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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C0.1: Father, mother, and son


Clore is a middle-aged man in his village.

He is over two meters tall. He is the biggest and the strongest man in his village.

His arms and legs are like logs. However, he did not have any useless fat on him, and the word 'honorable man' fit him.


His family consists of his loving wife, Wiel, and his 15-year-old son, Arca.

The three of them were living happily.


Clore's job is as a woodcutter.

He prays to the Mountain God and lives by cutting down trees.

Today, Clore and Arca go to the mountain together.


“Arca, step back.”




After making sure that Arca has stepped back far enough, Clore turns to a giant tree.

The diameter of the tree trunk is too big. Even five adults can't enclose it with their hands. It's just too big.


Clore has nothing in his hands with such a giant tree in front of him. He is bare-handed.

But Clore raises his long, big arms and turns his hips to gather strength.


His muscles swell, his blood veins appear.

Build up, build up, build up...





He swings out his strong arm. After a few seconds of silence, the giant tree made a cracking sound and fell down. It was as if it was cut by a sword.


“Cut this guy apart.”


“Yeah. Come on, Dad, help me. It'll go faster that way.....”


“Don't be a spoiled brat. I'm training you now so you can survive on your own in the future.”


“I didn't ask you to do that....”


“What did you say?”


“Ne, never mind.....!”


Arca shakes his head and begins to prepare.

His past experience and his instincts as a man told him to do that.

If he angers Clore, he won't get away scot-free.

Worst case scenario, he could be killed.


Arca's job is to cut apart the fallen trees and turn them into lumber or firewood.

He grabs his ax and swings it at the fallen tree.

With each swing, the ax cut deeper and deeper into the tree.

Arca is not as strong as Clore but strong enough.


Clore is simply too out of the ordinary.


Two hours had passed since Arca started his work.

While he is working, a woman appears from the forest's depths.

She looks neat and innocent, with her platinum-white hair swaying in the air, and she waves at Clore and Arca.


"Dear, Arca. I bring your lunch."


"Thank you, Wiel."


"Thanks, Mom! I am so hungry!"


She is Wiel, Clore's wife, and Arca's mother.

Clore and Arca decided to stop working and have a lunch break with Wiel.


The three sit on a stump and eat Wiel's special jumbo steak sandwich.

Arca struggles to bite the steak sandwich as big as Wiel's little face.


However, the size of the sandwich seems smaller when it is held by Clore's hand.

He ate the entire sandwich in two light bites.


"Ara ara. Maybe I should make it a little bigger.”


“No, it's just right. Give me the water.”


“Okay, okay.”


Wiel puts his hand on the glass and closes his eyes.





A magic circle appears on her palm, and a small amount of water is poured from it into the glass.


Magic. A supernatural power allows a person with magic power to make fire or water out of nothing by following a certain rule.

The ability to use magic depends on one's natural talent. This has nothing to do with whether it is inherited or not. It completely depends on one's own talent.


Fortunately, Wiel was blessed with magic talent.


Clore always has a stern look on his face, but his expression softened when eating Wiel's food.

Seeing the two of them in a friendly mood, Arca also bites into his steak sandwich.

At that moment, in the depths of the forest, birds suddenly started to fly into the sky.


Arca stops his lunch and looks up at the birds.

Wiel also looks up with sharp eyes, and Clore looks at the depths of the forest in disbelief.


"Ummm, Dad`, ......."


“Don't worry, Arca. Leave it to your Dad."


Clore takes off his work clothes.

There is no scratch on his body, but his well-trained body and tanned skin are so firm that even his son can't help but admire them.


His sharp eyes focus on the depths of the forest.

He waits for several minutes.

As the earth shakes, something comes out of the depths of the forest.




It looks like a bear.


But it is a very big bear. Clore is over two meters tall, but he has to look up to see its head..

It has horns on its head and unevenly grown fangs. It also has sharp claws and bloodshot red eyes.


It's a monster.


"I won't speak badly of you. Go back to the forest. Be a good boy, and I'll let you live."




“...... No choice. I have to protect my family.”


Clore clenches his fist.

Perhaps the monster sees Clore as prey, roars, and approaches him.

His claws are going to cut through Clore.

Clore swings his fist toward the incoming claws..






Clore's fist and the Monster's claw collided, creating a shockwave that spread around the area.



The next moment, the claws cracked, and the monster's front legs were shattered.





He follows up with another attack.

He clenches his left hand and swings it at the monster's body.




With a loud sound that echoed through the forest, a hole appeared in that monster's body.

It only took a few seconds. In an instant, Clore had slain that monster.


"So we're having bear steak today. Wiel, please drain the blood.




Wiel uses her magic to drain the blood and dismantle it.

Arca watched the two of them in amazement.


"As usual, the two of you are amazing......”


Arca admires and respects his father and mother.

Since birth, he has been with them, but he is still not used to this.


(I'll never make these two angry.)


Once again, Arca swears in his heart.


  1. Wow this is a unique concept. I've read a lot of CNs where it's the 'Father of the Villain' but in this way it's a realistic portrayal of a Harem hero that most of us disdain and the Father getting mad.
    I do see potential in this story!

  2. I'm very intrigued by this premise! Thanks for your work, and I hope you continue to update!


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