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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep10 Next move



Many adventurers, merchants, and soldiers gathered near the forest, which is located not too far from the Elf Queen Nation.

They have built tents for sleeping, cooking, and temporary toilets.


Currently, the most famous quest Adventurer's Guild is to investigates the mysterious giant tower.

Many adventurers come to the forest to complete the quest, and soldiers are coming to guard the roads. Still, since it's troublesome to return to the capital every day, they set up tents and camped out.

Eventually, more and more people are coming.  Adventurers, soldiers, merchants, even a traveling brothel gathered there and formed a settlement.


"Hehehe, old man! I need you to buy our booty again today!"


"Sure, thank you."


The Mohican party, whose members are all human with Mohawks hairstyle, hand over a human girl to a slave trader.

Under the slave laws of the six countries, the first person to capture a slave who loses their owner gains the right to own the slave. You can choose to hire her as a slave or free her.

However, even if those who have fallen into slavery are freed, there is no way they can live properly. They will either become slaves again, starve to death, or be caught committing a crime.

Criminal slaves are treated differently because of the different laws.


When a slave is captured, it is usually sold to a slave trader to get money. In most cases, more than one person found and captured the slave, so it is better to divide the money equally, so there will be less trouble.

It is legal to sell the right of ownership of the captured slave to a slave trader.

Since it is a law recognized by six countries, no one can complain about it.


The slave girl is bought by a well-dressed human merchant.

Several human girls are working as helpers, helping to move, display and sell the goods pulled on the back of the cart. They looked healthy and well-treated.

The slave girl would be given a similar job in a few days.


The merchant bowed politely as he handed over the money to the Mohicans.


"I look forward to doing business with you again."


"Ou! We'll be back!"


The Mohicans laughed vulgarly and moved to the cooking area.

When they sold the girl, they also bought some food from the merchant.

As they begin to cook together, they lower their voices and began to look around at their surroundings.


"Seems you manage to leave that girl with your merchant friend again today."


"But seriously, they treat the humans so badly everywhere. It's really not funny, right?


"I know what you mean. Normally, anyone would freak out at that idea...... trying to use a human slave as a scout and bait like that."


The merchant and the Mohicans were summoned from cards that Raito had pulled out of his Infinite Gacha.

The merchant is level 15 human, and the Mohicans are level 20-25 humans.


Their mission is to gather information on the surface world.

The merchants use the merchant route, and the Mohicans work as low-level adventurers to gather information.

Besides the Mohicans, there are others who are currently gathering information in the Human Kingdom, the Beastmen Alliance, the Dragonmen Empire, the Dwarf Kingdom, and the Demon Kingdom.


They worked as merchants and adventurers to gather information for about a year before Raito left Naraku.

The Mohicans' adventurer rank is E level.

Even for humans, their rank is rising very fast.


The Mohicans gathered around the pot. They chat as they put in the vegetables, removed the scum, and waiting for the time to put in the meat.


"No matter what, discrimination against humans is too much. Even if they're the weakest among the 6 races."


"That's right. We've been to many countries, towns, and villages in the past year, and they've treated us really badly. If they hate us so much, why don't they just ignore us?"


"Aa, the opposite of love is indifference."


The Mohicans themselves have been harassed and discriminated against countless times.

However, since their appearance is tough and the five always move together, they never face any problems.

In addition, Raito has been given the "SSR, Transfer" for the safety of those working on the surface world. It's a trump card in case of emergency.

So, if they are in trouble, they can quickly escape to Naraku.


Although their own safety is almost guaranteed, they often witness horrible things that happen to humans everywhere they go, and it doesn't feel good.


"...... When I see a scene like that, the rumor seems to be real."


"You mean that rumor that says the Human kingdom is selling their own citizens to other countries?"


"It's hard to deny it......."


When the vegetables were cooked, the meat was put in, and the scum and foam were carefully removed.

His cooking skills are excellent, but his body odor is awful.


80-90% of the people in the Human Kingdom are farmers, and the remaining 10-20% are adventurers, merchants, or doing other jobs.

Their main export is agricultural products, but the price is very low, so the kingdom is trying to earn more profit from another commodity.

That commodity is their own people, the humans.


It wouldn't be so bad if that happened because the human kingdom leaders are corrupt. But...... it seems that the other 5 countries are also deliberately pushing them to sell their people as slaves.

If the reason is just for simple slavery or coal miners, it is not so bad. But if they imagine the worst possibility.......


The Mohicans are trembling.


"Oh, I'm so glad Raito-sama is our Lord."


"Me too, me too."


"...... But don't you feel that the humans' condition is terrible."


"Really? It is simply that the moral of the other five species is so fucked up."


"Honestly, I think it would be better if Raito-sama quickly destroys all the other races and conquer the world."


"I understand."


"I get it."


"I get it."


"I understand but don't say it. You never know who's listening."


"I'm sorry, Leader. My mouth slipped."


They keep enough distance from the people around them, but they must be careful.

Some adventurers are cooking a little further away from them, but they are busy talking with each other.

It seems that no one is listening to the Mohicans' conversation.


Everyone let out a sigh of relief.


A little bluebird lands on the red-haired Mohican leader's shoulder as if trying to interrupt their conversation.

This little bird claimed to be his messenger, but actually, it is one of Aoyuki's tamed monsters.

The little bird looks around and starts chirping, "Pi, pi, pi".


"Yes, yes, yes, I understand. Tomorrow, we'll be heading southwest toward the ocean. Yes, when we encounter the Snake Hellhound, we attack strongly and then follow the flow. Yes, please do it that way."


Actually, the Leader is not talking with that little bird.

Aoyuki checks the surroundings through the little bird and uses the "Infinite Gacha" card "SR, Telekinesis" to inform the Mohican leader of tomorrow's plans.

The other party members are seasoning their food while waiting for their discussion to end.


Once their discussion ended, the little bird flew away.


"Tomorrow, we're going to head southwest! Don't oversleep, and don't forget to check our equipment!"


"Understood, Leader!"


The other members responded cheerfully to the Leader's instructions, and when he finished, they all began to eat soup from the pot that had just boiled.





Around the same time, a group of adventurers from the dwarf dungeon city is about to leave.


A dwarf receptionist sent them off with tears of regret.


A boy is wearing a clown mask and holding a staff, a tall man in golden armor, and a beautiful girl with brown skin and a scarf covering her mouth walked out of the guild.


The 12 or 13 year old boy speaks from behind his mask.


"Shall we go to the capital of the Elf Queen Nation, where the 'Mysterious Giant Tower' has appeared?


"Mmm. Shall we go, my Lord?"


"Dark-sama, I will accompany you wherever you go. Even to the depths of hell!"


After hearing the reply of the man in golden armor and the beautiful girl with brown skin, the masked boy starts walking.


Their destination is the capital of the Elf Queen Nation.


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