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Friday, December 24, 2021



Chapter 48: Store opening celebration



"Yo, An-chan! You've been busy since the first day."


Ryer waves his hand to me.


"Eeeh? Why are they here?"


If I remember correctly, Ryer-san and the other Blue Flash members belong to another adventurer's guild.

So why are they in the Silver Moon Apostles guild?

Kiki is the one who answers my question.


"We've all joined the Silver Moon Apostles nya."


"So you're transferring to......?"


"Yeah, that's right. Transfer. Because if we want to work in Ninorich, it's easier to join the guild in this town."


"I see. They want information about the forest, so the Silver Moon Apostles guild is also interested in recruiting adventurers who have been working in this town. And they even gave us a bonus."


He takes out a heavy leather bag from his pocket and shows it to me with a smug look.


"............ We're all silver-grade adventurers. We deserved it."


Nesca puffed her chest with pride.


"I see. So adventurers with a good track record will be treated well."


When I am impressed, Rolf adds...


"Yes. It's quite common for an adventurer to transfer from one guild to another."


"............ Rolf is right. In the first place, it is rare for an adventurer to stay in one place."


"I see."


According to Nesca, it's quite common for capable adventurers to change guilds.

Basically, adventurers are traveling crows.


They go from town to town.

They go from ruin to ruin.

From dungeon to dungeon.


Many adventurers change their guild each time they move to a new location.

Well, I heard that the larger guilds have branches everywhere.

After listening to their explanation, I'm impressed and all I could say is "Heee".


"Do you understand, An-chan? From today, we are joining the Silver Moon Apostles. That's why......"


Ryer grinned as he stopped talking at that point.


"An-chan, do you have any recommendations for me?"


"............ Choco. Ryer, buy me some choco."


"Ah, then I want some Kyandee nya!"


Nesca found some chocolate bars on the shelves and grabbed them with both hands.

Next to her, Kiki is holding a bottle of candy.

The Blue Flash girls' eyes change color when it comes to sweets.


"I'm sorry, Shirou-dono. I always warn the two of them. But when they see the sweets that Shirou-dono is selling, they seem to lose their patience......"


Rolf said.

His eyebrows furrowed as he watched them grabbing the sweets from the shelves.


"Nesca, Kiki, just try to be moderate."


"............ adventurer is a profession where you never know what will happen tomorrow. I don't want to regret my decision to be moderate."


"Yeah, yeah. Also, unlike chocho, Kyandee doesn't melt, so I can bring it to work.


"............ Kiki is probably right. ...... I'll buy Kyandee too."


"Ah, that's not fair, Nesca! I was going to buy that nya!"


"............ Fufu. The first one is the winner."


And so, even though it is the first day of business, the sweets are sold out.




"An-chan, would you like to have a drink with us to celebrate the guild's opening?"


After the candy fight was over, Ryer invited me to join him.


"............ Shirou is celebrating his store opening. We're celebrating our transfer. What do you think?"


Nesca said with chocolate sticks all over her mouth.


"You're right......"


I cross my arms and think.


By the way, I haven't decided on the opening hours yet.

I check my watch and see that it's exactly 5 pm.

As I'm aiming to be a white business, it's a good time to set as the end of working hours.

In the first place, the 2nd store's business operation has been entrusted to me.


"So, then."


I turn around and look at Aina and Stella.


"I think that's all for today, but what do you think?"


"Aina still can work!"


Aina said so.


"Me too. I can still work."


Stella also agrees.

Oh dear, these mother and daughter are really hard workers.


"Hmmm....... No, let's set this time as the closing time. If we work too hard, it will affect our work tomorrow. So, today's business is over. Let's start closing the store. Stella-san, can you cover the shelves with cloth?"




Stella nods and begins to cover the shelves with a thick cloth.


"Shirou Onii-chan, what can Aina do?"


"Maybe I'll ask Aina to calculate the money. Can I leave it to you?"


"Yes, Aina will do it."


I asked her to do a task usually done by me, but somehow Aina seemed to be very happy.

Soon, from the back of the store...


"One, two, three, four----......"


I heard her voice counting the money.


After we finished calculating the sales and closing the store...




The joint celebration for the store and guild's opening by Shirou and the Blue Flash began.



  1. 5 chapters at once. Thanks so much for your hardd work!

  2. Amazing! Thanks for the release.

  3. Thank you so much, this is my first LN novel that I decided to read (because of the manga that I read before), and it is simply amazing. It has everything that I personally love. I read all the chapters at once and can't wait for new releases!

  4. I really like this novel, thank you for the 5 chapter release!

  5. This is great.
    Thank you for your hard work~!

  6. Thank you so much,
    I just wish the happiness of Shirou and Stella

  7. If he's selling sweets then he should also introduce dental care like toothpaste and brush.


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