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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep13 Different thoughts

"Michael-sama!  I am going to become an adventurer again!


"...... Ee?"


Sasha made a statement at the tea party that has become part of their routine since their engagement.

She hides the fact that she received Raito's message. She lies to her fiancé, so she can kill Raito by herself.


"I'm not going to sit back and watch the country go through a crisis as the fiancé and future wife of Michael-sama, the vice commander of the White Knights. To contribute to the nation as much as possible, I will use my scouting skills as a former member of the Race Union to gather information about the Mysterious Giant Tower. So, maybe we should postpone our next tea party for a while......."


The truth is, she is not trying to find out about the "Mysterious Giant Tower" for her nation or for Michael.

She just wants to find Raito.

This time, she wants to make sure that her happiness will never be threatened again.


(I won't let anyone ruin my happiness. ......!)


So, even if Michael is strongly against her, she will push through with the correct argument. For the sake of the nation and as the fiancé and future wife of the vice commander.


However, Michael's reaction was surprisingly positive.


"That's a wonderful idea. As the vice commander of the White Knights and fiancée, I respect you, Sasha-dono."


"Such, such a respect ... I just thought about what I should do."


Sasha's face blushed in surprise, as she did not expect to be praised so warmly and with no objection whatsoever.

Even if her real intention is to kill Raito for her own happiness.

She can't help but blush when she's praised by a charming and handsome man who is both skilled in literature and military arts.


As Sasha's true intentions are different, Michael also has other intentions.


(I didn't expect her to volunteer to investigate the Mysterious Giant Tower....... If she's successful, she may bring back information about the tower before anyone else does. That would be a great achievement.)


Michael made a calculation behind his refreshing smile.


As a reward for Sasha killing Raito, who was the Master suspect, she would marry Michael, the vice commander of the White Knights Order.

Michael has royal blood, but he's from the branch family. So, to be honest, it's not something he's that proud of.


However, Michael has awakened his Sub-master blood, and his level was rising steadily.

With his own talent, he climbs to the position of Vice Commander of the White Knights, but his career path stops there.


This is because there is a monster with level over 3000. A monster who has royal blood from the main family and a stronger Sub-master. That monster is the leader of the White Knights and the strongest elf in the Elf Queen Nation - the Silent Hardy.


(Commander Hardy has everything I don't have......)


Hardy is a direct descendant of the royal bloodline, has a higher level than Michael, and is known as the "Strongest Elf".

In every way, Michael is inferior to Hardy.

In other words, if Hardy isn't around, Michael would have everything. Position, fame, honor, and title.


(My level is over 2500 ...... and will not increase any further. It will be difficult to win against Commander Hardy by force. But position and power are different.)


As a reward for killing the Master suspect, it was decided that She would marry him.

He doesn't have any problems with that decision.

Rather, he saw it as a good fortune, a chance to surpass Hardy, a thorn in his eyes.


(Sasha-dono killed the Master suspect and also volunteered to investigate the "Mysterious Giant Tower". With a few more achievements and contributions to the nation, our daughter can become the next queen candidate...... and if everything goes well, she can become the Queen!)


If Hardy gets married and has a baby girl, most likely that child will become the next Queen.

However, Hardy is still single. It is unclear if Hardy will marry and have a daughter.

But if Michael and Sasha get more achievements and team up with the Prime Minister who hates Hardy, Michael's daughter might be able to become the Queen in the future.

This is because Michael also has royal blood flowing through his veins.


If his daughter becomes the Queen, then Michael would be the father of the Elf Queen. If everything goes well, he can manipulate his daughter from the shadows and wield power.

Then, even though he can't win in terms of level or fighting ability, he is the winner from the viewpoint of political power.

He would be able to defeat the Silent Hardy, the man who is superior to him in every way!


Just thinking about it makes him shiver with joy.



(――However, my current level of achievement is still insufficient. I need more achievements. It would be quite helpful if Sasha-dono can solve the "mysterious giant tower" problem on her own....... But that's a bit much to hope for.)


Sasha and Michael both have their own thoughts and desires brewing underneath their beautiful smiles.

They never let it show on their faces as they chatted.


"I've been ordered by the government to be on standby so that I can respond to them immediately. But I can't bear the shame of not being able to help. As your fiancée, please allow me to support you from the shadows."


"If Michael-sama can support me, then I have the strength of a hundred men."


They are smiling at each other, encouraging and praising each other.

At first glance, it is a beautiful sight.


What kind of desires they have in their hearts is another matter.......



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