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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep12 Thunder Arrow




The three of them walked through the adventurers' guild in the Elf Queen Nation's capital.


"As expected of the Elves' capital, the Adventurers' Guild is very elegant."


"Just as the Lord said, it's very elegant. I guess it depends on the country, the guild's interior will be different."


"Dark-sama, Dark-sama, there is a sign that says the quests are posted over there. It seems that their operation method is the same."


I looked around the room through my "SSR, Clown Mask".

Gold agrees with my words and leaks out a sound as if he is impressed.

Nemumu found a bulletin board on the wall and points her fingertip at it like a puppy showing its owner the results of its hunt.

Her scarf is swaying. It literally looked like a puppy's tail.


There is a bulletin board at Nemumu's pointing direction. In the most noticeable space, there is the "Mysterious Giant Tower" quest.

The time is past noon.

The adventurers had already left, so the place looked empty.

Thanks to this, I can quickly check the quest about the "Mysterious Giant Tower" on the bulletin board.


I read the words through my mask.


"Hmmm........., as the rumors said, it seems that just by bringing back any information about the Mysterious Giant Tower, you can get a big reward."


"Hahahahaha! Lord, your decision to change the location of our activities was correct!"


"Hunting in the dungeon wasn't bad, but the atmosphere was getting worse because we keep doing the same thing over and over again."


I didn't really change locations because hunting in the Dwarf Kingdom dungeon had become monotonous.

We're only having this conversation because we want to look like we've moved to this place after hearing about the mysterious giant tower.


We came to the Elf Queen Nation's capital disguised as adventurers this time to take revenge on Sasha and make achievements that would raise our adventurer rank.


No adventurer had ever reached the Mysterious Giant Tower, which was created based on Ellie's plan.

No one has ever reached the Mysterious Tower yet, and we will bring back the information. This achievement will raise our adventurer rank and allow us to lure out Sasha and the White Knights.


I don't quite understand why just because we bring back the information means we'll be able to lure out Sasha and the White Knights. Anyway, I've entrusted Ellie with this whole operation.

That's why we came to the Elf Queen Nation's capital Adventurer's Guild according to her plan.


"Now that we know the quest details let's go find an inn before it gets dark..."


"Hello, she's so cute!"


Just as we were about to head out to find a place to stay before dark, two young elf adventurers stand in front of Nemumu.

Both of them are elf males, and they look very handsome. Their height is around 175cm, and their bodies are in good proportion.

The only thing is that their voice's tone is very casual, and I can tell by their eyes that they are looking down on Gold and me.


The two young elf adventurers ignored Gold and me and continued to speak to Nemumu.


"We're adventurers in this city, and I've never seen such a cute girl like you before. Hey, can you tell me your name?"


"You interrupted the Dark-sama's words by speaking to me...... You are so disrespectful."


"Disrespectful? What's that supposed to mean? You're funny! It seems you've been looking for a quest, so would you like to join our party?"


"Even if we look like this, our level is over 150. We'll protect you like a princess if you join our party."


"Besides, we're elves. Compared to your race, we're handsome, right? If you join our party, we'll inject you with our ikemen power whenever you want!"


"Ikemen power pfft."


The blue veins on Nemumu's face appear at their words, and Gold covers the mouth part of his helmet, trying to hold back his laughter.

Nemumu seemed to be very angry, whereas Gold found the elf man's words very funny.



If the level 5,000 Nemumu seriously intimidates them, not only those elf men who are blocking our way but also everyone in the Adventurer's Guild except us could be in danger.

To avoid that, Nemumu is suppressing her anger and refuses with an angry tone.


"As long as I'm with Dark-sama, I have no intention of talking or joining your party. Get lost."


"Dark-sama, you mean the human kid with that funny mask?"


"No, no. You will be safer with us than with this kid, and you will be happier too! It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be approached like this by an elf, you know? Seriously, this is your only chance!"


Two Elf males are still insisting even though Nemumu refused them.

We need to find an inn to stay in tonight.

I step in between Nemumu and the two men.


"Excuse me. Nemumu is a very important member of our group, so can you please stop trying to recruit her?"


"Da, Dark-sama......."


When the elf men were talking to her, Nemumu looked disgusted.

But when I was trying to protect her, her face turned red, and her eyes moistened, making her look like a maiden in love.

From a third party's point of view, it's easy to see who Nemumu likes more, me or the two Elf men.

The two elf men were easily rejected by a human girl, and the fact that they were losing to a human child made them upset. The smiles on their faces instantly disappeared.


"This, this.... humans get cocky and dare to interrupt us."


"Hey, brat! Don't interfere!"


One of them only shouts out in anger, but the other is furious and swings his fist at me.

Nemumu and Gold quickly move to protect me, but I stop them by calling their name and catch his fist with one hand.


"Thunder Arrow."



I used the attack magic card "R, Thunder Arrow" from Infinite Gacha to shoot him through his fist that I caught with one hand.

Since he was a self-proclaimed level 150, this kind of attack should only make his body numb.

As expected, this surprise Thunder attack did not kill him, but his body went numb, and he fell on the floor.


"Im, impossible...... this human kid can catch his fist and then chant battle-class magic! How is that possible?"


The elf man who shouted in anger now screams in shock.

Usually, only a skilled magician can cast an attack spell without chant.

Not only that, he was surprised by the fact that a 12 or 13 years old human child could casually catch the fist of an elf man who had already reached level 150.

The elf receptionist who see our fight also looked surprised.


"Now, we have to find a place to stay before it gets dark. Nemumu, Gold, let's go.


"Yes! Dark-sama!


"See you, ikemen power." (≧▽≦)


As I started to walk away, the elf man stepped back and gave way, as if he had just seen a scary and mysterious being.

I walked through without hesitation.


After that, Nemumu follows me with a sparkling smile and a happy aura like a princess protected by a prince. Gold also walks away after saying provocative words.


(There was a small disruption, but we managed to impress the Adventurer's Guild with my ability and confirmed the quest details. Next is ......)


While thinking about that, I left the guild to find a place to stay tonight.



Translator Note:

Ikemen is a word derived from the Japanese words ikeru (いける) or iketeru and menzu (メンズ). Ikeru and iketeru mean "cool", "good" and "exciting", while menzu is the Japanization of "men".This term has been used to reference good looking men featured in


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