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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep8 Mohican Adventurers



"Ugh. Puff, uuh......."


"Don't slow down and walk faster! Human!"


An elf man and a group of adventurers enter the wild forest near the Elf Queen Nation capital.

A poorly dressed human girl is trembling and walking barefoot in front of him and the 3 Adventurers.

One of the party members armed with a shield and sword praises the elf leader, who shouts angrily.


"But leader, you're really smart. When you first bought this human girl, I was wondering, why you bought a human girl? Do you have such bad taste in women? But I didn't expect you to use her as bait to lead us through the forest."


"Well, as a leader, you have to use your brain."


The elf man, who is called the leader, taps his head with his fingertips.


They bought a human girl slave, then force her to walk through the forest in front of them. They're using her as a scout to see if there are any dangerous monsters and also as bait so they can attack or escape while she is being eaten. She's just like a canary in the coal mine.


"The problem is, this little human's too scared, and she's moving too slow. Hey! You better walk faster, or I'm going to beat you up like before!"


"Hee! I, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please don't punch me!"


"Then stop crying and move forward!"


The elf adventurer yells at her from behind, and the girl cries as she moves faster.

She had tried to run away, but her opponents are elves, and two of them have bows. It seems that the elf with the shield is the one who blocks the enemy, while the other two use their bows and arrows to kill them.

If she tries to escape again, they will shoot her in the leg and beat her up even worse.


The girl walks through the forest in fear, not knowing when the monster will jump out and attack her.


The elf adventurers are following behind her.


"I'm using a human kid as a trial today, but if it works, I may buy more than one next time."


"Human kids are not expensive, so they are perfect bait."


"Indeed, humans may look like us, but they're nothing but livestock that can speak----."


Suddenly the shooter elf loses his head while speaking.

His blood spurted out onto the leader and the shield elf's face.

Without shaking or breaking any leaves or branches, a monster appeared and attacked them.


The monster's sudden appearance and the sight of their friend being eaten made the elf adventurers freeze.


The monster is a giant four-legged monster with a snake tail. Its height is about 10 meters tall.

The monster stretched out its bright red tongue, twitching in and out.

They have no idea that this monster is a "Snake Hellhound". Its level is 1000.


"Don't, don't screw with me! If you want to attack, attack that human kid."




The adventurer leader regained his composure from the surprise attack and shouting as he backed away to get some distance. He grabbed his bow and arrow and tried to attack, but the tail snake moved faster than him.

It bites his shoulder and crushes his armor, skin, bones, and flesh.


"Damn! Damn! Damn ittt!"


The shield elf raised his sword in desperation and tried to attack, but his sword was easily repelled by the Snake hellhound's skin.

He was surprised at how hard the monster's skin is and lost his balance, but the monster is not stupid enough to let him go.




His screams were forced to stop because his upper body had been bitten.

The monster ate and chewed the remaining part while making a crunching sound. It is as if the monster is thinking, "It would be a shame to leave it behind,"


"Hii, hii, hii! He-he-he help, help me--."


The leader, whose shoulders were crushed, cried, and sobbed. He's begging for his life and kept repeating, "Help me, help me".

But there is no way that monster could understand him, and the tail snake swallowed him alive.




This monster is the one who crushed and ate the elf adventurers like bugs. It is impossible for a powerless human girl like her to fight it back.

Even an uneducated human girl can understand that.

The monster in front of her now is the kind of monster that appears in fairy tales.

If it is not a monster from a fairy tale, it won't be able to defeat and eat elf adventurers instantly.




The "Snake Hellhound" looked away from the girl and moved silently into the forest, maybe because its stomach is already full.

In a few seconds, its giant body is out of sight, hidden by the trees.


"...... I, I, I survived."


Still can't believe what just happened, the girl sat down and started whispering to herself.

But she soon hears a laugh that contradicts her words.


"Heheheh! That's a hell of a treasure!"




Just when she's relieved to have been saved, a group of violent-looking human adventurers appeared.

There are 5 of them.

All of them have a Mohawk hairstyle, and one of them has a red hair color.

Even though the forest is dark, they all are wearing sunglasses. They're walking towards the girl while laughing vulgarly.


"I didn't think we'd be so lucky. While exploring this forest, we accidentally picked up a free slave after her Master was killed!"




The girl feels hopeless.

She was bought by an elf adventurer to serve as a scout and bait for monsters. The elf adventurers were eaten by the monsters, but luckily she survived. However, now he was found by evil adventurers.

The elves despise humans as ugly and violent, but they have never attacked her sexually.

But these guys are human.

They would probably catch her and rape her.

She could choose to run away, but she is in a forest where the mythical monster she just saw is wandering around. If she ran away and met that monster again, she would be dead for sure.


(Even if these people treat me violently, I can get out of this forest. That's still better than to be eaten alive and die in pain like that.......)


The sight of the elf adventurers being eaten alive is still stuck in her mind. Their screams and cries for help also still stuck in her ears.

It would be much better to get out of this forest, even if it meant being raped than to die like that.


A Mohican adventurer is approaching the girl with a grin on his face.


"Hehehe! The price will drop if she's still covered with scratches. We need to heal her wounds first! Here, drink this potion."




That Mohican took out a potion and gave it to her.

Moreover, it's not the lowest grade potion, which might not have any effect.

He gave her a medium-grade potion that is usually used by veteran adventurers and would be very effective. That potion's price is higher than buying the girl herself.


The other Mohicans also began to take action one by one.


"Next time, don't go around barefoot. I'll make a pair of simple shoes from this cloth."


"Then I'll make a walking stick from a tree branch."


The red-haired Mohican put a small bird on his hand. He's bowed his head politely, muttering something.


"Yes, yes, you are right. We've successfully joined. OK. Then, let's do it like usual."


The sight in front of her is so weird that her confusion exceeds her fear.


(...... Maybe I'm already dead, or am I dreaming?)


While holding the potion in her hands, the girl is wondering about that.


After the confused girl drank the potion and her wounds were healed, the Mohicans politely took her and left the forest.


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