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Friday, December 24, 2021



Chapter 44: 7 digit shopping



It was decided that I would be living with Aina and Stella.

So now I have to prepare the rooms.

I returned to my Grandma's house and immediately made a shopping list.


There are four rooms on the second floor of the store.

One of them would be my room, so there are 3 rooms left.


"Stella's room, Aina's room, and the living room, right? Oh, but Aina is sleeping with Stella, so they'll share a bedroom, so a double-sized bed."


I draw the 2nd-floor layout in my mind and start thinking about the furniture arrangement.

I had been living alone for a long time, so planning the layout for the three of us was really fun.


"I guess this is what house sharing is like... Hmm, but there is a child, so it's more like a family. I'm like a father."


I made a list of the furniture I needed before going to the big furniture store...


"Before I go shopping, I need to prepare the money to buy the furniture."


I decided to use my Equivalent Exchange skill to get some Japanese Yen.


"Come to think of it, how much money do I have now?"


I've been earning a lot of money so far, including the gold coins I got the other day.

I think it's time to check my total assets.


"First, take out the money from my space storage... "


I pile up gold, silver, and copper coins in a Japanese-style room with a Buddhist altar.

I set aside five hundred copper coins for change and then arrange the rest in piles of ten of each kind.


"Next is Equivalent Exchange."


Using my Equivalent Exchange skill, I convert the other world's money into Japanese yen.

As a result, something outrageous happened before my eyes.


"............ Ee? Six, sixty million yen. Haaah!? Is this for real? All these are mine!"


It had been less than three months since I started my business in Ninorich.

In less than three months, I had made a fortune of 60 million yen.

This only made me panic.


If I continued at this pace, my annual income would be 240 million yen.

That's over 100 million.

I will join the ranks of the billionaires.


"240 million yen...... That's just like a first-class professional baseball player's annual income. I did it, Grandma. It's a life reversal home run!"


I give a double peace pose to my Grandma, who is also posing double peace.

Grandma and grandchild are posing double peace to each other here.


"I was on the verge of depression in my previous company, but now I'm...... a billionaire?"


I'm a winner.

That word echoed in my brain.


"With 200 million, I can easily buy this and that............ Uehehe, uhehehe."


After a few minutes of greedy imagination.


"............Hah! No, no, no, no. I'm going to buy furniture now."


I return to reality and finally go to buy furniture.





Today, I bought a bed frame and mattress (181,500 yen including tax), a desk and chair (59,400 yen) for myself.


For Aina and Stella, I bought a bed frame and mattress ( a double size bed, 239,800 yen), a Scandinavian style 4-drawer cabinet (191,400 yen), and a Scandinavian style makeup table (195,800 yen).


I also bought a dining table and chair set (261,800 yen) so that everyone can eat together.


Altogether, I spent 1,129,700 yen.

Of course, I paid the entire amount in cash.


"Thank you very much!"


The store staff who sent me off to the exit bowed deeply as if his head was going to stick to his knees.

He is a new employee, and this is the first time he had a customer who had spent over a million yen.

Well, it was also my first time to shop over a million yen at once. 


The purchased furniture would arrive in ten days.

In the meantime, I'll ask Aina and her mother to pack up their belongings.


While thinking about that, I left the big furniture store.



[Current amount of money]

00 gold coins

00 silver coins

500 copper coins


Japanese Yen

60,213,200 yen



  1. 60 million yen is about 600k in dollars for anyone wondering

    1. He can get a decent
      house in a rural area with that much.

  2. He better be careful or the japan IRS would notice.


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