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Friday, December 24, 2021


Chapter 47: Guild Master and Receptionist



Karen took me to the town hall.

When we entered the reception room, a man and a woman were waiting for us.

As soon as I close the room door behind me, the two of them stand up.


One is a middle-aged man who looks like an old veteran.


The other one is a beastman girl with rabbit ears sticking out of her head.

It's really like a fantasy.


"I am sorry to keep you waiting. This is the owner of Shirou Store that our town is proud of, Shirou Amada."


"Nice to meet you. I'm Shirou Amada. I run a store in this town."


Karen introduces me, and I bow my head.


I wonder, when did my store's name become "Shirou Store"?

I hadn't decided the store's name until I got here, but I wanted to give it a cooler name.


"I am Bash Balteus, the new Guildmaster of the Ninorich city. So you're the store owner I've heard so much about."

I was wondering what kind of person you are, but you are quite young. How old are you?


"I'm 25 years old. I don't know what Karen has told you, but I'm just starting out as a merchant."


I shake hands with the middle-aged man, Balteus.

The next one is the bunny ears.


"Nice to meet you Shirou-san, I'm Emmy, the receptionist. I'm looking forward to working with you."


"It's nice to meet you too."


I also shake hands with the lady with the bunny ears, Emmy.

After we introduced ourselves, we sit down on chairs.

It was supposed to be only a greeting, but before I knew it, we discussed the town and the guild's future.


The Ninorich branch of the Silver Moon Apostles adventurer's guild is about to open.

It seems that many skillful adventurers are coming to Ninorich.


I got the rough estimate of the number of adventurers that would be coming and thought about how many matches and other adventure items I should stock.





Then 10 days passed.


"We're going to open it soon. Shirou-san, how about your store?"


Emmy asked me excitedly.

We're in a newly built guild building.

I rent a space in this guild building and prepare to open my 2nd Shirou store.


The first day of opening is very important for a store.

To focus on opening my 2nd store, I temporarily closed my first store.


I, Aina, and Stella.

All the Shirou Store staff is preparing for the opening of the 2nd store.


"I'm ready. Aina-chan, Stella-san, are you ready?"


I asked Aina and Stella.


"Yes. Aina is ready.


"I, I'm ready too."


Aina replied confidently, while Stella looked a little nervous.


"Stella-san, you don't have to be so nervous. You can relax a bit more.

Because this store is like an 'extra' for the guild."


"Yes, I know. I know that, but...... I can't help but feel nervous."


Stella looks worried and smiles.


"It's okay, Mom. Aina will help you, and Shirou Onii-chan is here too."


"That's right! If anything happens, I'll follow up. So just relax."


"That's right, Mom. Just relax."


Aina imitated my words.

Stella-san chuckles when she hears that.


"Thank you, Aina and Shirou. I guess I was a little stiff because the store is for adventurers. But I'm fine now."


Stella-san nods with a confident look on her face.

I nod back, turn to Emmy, and give her a thumbs up.


"Shirou Store is ready!"


"Okay. Then the Ninorich branch of the Silver Moon Apostles is open for business!"


Emmy shouted and opened the guild's door.

Soon, many adventurers are coming in.


After that, it is like a crowded festival.


Adventurers compete to get brochures (I made it for Karen by copying brochures that usually are available at convenience stores) and stare intently at the quest requests posted on the bulletin board. They are like monsters in the forest fighting for food. It's different than the adventurer's guild I imagined.


Emmy, the receptionist also...


"Okay. Next person, please."


She seemed to be busy distributing or explaining the quests to the adventurers.

Of course, the 2nd Shirou Store is also very busy.


"Hey, there beautiful Onee-san. What's this item?"


"Are these the rumored matches?......"


"I heard there are some candies. Which one is the candy?"


"Look at this knife! This is a very good knife!"


"Whoo. This place even has wound medicine."


And so on.

They all come and asks many questions at the same time.

Thank God we all are here.


Thanks to this, the store is booming.

No matter how many items we sell, the adventurers keep buying them, and we can't even keep up with their demand.

In the blink of an eye, the evening had fallen.

Before we knew it, the adventurers already started drinking in the bar attached to the guild.


"Shirou Onii-chan. Thank God we sold so many."


Aina smiles happily.

She has worked so hard. Her forehead is sweating and she's out of breath, and yet she can smile like that.

I should learn from her.


"It's all thanks to Aina-chan and Stella-san's help. Thank you, Aina-chan."




Aina hid behind Stella. Perhaps she feels embarrassed.

You can be spoiled to your heart's content now.


"Shirou-san, it's us who should be thanking you for letting us work here."


This mother and daughter really won't accept my thanks.


"What are you talking about? I can't do anything by myself. I'm the one who's thanking you."


"But still. Thank you, Shirou-san."


"Oi An-chan, I'm sorry to interrupt such a nice moment, but can you sell us some items too?"


I heard a voice behind me. I quickly turned around, and there is...


"Yes, yes! Sorry to keep you waiting......, Ryer-san! What are you doing here?"


The 4 members of Blue Flash are standing there and grinning.


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