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Friday, December 24, 2021

KoushaRyouri ~C17


Chapter 17: Victory angel



I really enjoyed my time with Fletty and the others.


It was as if 300 years' worth of happiness poured down on me all at once.


Laugh, cry, and then laugh again at .......


It felt as if something that had been missing for 300 years suddenly found its way back into my heart.


But time flies when you're having fun.


The next morning, Fletty decided to leave the camphor tree.


Thanks for your help, Luciel-kun.


"No problem. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you."


Fletty shakes his head when I say that.


"No, that's not true. You took care of Mildy and even allowed her to sleep in your bed. You even cooked for us... I'll pay back this favor someday, I promise."


"You don't have to pay me back. I've already had enough."




When Fletty tilts his head, I smile and laugh.




"Ahh! Luciel-kuuuuun!"


Mildy jumps on me.


She pulls my head in and pushes it into her face.


I see a beautiful woman's face in front of me, and my heart starts to beat fast.


"Mi, Mildy-san!"


As expected, I feel embarrassed and want to run away, but Mildy doesn't let me go.


On the contrary, she put more strength into her arm.


"Ueeen. I don't want to say goodbye. I'm going to stay here."


Mildy is the last person I meet, but I feel like we have become the best of friends.


He's probably the mood maker in her team.


Anyway, she talks so much.


"Hey. Mildy, don't do that."


Richil grabbed Mildy like a cat.


When I first met her, she always looked anxious. But now, she looks like a caring older sister, taking care of Mildy, who tends to run wild.


I'm sure she'll be angry if I say this, but she's like a rampaging horse and its rider.


"I'd like to thank you too, Luciel-kun. And I wish you the best of luck."


She hugs me gently and prays.


"Garner, why don't you say something instead of staying silent?"


Mildy said to Garner, who was looking at me from a distance.


Garner the quiet knight put his hand on his chin and patted me on the back.


"The foods were delicious. Please cook for me again."


He asked in a heavy voice.


It sounds like a marriage proposal, and I smile in return.


"Isn't that a proposal?!"


Mildy smacks Garner on the head, but he doesn't even budge.


Also, Mildy ended up retorting him...


"Come on, Commander. Let's take Luciel-kun with us."


"We can't do that, Mildy."


With a serious face, Fletty warned Mildy, who sounded like a cat.


"You haven't forgotten what we're here for, right?"




Mildy can't speak any further.


Fletty-san was right.


They are not going to their Lord's mansion, where they will be welcomed with a warm meal. They are going to the hideout of bandits who will attack them mercilessly.


They can't take a child like me to such a place.


She wouldn't say such a thing in front of me, but I could see it in Fletty's gentle eyes.


Then he tapped me on the shoulder.


"Actually, I would like to introduce you to my Lord. But..."


I shake my head.


"Don't worry about it. Fletty-san and the others have things to do. I'll be fine... Please be safe."


"Thank you, Luciel. But if we meet again, I would like you to meet my Lord. No, I want to introduce you to him... as a great benefactor of the Letivia Knights."


"Great benefactor?"


I think he's too exaggerating.


I think it's normal to treat wounds and shelter people who are being chased by bandits.


"I'll see you again, Luciel-kun."


"Okay. Bye-bye."


After saying that, Fletty and the others went down the mountain.


I kept waving at them until I couldn't see them anymore.


They are good people.


That's why it bothers me.


I can't lose such kind people.


I go back to my house and take out tanned leather from my toolbox.


It's not just any leather. It's the skin of the Jewel Chameleon, a magical tool that has a camouflage effect just by wearing it.


Also, it automatically gives the user the skill of [blocking presence]. So, unless the person is a master, it would be very difficult to detect me.


It also suppressed sounds and smells. It is useful when hunting deer, birds, and other prey.


I put it over my head and decided to follow Fletty and the others.




I keep my distance from Fletty and the others as I follow them.


When they finally reached the foot of the mountain, Fletty suddenly stopped.


I reflexively hide behind a tree.


Did he find me?)


My fears turn out to be unnecessary.


Fletty looks around and tilts his head.


"This is strange. There's no sign of the bandits."


"That's true. I thought they were waiting for us to come down."


"Maybe they got tired of waiting for us and left."


"Or maybe they thought we've already eaten by monsters..."


Everyone tilts their heads at the same time, but there is no conclusion.


It can't be helped if they are puzzled.


All those bandits had disappeared.


I used my skills to restore the forest to its original state, though I didn't completely recreate it.


A glance at the forest should not reveal anything.


" Garner, what do you think?"


Fletty asked Garner, who is sensitive to presence.


"I don't sense any presence nearby. Not a hint of ambush."






"Commander Fletty, what's wrong?"


"No, nothing... When Mildy was injured, I thought victory had abandoned us."


The other knights also nod at his words.


"If you put it that way, I felt more desperate when the Commander left of the mansion alone."


"Mildy is right. If we hadn't chased after you, Commander would have been engulfed in flames and killed."


"Uh, I'm sorry... I'm grateful that you guys came."


This is right. Fletty bowed his head.


I see. I didn't know such a thing had happened.


I was wondering, for a knight order, their number is too few. So Mildy and the others came after Fletty, who chased the bandits by himself.


"In that sense, you guys might be my Victory Goddess."


"Fufufu... You can worship me more."


"Mildy, don't get carried away. Your injury has certainly put us in a pinch."


Richil reminds Mildy to stop bragging.


"That's right. The Victory Goddess was injured, but it looks like we found our Victory Angel."


Fletty grins and laughs.


Then everyone else's face broke into a smile.


"Yes, sir."


"For our cute, cute Angel."


"..... Ng!"


Finally, Garner nods his head significantly.


Cute Angel....... Are they talking about me?


I feel a little embarrassed.


Well, a person who's been alive for 300 years might be like a god to most people, but .......


I couldn't help but laugh.


Then, Garner turns towards me.




"What's wrong, Garner?"


"........ No. Nothing...."


Garner strokes his chin.


"Okay. Let's go. This time, we will retrieve the Letivia family treasure."


Ooo! And the knights' voices overlapped, and they started heading south along the street.



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