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Friday, December 10, 2021

KoushaRyouri ~C11


Chapter 11: Luciel's determination



"Hey. Why don't you stop crying already?"


Fletty wasn't talking to me.


I'm already back on my feet.


Three hundred years' worth of tears wasn't as much as I expected.


"But, Commander............ ugh!"


By the way, the one who is crying now is Richil.


It has been a while since I stopped crying, but she is still crying. Tears are dripping from her eyes, and her white cheeks are completely covered with weeping marks.


Fletty talked to her as if to comfort a child, but she still couldn't stop crying.


" -- geez, even though Luciel-kun has already stopped crying....."


"But, it's so sad, isn't it? To be abandoned by his father and live in the mountains like this for so long?


"That's true, but ......"


Fletty strokes her head like an old man petting a cat.


As Richil's cries echoes in the background, I ask him something that has been bothering me.


"Excuse me... May I ask you a question too?"


"What is it?"


"Why did Fletty-san and the others come to this mountain?




Fletty raises his gentle voice and turns to Garner.


Richil wipes her tears and finally stops crying.


What comes next is a heavy silence. Did I just ask a bad question?


But the area where Fletty was is already halfway up the mountain. In that area, people rarely come in.


I've been in this mountain for 300 years, and Fletty-san and the others are the first people who ever came this far into the mountain.


"Eeeto....... Did I ask something bad?"


"No, I think you have a valid question. People don't usually live in places like this."


Hearing Fletty's words, Garner gazes at me for a moment.


It seems meaningful, but the quiet knight doesn't say anything.


"I'll tell you my name again. My name is Fletty Heimuld.


"Garner Bird...."


"'Richil Vigh. The one resting now is Mildy Worlem."


They introduce themselves one by one.


"We are the Knights of Letivia, who serve the Duke of Letivia."


"Haa...... Why are the Knights of Letivia here?"


"Actually, the Letivia family's treasure has been stolen by bandits."


"Family treasure.....?"


"In an attempt to get it back, we raided those bandits' hideout, but...."


Fletty become quiet.


It was obvious from his expression. Most likely, they have failed their mission.


He must have been very frustrated. The family treasure that they were supposed to protect was stolen. They tried to get it back, but they failed.


On the contrary, they were chased down and had no choice but to flee into the mountains full of monsters.


It is understandable that they feel humiliated.


But still, a person like Fletty is not the kind of person you want to pick as an enemy.


This is just my opinion, but Fletty is at a mid-high level as a knight.


To be frank, a mere bandit would be no match for him.


I think there are probably some very powerful people among the bandits.


Fletty had been very frank with me up to this point, but now his expression becomes sour.


After some hesitation, he speaks up.


"We will probably have to raid the bandits' hideout one more time, ....... It is our fault that they took the family treasure. We have determined that we will not return to our mansion until we get it back."


This is the most serious and determined expression of all the expressions I've seen on Fletty's face.


Although we have only known each other for a short time, I can sense Fletty's strong sense of responsibility.


If he says he won't return, he really won't return. And I think that Garner, Richil, and Mildy understand that as well.


There is a knight like Fletty in the Tristan family.


He was my father's number one disciple. My father is a very strict man, but that man was very kind to me. He sometimes would accompany me to practice with my sword.


However, he died before I was banished to the mountains.


During a battle, he charged into the enemy territory by himself to save his comrades.


His comrades were saved, but he never returned.


"Luciel-kun, it's OK."


Before I knew it, Richil slapped my back and cheered me up from my silent state.


"Our opponent is strong, but if we make a surprise attack in the next battle, the Commander will definitely win."


"Just like Richil said. Next time we won't lose."


Fletty-san clenched his fist and made up his mind.


Once again, Fletty's image overlapped with that knight's image.


I clenched my fists behind my back and made up my mind.


I'm wondering, Is there any way to help these nice people?


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