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Friday, December 24, 2021

Episode 37: Strange Hand - part 2


Isla sees everything.

In this difficult situation, the threat that intimidate Mynoghra ...... Takuto said he will let Isla to take care all of it.

There should be many ways. Isla thinks, other than Long Leg Bug mass production there should be many other options in Takuto mind.

But in the end, he throw away countless other options...

The king Ira Takuto has ordered the bug queen Isla.


What a trust! What an honor!

Takuto's tremendous trust in Isla can be felt from every corner of the order.

Takuto has no fighting spirit, no heroism, no philosophical, no determination.

After all, it was a natural for him to choose and ask her to do it.

That fact wrapped Isla with greatest excitement.


"Do you know that Atou has already defeated one of the enemy generals? It seems that theycan make an unavoidable attack like a typical RPG character, so be careful."


"Fufufu, seem Atou-chan has fallen behind, but for me, the Lord's worries will never come true."


"Oh, you are bragging"


"It's a fact. Yes, yes, I'm telling you the truth. Absolutely not bragging or being arrogant. Just saying it as it is."


Takuto nods silently to the word.

In normal play, no one would forcibly level up by pouring magical power into one unit.

It is inefficient, and magical power is necessary in various aspects because it has properties similar to currency and resources.

It is necessary for the maintenance and production of facilities, and also for science and technology research.

That is why all Eternal Nations players carefully allocate their magical power while constantly monitoring it.


One-point centralized operation that ignores the common sense.

Moreover, it is an eccentric decision instead of using magical power for emergency production, he decided to use it to level up the hero.

Therefore, the result would be spectacular.


What if Takuto puts absolute trust in his subordinate, the queen of bugs?

It is an honor for her to live up to that trust.

And of course...


--Isla is a hero who had the power to live up to that expectation.




"Yes. I will gain two new abilities with this level up. What kind of power will the Lord give to this Isla?"


"[Predation] and [Parasite Egg]."


Isla makes a strange laugh at Takuto's command.

Because everything was clear now.

What is Takuto trying to do in this battle, and how is he going to show the hell to their enemy?


…… Heroes can gain some specific abilities as they level up.

Each has its own unique effect to further strengthening the heroes.

The player will choose and manage the abilities that only heroes can have.

As far as Isla knows Takuto's choice is the most effective and most vicious.


"Did you know, my Lord? The tactic was called "Bug Rush", it was extremely despised and feared by Eternal Nations players."


A creaking sound could be heard as the insect's shell skin creaked.

Isla's muscles swelled up due to the rapid leveling up and grant more strength, and her outer skin, which had done its job, made a loud sound.

A new skin appears from the inside of the cracked outer skin.

The skin with a unique pattern has a more vicious appearance than before, and it clearly shows that the power hidden in her has increased significantly.


"Aah, of course I knew it well.—because I’ve used it often."


Takuto looked up at Isla while looked little impressed.

Maybe there was something that impressed him when seeing the appearance of his hero evolving in front of him.

Somewhere in his hollow expression seemed a little happy.


All the magical power of Mynoghra was given to Isla.

Isla has grown into an existence that worth to be called a decisive weapon,

She spread her wings widely and shout loudly.

The bizarre voice that seems to be a mixture of the cry of a baby and the sound of rubbing glass

It echoes to every corner of the Daijukai and makes everybody who hear it scared.


The preparation has been completed.

Why the Eternal Nations hero is regarded as the game symbol?

Why are heroes called as existence who can change the situation on the battlefield, trusted by all players and at the same time regarded as a miracle?


"Fufufu, then, I’ll present to you the power of an existence called the Queen of All Bugs. Mynoghra deadly annihilation strategy. "


The time for the world to know these reasons has come.


= Eterpedia ============


[Isla the QueenAll Bugs] Hero Unit


Combat power: 16

Movement power: 1



Flying》《Predation》《Parasite Egg


* This unit increases the combat power of all insect-based units in the world by +2.

* Insect-based units that encounter this unit are immediately placed under the control of the nation that has Isla.



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