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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep7 Mysterious Giant Tower


The Queen Elf Nation's capital is located on the west side of the country. This is because it would be too close to the Beastmen Alliance if it is too close to the east, so it was built closer to the west. Although the Dwarf Kingdom is located in the west, they don't need to worry about invasion because their west side is surrounded by mountains and wild forests.


In the depths of the wild forest, a mysterious giant tower appeared during an earthquake in the middle of the night.


It is so large that if on a clear day people look carefully from the tallest tower in the Elf Queen Nation's capital, they can see the top of that mysterious giant tower.

If the location is good, it could become one of the major tourist spots.


But of course, that mysterious giant tower appearance would cause problems.


First of all, because of the mysterious giant tower appearance, the monsters that are usually living deep in the wild forest moved to the forest outskirt. Then, those monsters began to come out to the streets as if they had been driven out by something.

When many monsters appear on the road, logistics will be naturally disrupted.


There are ocean and port cities located straight down south from the capital.

Salt is produced along the coast. The port cities are trading with the Dragonmen Empire, the Dwarf Kingdom, the Demon Kingdom, and the Beastmen Alliance.


When monsters appear on the roads that connect the capital to these port cities, the logistics are disrupted.

Naturally, the prices in the capital suddenly soared.

It would be like pirates appearing in the sea lanes and disturbing the sea traffic. As a result, the oil supply would be stopped, gasoline, food, exports, etc., would be disrupted, and the prices would skyrocket.

In simple words, it would be a national crisis, a matter of life and death.


The problem isn't just that monsters have overrun the streets.


It is necessary to investigate the mysterious giant towers that suddenly appeared.


The mysterious tower seems to have appeared in the middle of the night during the earthquake. But, of course, the government won't ignore it.

But at the moment, the Knights are busy securing the area between the capital and the port cities.

The White Knights are the nation's strongest force, so they cannot be dispatched carelessly.


Therefore, the government is currently deploying adventurers as their disposable pawns.

However, the situation is not good.

The monsters that have come out of the forest don't want to go back to their home.

At first, it was assumed that those monsters were surprised by the earthquake and the mysterious giant tower appearance. They ran away to the roads, but they should return to the forest eventually.

However, even though several days have passed, they still haven't returned.


In addition, half of the adventurer's party who went to investigate the mysterious giant tower was killed. The survivors said that they were attacked by a giant four-legged monster with a snake tail. They had never seen such a monster before.


Apparently, a stronger monster appears out of nowhere and is on a rampage. That's why the other monsters are refusing to return to their home in the depths of the forest.

If that giant four-legged monster with a snake tail came out of the mysterious giant tower, then... There is a possibility that there are other powerful monsters, they may threaten the Elf Queen Nation.


However, no one can get close to the mysterious giant tower. Therefore, no one can get any detailed information about it.


--That's the latest information about "The Mysterious Giant Tower".


"You're kidding, right? ...... I have to go there......?


Sasha used her position as the Count's adopted daughter to get the latest information about the mysterious giant tower.


Raito was suspected as the Master, and then he was invited to join the Race Union. However, the investigation revealed that Raito is not the Master, so they killed him to be safe. But, Raito, who is supposed to be dead, showed himself to Sasha and left a message on a piece of paper, it said "I'll wait in the giant tower. Raito."


According to that message, she must go to the Mysterious Giant Tower to meet Raito. However, none of the adventurers managed to reach it, and monsters are wandering around it.


"I am sure the monsters in the deeper parts of the forest are around level 150-200. If only 2 or 3 monsters, it's not really a problem, but most of them didn't return and remain in the forest outskirt. I wonder how high the level of that 'giant four-legged monster with a snake tail' is!"


Sasha is around level 500. She can defeat 1 or 2 monsters with levels 150-200 without any problems. But she couldn't let her guard down because there might be a lot of them, and they might overwhelm her with their physical strength and numbers.

Those monsters never returned to the deeper parts of the forest.

It would be an act of suicide to rush towards the "Mysterious Giant Tower" without any information.


"......What if I confess my current situation honestly now? If the government found out that he is still alive, they will move Michael-sama and the rest of the White Knights to raise their reputation and make other countries owe us a favor. If they do, they'll get rid of him for sure."


However, in that case, there is a high possibility that Sasha's life will be ruined. She might once again be looked down by her stepmother and step-sisters, kicked out of the Count's mansion, and back to work as an adventurer to pay her debt.




Sasha's pride is so high that just thinking about it makes her feel sick and reflexively holds her mouth.


"No, no, no! I'd rather die than fall down and be looked down by them!"


Her pride as an elf distorted her decision making.


Due to lack of sleep, the skin around her eyes became darker, and she looks like a panda. Her skin is rough, and her hair has lost its shine. Sasha says a few deceptive words to herself.


"Even if I tell them that Raito is still alive, they may not believe me. The only evidence I have is this piece of paper, and I don't even know if he's really in the Mysterious Tower. It's impossible to report such vague information to Michael-sama and the government, right? That's right! First, I must confirm it with my own eyes!"


Even though she is already depressed from lack of sleep, her spirits gradually rose after saying a few positive words.

Sasha's eyes looked like the eyes of someone who had gone mad, and she started whispering a plan to reach "the mysterious giant tower".


Even though many years had passed, she is a former member of the "Race Union", a famous adventurer party in the area around Naraku.


Using all of her money, connections, and knowledge, she began to prepare everything.




Translator note:

Canary in Coal Mine

If dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide collected in the mine, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners, thus providing a warning to exit the tunnels immediately.



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