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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C0.2: The chosen one



Clore, Wiel, and Arca are carrying wood and firewood down the mountain after today's work.


Clore carries a woodpile with one hand, while Wiel carries firewood and meat with her magic.

Arca is also carrying wood, but it's much smaller than the two.

Arca looked at them from behind and sighed softly.

He is not as powerful as his father, Clore.

Nor can she use magic like his mother, Wiel.


He couldn't help but compare himself to them, making him feel inferior.


The village is located at the foot of the mountain.

The sun is setting, and the villagers are usually already inside their houses, but today's situation is different.


The villagers are gathering in the village square.

And it isn't just the villagers. There is also a group of people who looks like knights.


“What's going on?"


“Hmmm, I'll go ask ....... Wait here."



Leaving Arca and Wiel behind, Clore headed for the gathering.


"Village Chief."


"Ooh, Clore! Oh, my Lord, that, yu! Abeba! Pop, We, we're in big trouble......!


“Village Chief, please calm down.”


The village chief's complexion was changing so much that he couldn't tell if it was blue, white, or red.


"Are you Clore-dono?"




A man in armor approached Clore and the village chief.

White armor and a white cloak. A rose crest is engraved on his chest. That is the crest of Albert Kingdom.

In other words, this Knight is working for the Albert Kingdom.


The Knight is also a medium-sized big man, but Clore gently looks down at him.


"...... so big."


"I get that a lot. So, Knight-sama, what do you need from me?


“Mm, that's right. Actually, our Saintess has received an oracle from God.”


The Knight takes out a scroll from his pocket and reads it out loud.



"In the westernmost village, a Hero has been born to avenge the demons. He will be the one who defeats and destroys the demon king."


Tensions rise among the villagers.

The westernmost village. That means this village.

And the Hero who will defeat the demons must be the Hero mentioned in their legend.

Even Clore's eyes are wide open when he hears this.


The Knight rolls back the scroll and looks up at Clore.


"We don't know the age. But the Saintess says that the word ‘born’ means either a baby or the youngest person in the village."


"A baby or the youngest person......"


Clore looks back.

He looks at his son, Arca.


"I just heard from the village chief. Your son, Arca, is the youngest in this village.”


“Yes, he is.”


“How old is he?”


“He will be fifteen this year.”


Fifteen years old. That’s the right age to join the Knights or the guild as a hunter.

Arca looked anxious.

Wiel holds Arca's hand and smiles gently.


"Clore-dono. This is a direct order from the royal family. Excuse me, but I'd like to bring Arca-dono to the capital to be the Hero."




Clore's eyes stared at Arca.

The fact that his son is the Hero makes Clore's mind stir.

Happiness, loneliness, worry, anxiety, and joy.

But if it is an order from the royal family, it can’t be helped.


"Arca, come here."


"Ye... Yes."


Arca put down the firewood and approached Clore.


"Knight-sama. Please take care of Arca.”


"Da, Dad!?”


This is the first time he sees his father bowing to someone.

Stunned and unable to swallow the situation, Arca finally realizes that this is a very serious matter.


Clore kneels in front of Arca.

But he still looks big.

It has been a while since he sees Clore's eyes this closely, but Clore's eyes are gentle.


He gently pulls Arca into his arms and pats his back.


"Arca, this is an honor. Saving the world is a great honor... You are our hope and our pride."




His father's warmth and kindness, which he hadn't felt in a long time, made his eyes warm.

Wiel is also deeply touched. With tears in her eyes, she hugs Arca.

The villagers also cheer and shouts in honor, congratulating Arca.


"...... Then we will go to the capital tomorrow morning. Please prepare by then."


"Yes, Knight-sama.”


Everyone is dancing and singing around the campfire at the center of the village square.


In the center of the square, Arca is talking with a girl.

She is his childhood friend and fiancee, Saaya. She is seventeen years old, two years older than Arca.

Clore looks at the two of them and bites his meat.


“Dear, you're eating too much.”


“I can't help but eat.”


“...... Right. I never thought Arca would be the Hero, but it makes me happy.”




Happy. That's right, they never thought her son would save the world.

But more importantly, the worries are greater.

Their beloved son is leaving on a dangerous journey. No parents who wouldn't worry about that.


Seeing the gloomy look in Clore's eyes, Wiel gently leaned closer.


"It's okay, he'll be fine..."


“...... You’re right because he is our son."





The next day. Arca's departure day.

At the village entrance, Arca and the Knights have finished their preparations.

Saaya is also there.

It seems that Saaya has decided to accompany and support Arca as his fiancee.


" Clore-dono, Wiel-dono. We'll take care of Arca-dono.


"Yes. Please take care of him.”


“Please take care of him.”


Clore approaches Arca and Saaya and pats their heads with his big hand.


"Arca, Saaya. Be careful, okay?”


“Dad, I'm leaving.”


“Father-in-law, leave Arca to me.”


“Hey, Saaya, what are you talking about?”


“Ara. Arca maybe my fiancee, but isn't you like a younger brother to me. Your older sister will keep a close eye on you."




The villagers laughed at the couple's interaction.



“Then Arca-dono, Saaya-dono. Please get into the carriage.”




The two get into the carriage and look out the window.


Together with the Knights, the carriage began to move away.

The cheers of the residents continue to echo until their figures are no longer visible.

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