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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep11 Leaf VII



The Elf Queen's palace conference room.

The Queen Leaf VII sits on the throne, the Prime Minister on her left. Hardy, the White Knight Commander on her right, and other ministers and knight commanders on the other seats.

Their topic of discussion is the mysterious giant tower.


A male elf prime minister wearing a monocle speaks up nervously.


"Because of high-level monsters going around the forest killing adventurers, we can't get enough information about the Giant Tower.

If! If those high-level monsters appear on the streets, the distribution will stop again, and our citizens will inevitably suffer! Therefore, the White Knights should be dispatched to wipe out the high-level monsters and get information about the Giant Tower! That's what we're thinking."


The Prime Minister pushed up his monocle lightly.

He is old and wrinkled, but he looks like a dandy old man.

Aside from his nervousness, he is a nice-looking old man. Any woman who likes the dandy man would love him.

The Prime Minister then turns his eyes to Hardy, who is sitting in front of him as if he is his enemy.


Hardy calmly ignores the Prime Minister's stare and then raises his hand to speak.


"I fully understand that the Prime Minister does not want to cause unnecessary suffering to Her Majesty's citizens. However, it is reckless to send in the White Knights without any information. I'm afraid I have to question your judgment."


"You are the White Knights' commander, the strongest Knight order in the Elf Queen Nation, but when you make such a weak statement, your judgment should be the one that must be questioned."


"The Prime Minister-dono is our senior in internal affairs. You can easily make documents even if you don't know the exact numbers, but I think it is too much to ask us to do so. For us, accurate information is like the eyes that see the enemy and the ears that detect their presence. Do you want us to shut our senses and just wield our swords? No matter how good your sword is, if it doesn't hit, it won't kill the enemy."




In other words, he said, "I know you're good at playing with numbers and cheating people out of their money, but in a battle, it's not about the documents. It's about the actual information! It's as if an amateur who doesn't know anything about military affairs was told not to interfere.


Hardy's words made the Prime Minister look as if he had swallowed a demon.

His face turns red, and he starts to tremble.


Why are the two of them so tense?


The Elves' society is matrilineal.

There are a certain number of people who do not like such a social system.

The Prime Minister is one of the movement leaders who want to destroy that matrilineal system and change to a social structure that favors men.


Hardy, on the other hand, is the Leader of the conservative faction. Therefore, to the Prime Minister, he belongs to the opposing faction.

Even if he cannot win with military power, he will want to cut off his voice and influence. Therefore, the two often disagreed and clashed with each other.

The appearance of the "Mysterious Giant Tower" is just another political game for them.


After listening to their debate, Queen Leaf VII folded the fan in her hand.

The sound spread throughout the conference room, drawing everyone's attention.


"The Commander of the White Knights is right in every way. I command you in my name. Increase the rewards for adventurers, and recruit the best adventurers to gather information."


The Queen made the decision.

The meeting is dismissed, and the involved departments begin to work busily.

Amidst all those noises, the Prime Minister's words reached Hardy's ear.


"Parent sucker..."




Hardy left the conference room without stopping.

He walks towards the other room while the prime minister is staring at his back.




After the meeting to deal with the Mysterious Giant Tower, Hardy heads to another room.

It is Queen Leaf VII's private chambers.

He entered the room and sat down on the sofa as if he was used to doing so.

Moments later, Queen Leaf VII appears.

Despite this, Hardy does not even stand up but only raises his hand lightly.


"Thank you for your help earlier, Mother. It saved us from charging into the forest without enough information."


"You don't need to thank me for that, Hardy-chan. I won't let my dear son do such a dangerous thing."


There's a reason why the strongest Knight Commander of the Elf Queen Nation is the Leader of the conservative faction.

It's because he's the son of Queen Leaf VII.

If Raito is the Master, Sasha would be engaged and married to Hardy as a reward.

Men do not have the right to inherit the throne.


Just because he has royal blood doesn't mean he'll get special treatment.

Hardy is a Sub-master with a strong Master's bloodline. He has been given the position of "The White Knight Commander" because of his outstanding capabilities.


Leaf VII prepares tea as his son looks unhappy.

Finally, Hardy screamed.


"The Prime Minister is a pain in the ass. He's a capable man, but his anti-Queen thinking is too strong. Depend on the situation, maybe someday I have to ask him to step down, or I'll have to put a thick nail in his coffin."


"Ufufu, so scary. I feel sorry for the Prime Minister who is being hated by Hardy-chan."


"Mother, it's not funny......."


The fact that Hardy is her own son and her ally is the reason why Queen Leaf VII remains calm.

On the other hand, even if the Prime Minister tries to overthrow the Queen by force, he and his men can't defeat Hardy. Even if they are united, they will be assassinated in a counterattack.

That's why the prime minister has no choice but to avoid direct confrontation and play dirty tricks.


For the Prime Minister, Hardy is the cornerstone of the national defense but also a thorn in his eye.


Leaf VII brewed the tea herself and placed it in front of Hardy.

Of course, she knew what kind of taste and temperature he likes.

She sat down on the sofa in front of Hardy.


"As long as Hardy is around, the Prime Minister can't do anything. The problem is the mysterious giant tower. There have been reports that the monsters have been active since that tower appeared. If it is left unchecked and becomes an entity that shakes the country's infrastructure, it will be very troublesome."


" ...... Is it the return of the Demon King?"


"That's a possibility that can't be ruled out....... If that happened, a hero should have been born among the humans."


"...... Is it true that the hero only can be born by a human?"


Kaito, who stole the treasure sword and went out of control, thought that "because I have the blood of a hero, I can become a hero too", but the reality is different.

To be precise, only a human can awaken his power to become a hero.


However, even if an elf has the hero's blood in his veins, he will never be able to become a hero.

In addition, there is a very high chance that a hero may become the master.


Hardy let out a deep sigh again.


"We have to take in the Master or else kill him. If we try to kill all the humans to prevent the Master from being born, we may be recognized as the Demon Lord, and when the Master is born, we may be destroyed..... So is this the choice of two evils?"


"...... Mother. What does Mother think about humans?"


"? What do you mean?"


"I consider humans as a pest that only causes harm to the world.

In fact, history has proven that they bring danger to the world by giving birth to the Master. Therefore, together with the other 5 nations, we should exterminate humans before giving birth to the Master.

Humans are pests. They don't deserve to live."


"I know how you feel, Hardy, and I also understand why you feel that all humans are pests. But it's impossible to get rid of every single human before the Master is born. It's impossible."


This time, Leaf VII sighs deeply.


Indeed, it is impossible to kill all humans in the whole world in a short period.

There are too many of them, and there is no guarantee that the coalition of the five nations will be willing to work together. It is impossible to kill the entire human race in a short period.


Hardy is not a fool. He is just frustrated and complained to his mother.

He drank his tea to drown out his own complaints. Suddenly he remembered something.


"...... I heard that someone was suspected as the Master about 3 years ago."


"Yes, he wasn't the Master after all, but we killed him just in case.

There hasn't been any single Master suspect since then...... What's wrong with that?"


"If I had been on that mission and faced the Master suspect, I would not kill him straight away, but I would have made sure that he knew that humans are pests before I killed him. If I get the chance, I'd like to do it just to vent my frustration."


"Ufufu. You're so silly, Hardy-chan. You're the Commander. You shouldn't be taking such menial jobs."


"Fufu, I'm just saying, Mother. But if it is possible, I would like to do it."


"The Master, the Master suspect...... I wonder, just how ugly does he look?"


They spend some time talking and laughing like a mother and child.

The content of the conversation is very disturbing and gloomy, but it is still a conversation between a mother and child.


--Hardy's wish has been granted, and the former Master suspect and his friends show up at the Elf Queen Nation's capital.


A boy is wearing a clown mask and holding a staff, a tall man in golden armor, and a beautiful girl with brown skin and a scarf covering her mouth.

The 3 people with very distinctive appearances show up at the Adventurers' Guild in the Elf Queen Nation's capital.


  1. Depend on the situation > Depending on the situation

  2. It is the beginning of the downfall of the Elf Queen Nation...


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