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Thursday, December 2, 2021



Chapter 41: Negotiation



"May I see some of the matches you sell......?"


"No problem. Here are the matches that we are currently selling."


I put the four types of matches from the shelf behind me on the counter: small matches, big matches, survival matches (ready-made), and homemade survival matches.


"The small matches over here are the same as the one Jecos-san was holding earlier. It contains 40 matches and the price is 4 copper coins. The big box next to it contains 800 matches and the price of 55 copper coins. These two are more popular among the town's residents."




Jecos listened to my explanation with a serious face.


"But these matches have one weakness."


"Weak against water and wind, right?"


Jecos answered without hesitation.

He came here to buy them, so he must have studied the matches' characteristics.


"That's right. These matches are weak against humidity and water, and if the wind is blowing, the fire quickly dies out."


After explaining about ordinary matches, I proceed to explain about survival matches.


"That's where these matches come in. These matches are called Survival Matches, and they're very popular among adventurers."


"Oh, really? For adventurers?"


"Yes. Watch this."


I take out a pack of survival matches (ready-made).

I pour water from the jug into a glass and dip the match into it.

Seeing this, Jecos hurriedly stops me.


"What? Shirou-dono, what are you doing?"


"Please watch. Look at these wet matches......."


I rub the side of the box with the wet survival match.

Ordinary matches would not light up, but survival matches are different.

When the match is lit up, Jecos's mouth drops wide open.


"It's wet, but it's......."


"Are you surprised? As you can see, this survival match is different from ordinary matches. It can be lit up even when it's wet. But the cool part starts here."


I dip the burning match in the water.

The fire goes out with a sizzling sound.

When the fire is off, I take it out of the water.




The match is lit up again.

Moreover, this time it is lit up by itself without rubbing.


"Hmm !? The extinguished fire is lit up again!"


"That's right. A fire lit by a survival match does not go off easily. Even if it goes off once, it will light up again."


"Great, this is great...... Shirou-dono! This is a wonderful item!"


"Yes, it is. That's why adventurers always buy them. The other day, one of the adventurers who bought it said that it helped him defeat an insect-type monster."


"Hoou... Can you tell me more about that story?"




I remember a conversation I had with an adventurer several days ago.

The adventurer was camping for the night when he was suddenly attacked by an insect-type monster.

The insect monster seemed weak against fire, so the adventurer tried to burn the monster to death by spreading oil and setting it on fire.

Unfortunately, it was raining that night.


Ordinary matches would not light in the rain, and flint would take too long.

What came in handy in such a critical situation was these survival matches (ready-made).

The fire was lit up even in the rain, and he managed to burn the oil and survive the crisis.


I told Jecos about that story.


"Hmmm. I see, I see."


He nodded several times. Perhaps he is impressed.


"I can certainly understand why adventurers would want it."


"Yes. But better functionality inevitably comes at a higher price......."


"How much is the price?"


"This product is 50 coppers per box; each box contains 25 pieces."


"50 copper coins for 25 pieces? I see. I see. The higher the quality, the higher the price."


"Yes. It's a popular product among adventurers, but there are still some who hesitate to buy it."


"I guess so."


"That's why we've prepared this new product."


I took this opportunity to pull out the homemade survival matches.


"This matches is...?"


"It's a cheaper version of the survival matches I just showed you.

The price is one silver coin for 80 matches. It's not windproof, but the tip is coated with a special chemical, so it's resistant to water and humidity."


"1 silver coin....... May I try?"




Jecos takes the homemade survival matches.

After repeating the experiment by dipping them in water and lit them up, he understands how it works.


"What do you think?"


"'Well, I'm surprised. These matches are worth more than the price."


"Thank you very much. The advantage of this product is that it doesn't deteriorate easily even if it rains and gets wet during transportation. I don't know where Jecos-san is going to transport them. Still, if you are considering the weather, I highly recommend these matches."


"You're right, Shirou-dono. If the matches can't be lit up, I won't be able to do business."


"On the contrary, you will end up with a deficit."


"Hohoho, that's right! But I understand now. As Shirou-dono said, if we consider transportation, these matches are better."


Jecos points to the homemade survival matches.


"I'd like to sell these survival matches, but before that...... I'd like to discuss a few things with you."


"Is it about the selling price?"


"Yes, yes. That's right. If I buy a large quantity of this product, can I get a discount?"


Jecos is rubbing his hands and asks me.

In other words, he wants me to sell it at a wholesale price instead of the regular price.


"You mean lower price? Jecos-san, how much is the price you want?"


First, let's hear what Jecos wants.


"Before that, do you have enough stock?"


"I have more than enough. If you ask me to sell 100,000 pcs, I can supply it on the same day."


I answered his question and nodded confidently.


"That's reassuring. If that's the case, then...... How about 80 silver coins for 10,000 pieces of matches?"


The normal price is 1 silver coin for 80 pieces, but now it's 80 silver coins for 10000 pieces.


10000 / 80 = 125


Jecos suddenly asked the price of 45 silver coins, which means a 36 percent discount.

He may have a friendly face, but he's a good merchant.

As a novice merchant, I am impressed and learning from him.


"Hmmm......, 45 silver coins discount? It's too tough for me."


I crossed my arms and made a difficult face.

Negotiations have just begun.

In boxing terms, I was just jabbing to assess his reaction.


"I see...... How about 85 silver coins? Considering the transportation risks, taxes at checkpoints, and hiring adventurers as an escort, this is the most I can afford......."


Jecos looks at me with a bitter expression on his face.

He's not sweating, but he's wiping his forehead with his handkerchief.

I see. So this is the bargaining that Karen was talking about before.

Then I'm going to do the same thing. I intentionally pretend to ponder...




"The lives of the people who make these matches depend on it. Please give us more!"


I bowed my head.

With this, our negotiation accelerates.


"Mmmm... then 90 silver coins!"


"Between you and me, Jecos-san is actually the first merchant who came to buy matches. So if you bring the matches to another city now, the selling price will be as you wish!"


"95 silver coins!"


"As for me, I hope to have a long-lasting relationship with Jecos-san! If you can close the deal, I'll give you free tea leaves, like the one you just drank! This is a special offer only for you, Jecos-san!"


"Allright! I'll give you one gold coin for 10000 matches! That's really my best offer! That's my limit! How about that?"


One gold coin for 1,000 matches is a 20 percent discount.

That's more than enough for a wholesale price.


"I understand. Then I'll make a deal with you for the wholesale price of the low-cost survival matches, 1 gold coin for 10000 pcs of matches."


"Thank you so much, Shirou-dono!"


Jecos bowed deeply and thanked me.

He bowed so deeply that his head hit the counter pretty hard. I feel sorry for him.


But as expected of a merchant.


"...... By the way, Shirou-dono, how much tea leaves can I have?"


Later, the tea leaves I gave to Jecos would lead to another big deal, but that's another story.


So I sold 50000 matches to Jecos and got 5 gold coins.



  1. thank you for new chapter
    btw do you have newsletter function?
    i want to know if new update come up

    1. Nope...automated emails to to subscribers function has been removed by blogger.
      But, You can follow my Facebook, Ko-Fi or Patreon.

  2. Usually adventurer guilds have rules like don't make fire inside the forest but spreading oil and burning insect monster can wipe out large portion of the forest. Careful MC.


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