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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C2: The Hero’s father, help a little girl.




A week has passed since they arrived in this village.

They fight off incoming monsters, cut wood, and build houses....... In one week, the houses were completed in the blink of an eye.


The fence that surrounds the village is also sturdy and strong.

It is not just pieces of wood strung together, but big trees stabbed into the ground by Clore's strong arm and joined together by Wiel's magic.

Thanks to the fence's completion, there is no need to worry about monsters or bandits.

The villagers burst out in tears of joy.


Not all the houses are completed yet, but they decided to move on because of the Village chief's kindness.


“Then we are leaving now."


“Thank you so much for taking care of us.”


“What are you talking about? You were the one who took care of us......


“No. This is my way of apologizing for my stupid son's actions. I only did what I had to do.”


Clore and Wiel once again bow to the villagers.

But the villagers seem to be more cheerful than when they first arrived.


"Clore Aniki! Please come again any time!”


“We'll keep training until then.”


“Nee-san too, please come again!”


“Wiel Onee-san, are you leaving now?”


“You're always welcome here, onee-sama!”


No, the villagers aren't just cheerful. The villagers are completely respecting them.

The men are impressed by Clore's chivalrous spirit, while the women seem to be admired by Wiel's girl power.

This was also happening in the other villages. They treat everyone like usual, so they don't understand why this is happening.


“... Well then.”




Somehow they got embarrassed and left the village quickly.

The village chief said that it would take about two weeks to reach the capital on foot from here.

Based on the information he got, there are no villages or cities that have been damaged by Arca's power in the meantime. So they can head straight to the capital.


The village chief offered to travel by horse carriage, but they politely declined.

If something happens, the carriage can't handle it.

Fortunately, Clore's physical strength is limitless, and Wiel can levitate in the air as long as her magic power remains.

Even if her magic power ran out, there wouldn't be a problem because Clore would carry her.


As Wiel levitates along, she looks up at Clore and tilts her head.


“Is Arca in the capital?”


"I don't know. But I'm sure he's using the royal capital as his base. we'll gather information there."


Rumor says that although he is based in the capital, he travels around to defeat the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army.

The good news that he has defeated the Four Heavenly Kings has not come yet. In other words, is he still on his journey, or is he in the capital? .......

Anyway, they're heading for the capital. That's the only thing they can do for now.


They walk on the paved road.

The sun is warm, and the birds are chirping. A gentle breeze caresses Wiel's cheeks mischievously, and butterflies fly around her.

On such a peaceful journey, Wiel looks up at Clore happily and smiles.


“What's wrong?”


“Nothing. When I think about it, it's been a long time since we traveled together like this.”


“Hmm? ...... You're right.”


Clore scratches his cheek, remembering the past.

He and Wiel first met, traveling together, and fell in love. Then Arca was born.

Arca has strayed from the correct path.

 He wonders where and what mistake he made.

Wiel hugs Clore's arm as he sighs softly, thinking about his stupid son.


"...... what?"


"Are you embarrassed?"


"I... I'm not embarrassed.”


“There you go again.”


“It's true.”


She didn't miss seeing Clore scratch his cheek again.

It was her husband's habit to hide his embarrassment. After being together for almost twenty years, it is impossible not to see it.


"I'm happy. Regardless of the reason, I'm happy that I can travel with you."


"...... I see."


Clore feels the same way.

After Arca was born, Wiel wanted to travel, but she had to restrain herself for a long time.

The purpose of the trip is to lecture Arca, but he is glad that Wiel is enjoying herself like this.

It is going to be a long trip anyway.

Then, it would be better for her to relax and enjoy herself.

With that in mind, Clore gently holds Wiel's hand.


"My dear... Fufu, I'm happy."


"... Umm."


Wiel knows very well that Clore is clumsy.

That's why this little affectionate gesture makes her feel so happy.

The two of them walk along the paved road as if they are taking a stroll.






That peace is shattered.


A loud roar echoed and shook the atmosphere.

Clore and Wiel stop and look around carefully.


"This roaring...... Is that monster’s?"


“Most likely...... But it can't be here.”


They look at each other, then Wiel levitates higher and looks around.


Wiel flies towards the source of the roar, and Clore follows her.

They leave the paved road and cut through the forest.



“In 10 seconds, you will encounter it."




Clore gathers strength in his right arm and jumps out of the bushes without losing speed.


There are two life forms there.

One is a little girl.

She is probably around 15 years old. She has rabbit ears on her head and a small round tail on her waist.

Although there are only a few of them, there are humans who have animal physical abilities in their bodies. They are called Demi-humans.


The other is a giant creature.

Its scales are as hard as steel. Long, sharp claws, powerful fangs, fierce eyes, giant wings, and a thick whip-like tail.

Its body length is 5 meters..... Maybe even more than 7 meters.


It is precisely what Clore has expected to see after hearing the roar.

It's the absolute king of predators in this world, the dragon.


Right now, the dragon is opening its mouth to prey on the demi-human girl.


He grasps the situation in 0.1 seconds.

Clore turns his direction in a flash and swings his powerful right arm toward the dragon's face.




Zugoshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! !! !! !!


The head was smashed into a million pieces.

The fangs can bite through any creature.

And the scales that are believed to be able to repel any attack.

That dragon head was smashed to pieces by Clore's single punch.


“Are you okay?”



The demi-human girl drags her battered body and clings to Clore's leg.


"Please...... help us...my village ...... Please save everyone......!"


She looks at Clore and speaks from the bottom of her heart.

When Clore sees the girl's eyes, he takes her hand without even thinking for a moment.


“Sure. Leave it to me.”


"'......Thank ...... yo ......."


Perhaps from relief, the girl fainted.


You're still very kind, dear.


"A man who doesn't respond to a request for help is not a man. He's a piece of shit....... Let's treat her first. Wiel.”


“Yes, dear.”


He left the girl with Wiel and turned away.

A woman's care should be left to a woman.


“..... Help us, hmm?”


A bad feeling enveloped his chest, but Clore continued to be wary of his surroundings.






  1. Kick his ass! Work him out! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U-cT22bT7UM

    Is that dragon weaker than the bear or did Clore just use less strength? Probably less strength as why use more than you need if you aren’t making a point?

    1. He did want to let the bear monster go away, knowing there's no threat to anyone there. But here, a girl is in danger

  2. I hate to be the hero when his parents find him. I'd rather not get a whooping from someone who can one shot a dragon


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