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Friday, December 24, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C25


Chapter 25: Rank Up



I'm at the Farming Guild. Maybe because I have money, I feel like splurging. I bought three skewers on the way here and ate them on the way here....... Even though I'm inside a game, the skewers are delicious.


After I reported the Map Making request, my rank was increased to 2 as planned. Now I can buy more stuff from the guild store. When I look at the list, I see that many new items appear.


"First, give me a log."


"Okay, 4500 G."


It's taken me a long time. Finally, I can buy it. Now I can grow red tengu mushrooms.


"Also, I want a farm."


I'll buy a farm too.


"Another 6,000....... No, wait. Now I can afford a 10,000 G farm."


As I recall, it comes with a barn?


"I'd like to know more about the 10,000 G farm."


"Sure. Ask me anything."


I asked the old man many questions.


First of all, the barn seems to be like a small 6 tatami shed. It's like a wooden warehouse. There's a small desk and chair inside, and it can be used as a simple home that can't be renovated at all. What's even more exciting is that it will have a fertilizer dispenser that automatically produces fertilizer. The fertilizer is only 30 G, but it is worth the money in the long run.


And most importantly, it also comes with a small toolbox. This is a box with an inventory function that the player's monster can also use. For example, while I'm away, Orto can store crops that he harvested by himself.


On the downside, the barn will reduce the farm's space and the number of places where we can plant crops will be reduced to 10 slots. Still, the barn is very appealing.


"Okay, I'll buy a 10,000 G farm and another 6,000 G farm."


"Thanks for your patronage."


I further check the guild store product lineup. I'm on a shopping high. I feel like I should spend some money. It's the pathetic nature of ordinary people who get carried away when they get a lot of money.


The seeds are the same with the lineup as at the general merchant. Then a particular fertilizer caught my attention. It is a high-grade fertilizer that costs 2000 G. Instead of sprinkling it on the entire field, it can only be used for 1 plot of land, but it seems to be 10 times more effective than ordinary fertilizer.


There's a purchase limit. I could only buy up to 3 units. Apparently, they are only available once a week. That's how rare this item is.


Now I have 21220 G. I can buy it.


"Okay, let's buy the high-grade fertilizer! All of them! I'll also buy green carrot seeds and orange pumpkin seeds."


If I have a high-grade fertilizer, maybe I can grow slow-growing plants faster or raise low-level weeds to 5 all at once. I've decided to use it for green peach.


But I think I should refrain from spending any more money. I'm going to leave before I get tempted to buy something else.


I went to check the farm. Next to my old farm, a new farm and a dirty little hut had appeared. Looks like it was built instantly. I thought I'd have to wait a few days. Well, it's a world with magic. This must be easy.


"It's a barn."


No matter how I see it, it is obviously a barn. But when I go inside, it's cleaner than I expected. There is also a storage cabinet.


"Oh! It's nice. There's even a fertilizer box outside."


What should I do with the new farm? And I'm not sure if I should use the high-grade fertilizer I bought. Should I use it on the crops around here? Should I save it for when I get better crops? Now that my shopping high has calmed down, my inner scrooge is showing its face.


"I think I'll use it on the green peach for now. I'll think about what to do with the rest later."




"Orto, please use these. These are the log and high-grade fertilizer for the green peach."




"Now we can grow red tengu mushrooms, right?




Orto converts the red tengu mushroom into seeds in front of me. It looks like red powder. The sight made me a bit anxious. He sprinkles the powder on the log, sprays water from the well, and puts the log on the farm.


"Is this enough?"




"If Orto says it's okay, then I trust you."


Orto looks confident. I'm sure everything will be fine. On my new farm, I planted some vegetables that I had bought and some grasses and weeds.


"But the farm is looking really good. I don't know if I'm a tamer or a farmer anymore."


I'll go to the Beastmaster's Guild to regain my identity as a tamer. I'm going to complete quests and get contribution points.


"Then, see you later."




I walk to the Beastmaster's Guild. When I think about it, the only quest I've completed was picking up trash. It doesn't sound like a tamer at all.


"Good evening, Barbara-san."


"Good evening."


When I reported my achievement on the quest board, I was called to the reception desk.


"Can you pass me the trashes you picked up?"




I pass the backpack item box to Barbara-san.


"Eeto... This, this, and this isn't trash, you know? I'll give them back to you."


Phew, my sweat broke out for a moment when she told me those things are not trash. But it seems the quest was treated as completed.  Then, I looked at some items that Barbara had given me after sorting through the trash.


"Water pumice? But I don't think it was among the trashes I picked up, so where did it come from?"


This part is like an RPG quest reward even. The other one is a small bag. I open it and find plant seeds.


"Camomile seeds."


It wouldn't make me happy at all before, but now I'm quite happy. Camomile - I'm sure chamomile would have many uses. I'll ask Orto to grow this too.


But the most important thing is the last one. After all, it's shaped like a key. Also, its name is 'Mysterious Key'. Where is it supposed to be used?


While I was looking at the key and thinking about using it, Barbara congratulated me on my guild rank promotion.


"Congratulations. Your guild rank has been raised to 2. You can now buy and sell monster."


"Ooh! Finally!"


As the name implies, you can buy and sell monsters in the guild.


Apparently, you can earn money by selling the monster you've tamed or buy monsters that are hard to get on your own.


"Would you like to see the list as soon as possible?"




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