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Friday, December 24, 2021



Chapter 45: Aina move in



"Shirou-san, I'll be in your care from today. Come on, Aina. Give your greetings."


"OK! Eeto...... We, we will be in your service from now on."


Aina bows her head.

I'm sure she's been practicing a lot.

Aina's face was serious.


"Ahaha, I'll be in your care too."


Today, Aina and her mother are moving in.

The store is temporarily closed and we move their belongings in with a wagon.


"I'll take you to your room."


I walk up the stairs and stand in front of the bedroom door, then I put my hand on the doorknob and look back at the two people behind me.


"This is Aina and Stella-san's bedroom."


After I said this, I open the door.

At that moment, Aina's eyes were sparkling.

"Fuwaaaa!  Shirou Onii-chan, is this Mom and Aina's room?"


"Yes, it is. This bed was also prepared for Aina and Stella-san. What do you think? Isn't it great?"


In the bedroom, there is a double bed and a dresser that I ordered.

Both were delivered to my grandma's house, and then I put them in the storage space and brought them to this room.


The bedroom is decorated in a Scandinavian style, just like a stylish hotel.

It was the result of my research on stylish rooms.


"This is the biggest bed Aina has ever seen."


"Then do you want to lie down on the bed? This bed is very comfortable.


"Eeh? Is it okay?


"Of course. Of course, this bed belongs to Aina and your mom."


"Thank you, Shirou Onii-chan. Then, just a little......."


Then Aina pokes the bed with her index finger.


"Fuwaa....... It's so soft."


Aina looks like she's about to burst with happiness.

When I see that, I'm smiling too.


"Aina-chan, don't just do it with your fingertips. Feel it with your whole body. Just jump into the bed.


I made a gesture of jumping into the bed.


"O, OK. I understand."


Aina clenched her fists, and then she put all her strength into her legs.




She fell into bed with a hesitant look on her face.

Her small body sinks into the bed and makes a soft plopping sound.


I wanted her to enjoy the springs of the bed, though.


"It's amazing. It's like the bed is alive."


But Aina looked satisfied.

She repeatedly buries her face in the bed and smiles happily.


Well, I guess it's okay because she's happy about it...

I then turned my eyes to Stella.


"Stella-san, would you like to try lying down?"


I bought a double bed, and I want both parent and child to enjoy the comfort of this bed.

That's what I wanted to ask her. But for some reason, Stella's expression didn't change.


"Excuse me...... Shirou-san."


"Yes. What is it?"


"Did you ...... purposely prepare the furniture in this room for us?




"Such expensive stuff......."


I understand why Stella's expression looks unhappy.

She feels sorry for bothering me to buy all this furniture.


"Don't worry about it. It's not that expensive."


It may be expensive enough for the common people in Japan, but only for the common people's sense.

Even this bed was a bit expensive.

According to the clerk who helped me, many people buy beds when they get married or move to a new house.


"But the...... embroidery on these sheets...... is done by first-class craftsmen, isn't it? And this..."


Stella points to a Scandinavian-style dresser and continues to speak...


"It is a mirror, isn't it?"


"Eh? Yes, it's a mirror."


"It's such a big and beautiful mirror....... Shirou-san, are you by any chance a nobleman?"


"No way. I'm just a merchant. But I see, in my hometown it's not that rare, but in this country mirrors are valuable, aren't they?


"Yes. I think only the nobles can have such a big mirror."


Oh, I just heard a good thing.

Maybe I should add a mirror to my Product lineup...


"I see."


"If it breaks, it will be a big problem...... It might damage other expensive furniture too..."


"Aa, don't worry about that. The things in this room are bonuses--- I mean special rewards for Aina. She always works harder than my expectations."


"A special reward.... for Aina?"


"That's right. For a merchant, a hard-working store staff is the best treasure of all. And a good merchant is one who correctly rewards his staff for their hard work. So, Stella-san, please don't make me a bad merchant, okay?"


"But...... are you really okay with this? Are you sure you want to give us this room?"


"Yes, I am. In the first place, It's because I met Aina that I was able to open a store in this town. I've made a lot of money in this town. Compared to what Aina-chan has done for me, all the furniture in this room is nothing compared to what she's done for me. So please don't hesitate to use it. Of course, even if you break it, I won't ask you to pay for it. But I do hope you'll take good care of it."


I jokingly say that...


"Of course!"


Suddenly, Stella holds my hand tightly.


"Shirou-san prepared this for us. I'll treasure it forever!"


Stella said with a serious face.


"I'm glad to hear that. Once again, I'll be in your care from today."


Then, Stella says...


"...... Yes."


Finally, she smiles happily at me.



  1. First waifu: GOT!

  2. I mean to be fair it's suspicious when someone is overly nice without asking for anything. Can't really blame them.


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