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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C1: The Hero’s father, Apologize.




A few weeks have passed since Clore and Wiel left their village.

It would take several weeks to reach the capital from the westernmost village by carriage.

But the two of them did not ride a carriage. They walk to the capital.

The reason for this is......


" Hello, I am the Hero's father. I am sorry for the trouble my stupid son has caused.”


"I am the Hero's mother. I'm really sorry for the trouble."


Clore and Wiel bow to an old man.

The old man is surprised by their words and wipes off his sweat awkwardly.


"Are, are you the Hero's parents? No, what are you talking about? ......"


"You can curse me as you like. My stupid son has caused a lot of trouble in this village.....”


Clore looks sideways at the village.

No, maybe it should be called a village remains.

There are ruins as far as they can see.

No house is left standing. All the houses are shattered.


That's right, the reason why they are traveling on foot is to help rebuild the villages that were destroyed by Arca's power.

This is already the third time.

But the two of them were going around sincerely apologizing for any damage, no matter how minor the damage might be.


The old man is this village chief. He sadly looks at the two bowing down.


"No...... the Hero defeated the demon beast that attacked this village. The damages to the village were caused by the aftermath......"


"For whatever reason, he hurt those he was supposed to protect as a Hero. Our power is limited, but we hope it can be used to rebuild this village."


"Ah, no. Luckily, none of the villagers were hurt..."


"It's not about the body. It's about everyone's heart."


Clore raises his head and looks over the village ruins with sad eyes.


“Every village has its own memories. Happy memories, painful memories, happy memories, sad memories. No matter how similar we build the village, it will be a different village..... The past memories have gone. I could only imagine the pain....... in the hearts of the village chief and all the villagers."


The village chief's eyes widened at Clore's words.

Indeed, as he said. He feels as if there is a hole in his heart.

In his mind, he was grateful that the Hero had defeated the monsters.

But his heart feels differently.

The village chief was reminded by Clore's words.


“...... You are right. You are absolutely right....... Then, please help us to rebuild this village."


" All right. Wiel, let's do it.”


“Yes, dear.”


Clore picked up large pieces of scrap wood with one hand and put them in one place.

After the scrap woods piled up the size of a house, Wiel placed her hand on the scrap wood.


"Bind his things... "Wood Rope".


A geometric design appeared on her palm.

Numerous ivy-like things emerge from it and neatly bind the scrap wood.

When the village chief sees this, his eyes widen, and his voice leaks.



“Oh my God, ......, Mistress, you can use magic?”


“I can only use simple magic.”


“You’re so humble. Do you know how many people in this world can use magic?”


The village chief smiles bitterly at Wiel's shy smile.


The ability to use magic depends on one's natural talent.

The number of people who can use magic is far fewer than those who cannot. And most of them only can light a matchstick or create palm-sized water.


There are not many people in this world who can use magic to put together such a large amount of scraps.


The rope flies off Wiel's palm, and the geometric design--- the magic circle disperses.


“Dear, it's ready.”


“Thank you.”


Clore approaches the pile of scrap wood.

The pile of scrap wood is so tall that even the big Clore has to look up.

In front of it, Clore grabs a piece of scrap wood in the pile.


The village chief tilts his head when he sees that scene.


“Your husband uses magic too?”


“No, my husband can't use magic.”


“Eh? Then....”


“Well, just wait and see.”


Wiel smiles and looks at Clore.

The village chief also turns his gaze from Wiel to Clore.


After a few seconds.

Clore's muscles begin to bulge, his blood vessels appear...




Zzz...... zzzzzzzzz!


The waste material is lifted up.




The village chief and the villagers are astonished. Their eyes are wide open.

It is understandable that they are astonished. Clore can lift that mountain of scrap wood with one hand.


"My husband is a bit stronger than most people. He can carry that much of the weight easily.”


“That's not just a bit stronger.....”


In fact, even the strongest person in this village could only carry one large piece of scrap wood.

How about this? Clore is carrying ten, twenty ...... or even more pieces of scrap wood with one hand.

This is the 1st time they have seen such a thing. They are completely speechless.


He put the bundle of scrap wood on the corner and worked with Wiel to carry 2 or 3 more bundles.


The village's scrap wood is completely gone in just dozens of minutes.

The village chief and the villagers are stunned.

But Clore is still breathing normally and not even sweating.


"Village Chief. I've gathered all the usable scrap wood over there. We're going to go into the forest to get some wood."


"...Eh? Ah, haa,......?”


“Well then.”


Clore and Wiel bow and then walks into the nearby forest.

The village chief and the villagers can only watch them go in astonishment.





The night has come.

There is no light in the area. The stars and the moonlight are barely bright enough to illuminate the area.

But in the center of the village stands a giant square building that was not there before.

Inside that building, the villagers gather around a fire to warm themselves.


This building was built by Clore.

It is too simple to be called a building, but it is windproof.

The villagers had been worried that they might be attacked by monsters at night. But now they can sleep in peace.


When the mayor leaves the building, he meets Clore and Wiel. They are not sleeping and guarding the entrance.


"Clore-sama, Wiel-sama.


"...... Village Chief, please stop using 'sama'. We're not that kind of people."


"No, let me tell you this. You both have saved us."


The village chief put down a bowl of hot soup that a village girl had made earlier for the two of them.

It contains meat and root vegetables, it looks very revitalizing.

When Wiel saw this, she waved her hand hurriedly.


“We can't accept this. This is your precious food stock..."


"Wiel-sama. This is a sign of gratitude from everyone. For now, we can only express our gratitude with something like this. Please accept it."


This was also happening in the other villages.

They've been going around apologizing for Arca's foolish actions, but somehow the villagers end up thanking them back.

Actually, they can't accept it.

But, they can't ignore the villagers’ kindness.


They gratefully put their hands together and drink the warm soup under the cold weather.



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