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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep6 The White Knights 2

"Nia, Kia. Clean up."


"Yes, Commander."


The twins got scolded for torturing the human slave they had bought. They reluctantly cleaned up the corpse.

They cut the ropes and carried the body to the back of the special quarters.

Sosha is trembling after she saw.


 Sharp Hat instantly crushes that human slave's head to death. He followed the order without any hesitation.

When Sharp Hat realized this, he hurriedly follows up.


I'm sorry, Sosha. I didn't mean to scare you. As a member of the Knights Order, I can't go against the Commander. I hope you can understand that."


"Yes, yes, it's okay."


It's not okay at all, but she has no choice but to say so.

Understanding that she is frightened, Sharp Hat smiles and tells her to leave the garden.


"Can I ask you to get another cup of tea? When you're done, you can go back to our room."


"Ye, yes! Then excuse me!"


Now that she has a reason to leave, Sosha quickly gets up and walks to the kitchen.

Once Sosha is out of their sight, Hardy speaks up.


"...... Kaito has a bad attitude, lacks character, and is a third-class member. His level growth stopped, but he was a member of the White Knights Order. I want to avoid the embarrassment of having him defeated by another race. We'll get rid of him with our own hands. I won't let him disgrace The Queen any further."


"In the beginning, Kaito's level was increasing rapidly, and people were calling him a "future leader candidate. But in the end, he reached his growth limit earlier than expected. I hope they do the recruitment test properly because the White Knight Order's reputation may be damaged."


" ...... Sharp Hat, you won't aim for it?"


"Aim for it? ......You mean the Commander's seat? Hahahahaha! No way, no way."


Sharp Hat laughs and waves his hand to reply.


"As a sharpshooter, I won't miss my target. But I won't bother aiming at prey that I can't shoot down. Though, seems the vice commander still aiming for the Commander's seat."


After laughing for a while, he sipped the cold tea in his hand.


"When I first joined the group, I was young and wanted to reach the top. It was like catching the measles; it's a natural thing for Sub-master who had awakened the Master blood in his veins."


The elves are the race that inherited the blood of the Master more than any of the other five races.

But the fact that they have the Master's blood doesn't automatically make them stronger.

As time goes on and the blood fades, it is naturally weakened.

Occasionally, some awaken their "Master's blood" and become stronger.

The elves call them the "Sub-master".


It is believed that once a person awakens his master blood and becomes a Sub-master, his or her level will quickly increase. That person will easily surpass the ordinary elf growth limit level and continue to rise forever.

It is also believed that the maximum growth limit is determined by the person's talent and the density of their awakened blood.


As proof, Sharp Hat is around level 2000.

Vice Commander Michael is around level 2500.

Nia and Kia are stuck at around level 1800.

Of course, their levels are not disclosed to the public.  Their levels are classified.

Kaito couldn't accept this fact, so he stole the treasure sword Grandius and disappeared.......


By the way, the maximum growth limit is around level 100 for humans, 200-300 for beastmen, 500 for dwarves, 300-1000 for demons, and 1000 for elves and dragonmen.

This is just the upper limit that is generally believed. Not everyone can reach it.

It's like saying, "An Olympic athlete can run 100m in 9 seconds. That doesn't mean that all human beings can run that fast if they train to do so".


The members of the White Knights are an exception to that standard because they are the Sub-master who has the Master's blood in their veins.

This is what the "Sub-master" is.

No one can imagine just how strong the real "Master" is.


Joining the White Knights, the strongest knight order in the Elf Queen Nation, is the dream of every elf male.

The conditions and qualifications for joining the White Knights are not disclosed to the public.

There is no way they could announce to the public that one has to become the "Sub-Master" as a requirement to join the White Knights. The "Master" and "Sub-master" are secret information that only a few people know.


In that sense, rather than an army, the White Knights are more like a special unit that only a few chosen people can join.


Sharp Hat has awakened his "Master" blood and joined the White Knights as "Sub-master".

As he said, at first, he dreamed of reaching the top, but...


"After seeing the true strength of our Commander, The Silent Hardy. That's impossible. I must be crazy if I want to replace this monster."


Sharp Hat smiles and affirms.

He was praised by people around him as a "genius" and a "candidate of the elves' future leader", but he learned to know his own limits and enjoy the present.

Kaito's pride could not accept that, so he went out of control, stole the treasure sword, and ran away from the country.

Michael, the Vice Commander, is aiming to take over Hardy's position.

While Sharp Hat has decided to give up and enjoy his life.


That's the only difference between them.


When their conversation is over, Sosha returns with a pot of tea.

After placing it on the table, she walked back to Sharp Hat's room in the dormitory.

Sharp Hat waves his hand to send her off.


"...... I'm not on Kia and Nia's side, but having a human as a lover is not a good idea. It will stain your blood."


Hardy was displeased that someone who has the Master's blood and became Sub-master would do something that would weaken his power.

For the past several thousand years, the "Master" has not appeared, and no one has inherited his blood. That's why the number of "Sub-master" is very few.

Including Hardy and the others, there are less than 20 people in the Elf Queen Nation.

He couldn't help but complain at Sharp Hat, who love a human woman and wasting his talent and bloodline.

He smiles casually at the Commander's concern.


"Is that so? They may look ugly, but there are some charming girls you may like if you choose wisely. And isn't it interesting to see them so excited that they've been chosen by an elf male? And the fact that they try so hard not to be dumped is hilarious. In the first place, I have no intention of staining my blood by having a child with a human, as the Commander is worried about. This is just a hobby, just a hobby. Anyway, I've gotten tired of her lately, so I guess it's time to get rid of her. In the end, I will take her out of town and shoot her as if she is my prey. It's funny to see humans begging for their lives as they run away. Their expression as if they're asking, 'why are you dumping me!?'. Commander, why don't you join me this time? It's really fun."


"...... Remember. The royal order to kill Kaito will be coming soon. Do it before that."


"Yeah, yeah."


Hardy doesn't look interested and refuses.

Sharp Hat didn't want to force him and quickly backed off.


But in the end, the "order to kill Kaito" was not given.

In the middle of the night, a large earthquake hit the city, causing some buildings to collapse.

The next day, a mysterious giant tower appeared inside the forest, not far from the Elf Queen Nation capital.



  1. Exactly where current chapter of manga is.
    My disappoinment is immeasureable

    1. Haha, I came here with the exact same purpose and left with the exact same feeling. I guess I should stop myself from reading novels until they're caught up to at least a quarter of the source material.

    2. Actually, the manga is usually far ahead of lupus, so I just stick to the manga.

  2. Thank you for the chapter !

  3. Thanks for the update.

    Hope for more chapter b4 2022

  4. Thx for the update!

    Can't wait for more x3

  5. After he's done taking revenge, he really just needs to glass the elf kingdom because they're completely irredeemable.

  6. who love a human woman > who loved a human woman


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