in the mountains. Hurry up, let's get to her parents' place."


“I understand.”


Wiel and the other villagers quickly take Saaya to her house.

The only people who stay behind are Clore and the village chief.


"Clore, why is Saaya ......?"


"I don't know. I only found her by accident. Once I finish taking a bath and change my clothes, I'll go to Saaya's house."


"I see. I’ll go first."


After parted ways with the village chief, Clore takes a bath in the river and change into clean clothes.

He wanted to wash his clothes thoroughly, but he couldn't afford to do that. doesn’t have time for that.


When he arrives at Saaya's house, he sees that Saaya is already awake.

Wiel, Saaya's parents, and the village chief are there, but...... Somehow there is an atmosphere of sadness.

Wiel also looks like she is about to cry.


“Saaya, are you okay?”


"Oh...... Father-in-law. Yes, thank you for helping me.”


“What are you talking about? You are Arca's fiancee. That means you're like a daughter to me.”


“...... Arca ......ha, haha...... that's only until today....”


"...... What?"


He couldn't understand what Saaya's words meant.


As Clore tilts his head, the village chief stands awkwardly in front of him.


"Ah, ....... Clore, calm down, and listen carefully.


"Eh. Oh, okay......?”


The village chief asks Clore to sit on a chair and slowly speak.

Maybe he already heard the story from Saaya's mouth.

But the story was not something he could believe.


Arca uses his position and authority as the Hero to seduce many women.

He drinks and eats excessively.

He is using the power he has gained recklessly.

He never apologizes for any damage he causes to villages and cities.

On the contrary, he demands unreasonable amounts of money as his reward for helping them.

He also has surrounded himself with many pretty girls and kicked Saaya out because he doesn't need her.


Clore was listening to the village chief's explanation with an absent mind.


On that day three years ago, Clore was really proud of his son.

His son is a Hero who saves the world.

It was a great honor.


Arca has become a womanizer and alcoholic. He has even dumped his fiancee, Saaya.


It is shameful.

It's just too shameful.


Clore stands up from his chair, kneels on the floor, and puts his hands and head on the floor.

That's right, he is prostrating.

Wiel is also kneeling down and prostrating next to him.


"Saaya-chan, and everyone in your family. I apologize for all the pain my stupid son has caused you."


"We are very sorry......!"


"No, no. Clore-san, Wiel-san, please raise your heads......! It's not your fault....."


Saaya's parents lend their shoulders to Clore and Wiel and ask them to stand.

With a pained look on her face, Saaya smiles at them.



"Father-in-law, mother-in-law. I'm fine, so...... I'm... Uh, uuh......"


Saaya starts crying again. Her parents hug Saaya and rub her back.

Actually, Clore and Wiel also want to hug Saaya. But ...... they don't have the right to do that anymore.


"Hey, Wiel. I've made a decision.”


“What a coincidence. Me too.”


Clore and Wiel look at each other and nod their heads at the same time.

Their stupid son's foolishness and the sin of hurting their daughter-in-law, they will never forgive him.


Wait for us, stupid son. We'll come to beat you up.

Even if he apologizes now, it's already too late.


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