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Friday, December 24, 2021



Chapter 46: New Staff



Aina and Stella moved into the 2nd floor of my store.

I spent a little bit of money on the furniture, and they seem to like it.


I've been living by myself for a long time. But from today, the 3 of us will be living together.

It's like living in a shared house, and I'm really excited about it.


But the one who is more excited than me is actually Aina.

The reason is...


"Mother, there are many kinds of matches. This small box is 4 coppers, and this big box is 55 coppers."


"This one is 4 copper and this one is 55 copper. So how much is this match?"


"Oh, this is called Survival matches, the price is ----......"


With a serious face, Aina explains the products and prices in the store to Stella.

She is doing her best to explain with her hands and body gestures.


The reason why Aina is explaining the products to Stella is quite simple.


"Aina is very good. I don't want to lose to her. I'm going to be a good store staff."


"Ehehe. Aina won't lose either."


This is because Stella has decided to work at our store.

Currently, Aina and I are enough to run the store.

So why did I hire Stella?


The answer lay in Ney's words, who had come as the messenger of the Silver Moon Apostles adventurer guild.


"We want you to set up a branch store inside our guild when our branch office is finished. Can we ask for your cooperation?"


After much consideration, I decided to accept Ney's offer.

The branch building is already completed, and the only thing left is to bring in personnel and supplies.


It wouldn't take more than ten days to open the Adventurer's Guild.

Stella would be a competent store staff by then, and I would open a branch inside the Adventurer's Guild.


The more branches I have, the more profit I can make.

However, increasing the number of shopkeepers is not easy.


I thought that since Aina could read, write and calculate, then other people in this world would be able to do the same, but............ it was wrong. It was a completely wrong assumption.

In this world, very few people can read and write. The number of people who can do math is even smaller.

In a remote town with a small population, the percentage of people who can read and write is even smaller.


But I was lucky.

Stella is the one who taught Aina how to read, write, and math.

When I knew this fact, I immediately offered her the job.


"All right. Let's do our best!"


Just when I was starting to get fired up.


--Knock, knock knock.


A knock on the store door..

And then.


"Shirou. It's me, Karen."


The knocker is Karen, the Mayor.

I open the door.


"Hello, Karen-san. We're closed today. Do you need anything?"


"There you are, Shirou. I'm glad you're here. I apologize for the rush, but could you give me some of your time?"


When Karen asked me that, I looked back at Aina and the others.


"Aina-chan, do you mind if I leave for a while?"


"Yes. No problem. Aina will teach mom a lot of things."


"Stella-san, is that okay?"


"Yes. Please leave Aina and the store to me. Though I'm still a new staff..."


"Mom, you'll be fine with Aina."


"Yes, that's right, so don't worry."


"Ahaha, thank you very much. Then please take care of the store."


"Now, Shirou. Actually, the person appointed as the guild master of the Silver Moon Apostle's branch in this town is coming to visit. I thought I should introduce you to him as well."


"Oh. Thank you for taking the trouble to inform me. Since I'm going to open a store inside the guild, I'd really like to say hello."


"Phew. I thought you would say that, so I dropped by. Are you ready to leave now?"


"I'll get ready soon."


After saying that, I prepare myself.



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