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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep17 Ice Heat and Suzu


 With Suzu in the lead, we walk towards the Giant Tower.

Nemumu and I walk after her. Ice Heat walks diagonally behind her while Mera and Gold follow us further behind.


"Ice Heat usually wears a maid's uniform when she is in Naraku, but today she is on the surface world, so she is wearing armor. It's been a while since I've seen you dressed like that."


"Ice Heat usually learns how to be a maid from Mei-sama in Naraku, so when I wear my armor for the first time after a long time, I feel uncomfortable."


Ice Heat is a serious person who always reminds everyone to be disciplined. Still, she always happily smiles when she talks with me.


As she said, she is usually working under Mei in Naraku, trying to master the maid's way - the maid's work.

When I walk around Naraku, Ice Heat often escorts me.


The armor she is wearing now - not the full-body armor like Nazuna's armor, but a light armor that protects the vital points and gauntlets around her fists. This is her real appearance, but the image of her wearing a maid's uniform is too strong.

Nevertheless, Ice Heat's most distinctive appearance is her hair.


Her long hair is tied into twin tails.

The right half of her head is red like fire, and the left half is blue like ice.

Her hair color is unique, but her appearance is also impressive.


She is around 170cm tall, with nice breasts, a narrow waist, and long legs. She looks like a first-class warrior who has trained hard to keep her body in shape.

Her eyes are big with long slits, and she has nice nose bridge.

She is a well-dressed beauty, but her face gives the impression of being "dignified" rather than beautiful.


Perhaps that was why she seemed to be more popular with women than men.


Mera began to tease Ice Heat.


"Kekekekekeke! So why don't you strip down, take off that armor, and change into your maid dress?"


"There is no way I could do such a shameful and undisciplined thing in front of my Lord...... When everything is settled, shall I give Mera a lesson in discipline?


"Kekekekekeke! That sounds great! If Ice Heat wants to play with me, I'm always up for it!"


"It's not a play!"


At first glance, it seems that the serious Ice Heat and the easy-going Mera are incompatible. Actually, they are very good friends even in Naraku.

I heard that they often eat together in the cafeteria.


I can't help but wonder, is it because they have opposite personalities that they get along so well?


On the other hand, I heard that Suzu often eats alone.

To be precise, it seems that she eats with her spear-like weapon. Her weapon is called the Musket gun.


Suzu is a "Gunner" who has unique powers.

She can fire bullets at high speed from her musket gun.

The Gunners has Ranger skills, which is why she is currently walking in the front of the group.


She is only a bit taller than me, her hair is cut short and wears a cloak.

She wears a jacket and corset, boots, tights, and a short skirt.

Her face is very beautiful, and it is rumored among the fairy maids that she is one of the best-looking people in "Naraku".

Her eyes are violet, her lips are rose-colored, and her teeth, which sometimes peek out, are shiny like pearls. Combined with her black hair, she looks very mysterious.

She looks like a very beautiful girl, but It seems that Suzu's gender is both woman and man.


(The text on her card says "hermaphrodite", but what does that mean? I asked her, but the person in question turned her head in embarrassment, so I couldn't ask her in detail......)


I look at Suzu's back as she walks in front of me, and I remember.


I asked Suzu and Rock about that once a long time ago.


"'Hey, Suzu, Rock. What is the meaning of 'hermaphrodite'? And why does Suzu only dress as a woman if she is also a man?




"Ah, Raito-sama, please don't ask the details......."


Suzu whispers to Rock, the Musket gun.


"If Raito-sama

wishes for it, then she will wear men's clothes, but since clothes like this make her feel at ease, please allow her to stay like this. Please forgive my partner's selfishness."


"You don't have to apologize. I only asked because I was curious. Sorry for asking such a strange question."


I was just curious, that's all.

If the person wants to wear the same clothes, I'm not going to force her.


"............Thank you, Raito-sama."


Suzu smiles happily and thanks me with a very low voice, which I can barely hear.

Other than Rock, I'm the only person who can hear her.


I'm glad that she's very loyal to me, but is it selfish if I want her to be friends with everyone else?

Just in case, I've told the fairy maids through Mei that I want them to get along with her. Unfortunately...... there is not much progress.


"Raito-sama, we have reached the giant tower."


While I am recalling the past, we reach our destination, the Giant Tower.


In a radius of several tens of meters around the giant tower, the trees had been cut down, and the ground had been cleared, leaving a massive empty space in this forest.

In the center of the hole, there is a giant white tower standing.


The Giant Tower consists of four parts.

All four parts are circular, with the base being the largest and getting smaller as it goes up.


(If it became a tourist attraction, it would attract a lot of people. If people are willing to pay to go up to the top, it would be good business.......)


I couldn't help but think of trivial things.


As I gaze blankly at the giant tower, I see Aoyuki sitting on the first floor with her legs lazily swinging. Elly is walking around restlessly, and Nazuna is standing on the ground waving a tree branch around.


When they notice us, they jump down and run to us.


"God Raito! Welcome!"




"We've been waiting for you, my Lord!"


I smiled back at the 3 of them as they greeted me with smiles.


Elly speaks to flatter me, Nazuna holds my hand and swings it up and down, and Aoyuki rubs her body against mine like a real cat.


After the welcome, we decided to go inside the "Giant Tower" for safety reasons and to hear Elly's report about this operation.



  1. and she has nice nose bridge. > and she has a nice nose bridge.

    "If Raito-sama

    wishes for it, then she will wear men's clothes, but since clothes like this make her feel at ease, please allow her to stay like this. Please forgive my partner's selfishness." >

    "If Raito-sama wishes for it, then she will wear men's clothes, but since clothes like this make her feel at ease, please allow her to stay like this. Please forgive my partner's selfishness."


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