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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep9 Nyaa



The Giant Tower is called the Mysterious Giant Tower by the Elf Queen Nation and consisted of four parts.

All four parts are circular, with the base being the largest and getting smaller as it goes up.

The building material is unknown, but it is so white without any stains that the surface is as smooth as marble.


If one looks closely, it looks more like a giant wedding cake than a giant tower.




On the first level of the tower, Aoyuki the genius monster tamer is sitting on the tower's edge and swinging her legs in the air.

Aoyuki is wearing a hoodie with cat ears and has unique blue hair color.

Her breasts are small, and her limbs are slender.

She looks like an extremely beautiful little girl with her baby face and her fantastic blue hair color.


As the name "Genius Monster Tamer" implies, she is currently linked to her tamed monsters and shares her five senses with them.

She acts as a commander for the monsters, giving them orders to kills any adventurers who approach the Giant Tower.


Then, Elly comes down from the sky and lands by her side. She spreads her skirt softly in the air and lands on the ground.

She lightly fixes her hair and calls out to Aoyuki, who is still concentrating with closed eyes.


"How's our defense?"




"...... is going well, isn't it? It's amazing that God Raito can communicate properly with you."


Elly cleared her throat lightly before continuing to speak.


"I don't doubt your abilities, Aoyuki-san. However, you will have to deal with different kinds of problems compared to the Naraku forest exploration. For example, decision-making skills, fatigue, and the detailed problems of selecting and controlling many monsters against many kinds of enemies on the surface world. It's a good opportunity to identify those problems, so please enjoy it thoroughly."


"And..." she added.


"God Raito has instructed us to save any human that is being treated cruelly, but we can kill any bad guys, regardless of their race. I'll leave that decision to you, Aoyuki-san."




With her eyes closed, Aoyuki replied to Elly's words.

Elly is staring at Aoyuki, while deep in her mind, she is trying to understand Raito's intentions.


(As expected of God Raito. I can't believe you're using this situation as a touchstone to test our emotions, to determine good and bad! I'm sure Aoyuki understands, but I wonder if the rest of us do. Especially the adventurers who go around the forest to protect the humans. Those Mohicans with their weird haircuts are summoned from God Raito's card, so we don't have to worry about them betraying us. But there's a chance that they might fail to determine good or bad and end up making a fatal mistake in this mission. Should I warn them before that happens? However, if I do it wrongly and spoil God Raito's intentions... he'll be disappointed. Then is it best to watch over them from this place quietly?)


When Ellie is spinning her brain at high speed thinking about what she should do, Aoyuki speak out.


"--You don't have to worry. Our Lord is taking that into consideration. It's disrespectful if Aoyuki and the others guess God's intentions."


Aoyuki's words were like cold water pouring down Elly's head, who was thinking hard to get the most out of it.

Of course, she didn't feel happy, and her facial expression stiffened.


"Do you think so? Don't you think it's your duty as a woman, as a loyal servant, to be as close as possible to that divine mind, to understand him, to be there for him, to support him, to have his children?"


"No. Aoyuki and the others should be what the Lord wants them to be. I should only think about how to live for the Lord, fight, heal, being loved, serve, fall in love, cuddle, be a spear, or be a shield. Even if I have to kill, be killed, or burnt to ashes. Anything else is unnecessary and impure to Aoyuki and the others."


This is unusual for Aoyuki to speak so long.

It seems that she wants to say, "I'll do whatever God Raito wants me to do".

Currently, Raito wants Aoyuki to be her little sister and healer because of her appearance. That's why she is acting as a sister and a pet.

Elly raises her eyebrows unpleasantly at her answer.


"...... So you're acting like a pet? I can't understand you."


"--We both don't understand each other. When you're arguing with May in front of the Lord, you can't hold your killing intentions. If you trouble the Lord, I will kill you."


"Ara ara, that's not a very funny joke. Do you think you can beat me, Aoyuki?"


"--- We'll find out when we fight. Besides, it will be a good experiment to see what will happen if Aoyuki and the others die."


Aoyuki hides her eyes with her hoodie and glances at Elly at her side.

Birds are flying away in the distance.

A tense atmosphere builds up between the two.


In terms of strength rank, Nazuna is 1st place, Elly in 2nd place, Aoyuki in 3rd place, and Mei in 4th place.


The number 1, Nazuna, is simply strong.

Mei, in 4th place, is an all-rounder, she can do anything, but she lacks a decisive move.

Elly is a wide-range fighter.

Aoyuki is a monster tamer and is classified as a wide range fighter. Still, in terms of "destructive power" and "annihilation power", she is one level below Elly, the "Forbidden Witch".


However, both of them are LV 9999, the 2nd and 3rd most powerful fighter.


It does not mean that Elly can easily win against Aoyuki.




They stared at each other.

A few seconds, nearly a minute had passed.




Aoyuki looks away from Elly and turns her eyes to the forest in the distance.


It seems that the monster to which she has linked her senses is asking her for instructions.

Elly let out a sigh and wiped her cold sweat from her face while pretending to fix her hair.


"....... I don't want to interrupt your work any longer, but it was quite fruitful to hear your honest thoughts. If we have the opportunity, it would be a good idea to have an open-mind discussion like this."




Aoyuki closed her eyes again and gave a short reply. It was hard to tell if she is interested or not.


Elly also gave up on pursuing this topic any further, and then she started to fly up to the top floor of the giant tower.



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