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Thursday, December 2, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C24


Chapter 24: Bulletin board 3



[Famous] Summary of players who are currently getting famous, part 1 [Player].


This is a thread to talk about the players who have done many things right after the start of the service and already getting famous!





188: Nanashi

>> 186

So you still don't know where Ashihana-san is?


189: Niframa

Ee? You were in the southern town until yesterday, right?


190: Nuo

Ashihana-san is always wandering around in search of ingredients. It is difficult to find her location.


191: Niframa

Oh, no! I was going to ask Asihana-san to make me a wand!


192: Nuo

That's impossible, isn't it?

Asihana is the type of person who only makes what she wants to make. Most of the people who have asked her to make a wand have been turned down. She'll only accept a request if you bring her a rare material or an idea.

The people who insisted ended up in tears due to GM calls. They're all over the place.


193: Nekoha no inu

Once, she made a bow made for my Flea.

I brought some rare wood with me that time, so she accepted without a problem.


194: Niframa

I can't afford to learn logging skill, so maybe I'll buy from the stalls.


195: Nanashi.

That would be good.

Well, who knows where she'll be at that moment.


196: Nuo.

That's very different from Bommer. He has a base in the western town, and he's been making bombs continuously.


197: Nanashi

Bommer? Ah, you mean Rikyuu.


198: Niframa

Have you ever heard of Bomb Demon?


199: Nanashi

Rikyuu has too many nicknames.

He's been called the King of Explosions, Explosion-san, Bommer, Bomb Demon; those are already 4 different names.

Maybe there are others we didn't know yet?


200: Niframa

I definitely vote for the Bomb Demon.


201: Nuo

I vote Bommer.

His glasses and robes remind me of Hunter x Hunter.

Actually, that work speed must belong to a group of 3 persons WWW.


202: Nekoha no inu

Well, I guess everyone has a strong impression with the bomb. I'll vote for Bommer too.


203: Niframa

But that person's bomb is strong, isn't it?

I wonder if it's made in a special way.

It's about twice as powerful as the bombs made by my party members.


204: Nuo

That's right.

All I know is that alchemy, mixing, and blacksmithing are used together.

Many producers are trying to reproduce it, but none of them was successful.

It's impossible to talk with him because Rikyuu-san has a communication disorder.

I hope that his "fufufu" mysterious laughter is just a role play.


205: Nanashi

I am also voting for Bommer.

Anyway, it's only natural that producers keep secret the special production methods they find.

In a sense, it's a property.

I want producers to increase their production number, but I do not have any right to ask them to just produce bombs.


206: Nuo

I'm sure that person would be more than happy to start a life as a producer if he had the money and equipment to do so.

Well, let's move on to the next topic.


207: Nanashi

So, the 7th person is Siegfried, the "Purple-Haired Adventurer.


208: Niframa

He's one of the winners of the three titles you mentioned. Did rumor say that he already has a cavalry beast?


209: Nuo

That's true. I heard that Siegfried is the only one who currently has a cavalry beast. Indeed, I've never seen it anywhere else.


210: Niframa.

How did he get it?


211: Nekoha no inu

I know Siegfried personally, so I asked him about it. He told me that he spent almost all of the bonus points that beta testers get when they recreate their characters.


He only got the lowest-ranked horse. Well, it's OK because he seems to be satisfied with it.


So he didn't pay any attention to status, skills, or bonuses. He's strong when he's on the horse, but when he's off his horse, he can't even beat a Wild Dog.


212: Niframa

On second thought, I don't want it.


213: Nuo

Why did he have to go that far to get a cavalry beast?

You can get one in the second half of the third area, right?


214: Nekoha no inu

Because he puts his life into role-playing as a knight. The reason why his name is so widely known is because he always announces his name.

The cavalry beast you get in the third area is random. You may get a donkey or an ostrich. You can't even choose the color, and they don't really listen to you.

As a knight, he wanted a white horse that always obeys him.

Anyway, if you ask him how to get a horse, he'll be happy to tell you.

By the way, the horse's name is Haiyo. I can't help but laugh when I see him shouting, "Haiyo, Haiyo". What a joke!


215: Nanashi

Well, there are many kinds of people WWW.


216: Niframa.

That's so true!

By the way, the people who got the three titles are easy to recognize because their nicknames were unified.

Not like the Bomb Demon who have a lot of names. It's troublesome.


217: Nekoha no inu

216 You're trying to promote the Bomb Demon nickname, right?

Well, this is why there are many names to call them. After all, everyone calls them by the name they like or the name they come up with. During the beta, the Ruby Explorer was also called Crimson, Queen of the Gathering, and many other names. Now it's just the Ruby Explorer or Ruby.


218: Knocker

He seems to like it, doesn't he? I've seen him bragging about how he got the title.

People with titles stand out and feel special. I envy them.

Well, having a title is not always a good thing.


219: Nanashi

So, the 8th person is Silver White-san, the only one who has become famous in a bad way!


220: Nekoha no inu

I feel sorry for him. The title made him look bad.

And because his nickname (Silver White) is easy to remember, information about him has been spread widely. His name has not been exposed, but it is widely known that he is a male tamer with silver hair.


221: Niframa

There was a player who leaked Silver White-san's personal information, wasn't there? I heard LJO's Management is very strict about that, and he was banned.


222: Knocker.

Yeah, he was banned. The one who reports him was not Silver White-san himself but an anonymous player who reported it.


223: Niframa

Nice move, Anonymous-san!

That'll reduce the number of players who do silly things to Silver White-san.


224: Nekoha no inu

From what I've heard, Amimin-san reported the incident. She is a top tamer known as the 4th person.

Her acquaintance had seen her report it, so it was probably true.

I've heard that Amimin-san is very kind to other tamers. Well, she doesn't really open up to anyone else! I tried to say hello to her before, but she hid behind a turtle and almost cried!

By the way... It's too late to talk about this now but isn't the way we address titleholders a bit strange?

The Purple-Haired is read as Shihatsu. The Ruby is read as Kougyoku. But the Silver White is read as Shirogane? I think it should be Hakugin.


225: Nuo

About that, I heard an idiot complained to the Management about that. He complained to the Management that the reading was strange and that they should standardize it.

And they replied.


226: Niframa

Heee! What was their reply?


227: Nuo.

Shut up, you idiot. It's the creator's hobby! If you have a problem with that, why don't you quit LJO?


228: Niframa.



229: Nanashi

Well, something like that was written in a very polite and diplomatic language.

I heard that the person who complained about that was too intimidated by the Management's strong words to complain further.


230: Nekoha no inu

The Management is so cool.


231: Nuo

There are always complainers who make a fuss about trivial things like that, and by showing a strong response here, they've set a precedence for the future.

Well, maybe it's because they don't charge much in-game bills, so they don't need to flatter the players.


232: Niframa

Either way, I just decided!

I won't go against the Management.


233: Nanashi

Before I knew it, we were talking about the Management.


234: Knocker

Anyway, what is Silver White-san doing now?


235: Niframa.

The question is too out of the topic WWW.

But I also want to know.

How can someone who dies 3 times on the first day continue to play properly? No matter how I think about it, the character creation process must be failed, right?

Perhaps he already recreated his character and Silver White-san has been gone?


236: Nanashi.

No, he's still playing this game properly.


237: Nuo.

How can you say he's playing properly?

Yesterday, I saw him picking up trash with a basket on his back. That's not what you're supposed to do in a fantasy RPG world.

I appreciate his spirit of trying to do something without recreating his character. Still, his determination is so great that I almost burst into tears.

I almost tell him to hang in there.


238: Niframa.

Picking up trash....... Is it a quest?


239: Nanashi

Labor Quest

Description: Pick up trash in the town

Reward: 300G

Deadline: 3 days


Other than Silver White-san, I've never seen anyone else do this.


240: Nuo

Of course, you will be stuck with it for 3 days, and the reward is only 300G?

No one will do it! It's 100 times better to hunt around the beginning town.

In fact, if you think about the experience and the reward, it's 100 times more fruitful.


241: Knocker

But that's exactly why Silver White-san who's doing these kinds of quests, is so valuable.

It's an area that even the inspection team is hesitant to try. As expected of a pioneer.


242: Nekoha no inu

That's true. Sometimes there are unexpected discoveries in such circumstances. I hope that Silver White-san doesn't recreate his character and goes down a different path than others.


243: Niframa

Yes, I agree. Don't let the insults get to you, Silver White-san!


244: Nuo

I'm cheering for you, too. In fact, I may even say that I respect him. Because I can't do that.

I want to forcibly put Silver White-san in my party and then level him up! Because if I don't, he might quit for real.


245: Knocker

It seems that everyone is worried about Silver White-san WWW.


246: Nanashi

What a surprise. A hidden popularity WWW.





Translator note:


"The Purple-Haired is read as Shihatsu. The Ruby is read as Kougyoku. But the Silver White is read as Shirogane? I think it should be Hakugin."


The above part is a conversation about how their title is read in Japanese.

白銀 can be read as Hakugin, and also can be read as Shirogane.

紫髪can be read as Shihatsu, and also can be read as Murasakigami.

can be read as Kougyoku, and also can be read as Akadama.

The 1st reading way is called On reading.

The 2nd reading way is called Kun reading.

Previously, most Japanese people will only use Kun reading to read a person's name.

Nowadays that has been changed, which reading way to use depends on the one who gave the name. In Japan, ID cards and Birth certificates only mention the name in KANJI, so it's better to ask the name owner how to read their name correctly.

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