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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Episode 35: Conflict between Evils 3 - part 3


"Don’t underestimate this Atou."


"E, Even with this I still can’t beat you..."


It's her turn. Atou glares at Ice Rock.

In RPG, generally, when the opponent's turn is over, next is the player turn to strike back.

There may be some anomalies because the opponent is under the rules of SLG, but even after releasing the special move, the big counterattack as before will not be possible.

Atou decided so, and put power into her tentacles again.


The tentacles transforming and makes a strange noise, and she put her strength into it as if next is the final turn.

Like an arrow and a bow that pulled to the limit...


"Die! Die just like an enemy on RPG!!!"


Atou's released her best attack.


"Aah, Demon King-sama ... long liv--"


Ice rock that disappears while becoming glittering particles of light.

A large amount of gold coins sprinkle around.

Atou laugh loudly while glancing at the gold coins as if she looking down on it.


"There is only one king in the world, my king, Ira Takuto!All opponents will be destroyed! 

He who does not bow down to my king, good or bad, shall not be allowed to exist!Hahahahaha! Ahahahaha!”


In the meantime, her tentacles were stretch out in all directions.

Her tentacles attacks the monsters that remain on the battlefield.

The range like a longbow, the attack power like a giant.

And above all, with ruthlessness that does not allow any mercy,

The tentacles also attacked the monsters under Ice Rock who were watching the battle in the distance.






“I've defeated the demon horde.”


A few minutes later.

The demons who had lost control due to the fall of Ice Rock started running away, either because they realized the situation was very bad for them or because they couldn't fight their own instincts.

The Dragon Town's defense team and Mynoghra forces, which were worrisome, are still alive, albeit with some damage.

On the other side Atou the Mynoghra hero also doing fine. Doesn’t matter how many monsters rush in to attack her, she could easily handle them.

Atoufeel relieved,she was prepared for the worst possibility, such as casualties and damage to the city.


"Are the monsters retreat...?No wonder they just lose their commander, but luckily they didn't go to the city in a panic."


Without telling anyone, when aloneAtou pressed her own stomach.

The throbbing pain ate away at her pride.


The hero who was born for the battle doesn’t care about pain, but the fact that she was unconsciously injured was the most humiliating thing for her. She is so angry and that make the pain feel worse.


“After all that caution, this body failed me. Unworthy ...... unworthy! I am unworthy as Mynoghra hero, Takuto-sama hero!


She grit her teeth and look in front of her.

The monster's escape destination, the forces of the RPG game, their main force are waiting ahead.


"But battle with another game is troublesome. It's unpredictable because they works according to a different law than us."


Atou turns her brain at high speed to analyze the current situation.

At first she thought that this world is bound by the SLG law same as herself.

However, the theory changed when the RPG forces comes.

In fact, it seemed to be more dangerous for Atou to make a decision based on her own shallow wisdom.

The image of her beloved king flashed through her mind.

How should she explain what had happened, and above all, would he be disappointed by her injuries?

Of course, she understands well that his king is not so narrow minded to get offended.

However, she really wanted to report the completion of the mission in perfect condition and receive words of praise.

Such rambling thoughts spin around and are driven into a dead end.


Aaah! Damn!


Eventually she raises a loud voice and shakes her face from side to side.

There are still many things to do. She couldn't afford spend more time confused on what to do.

When she noticed, the Long Leg Bugs was waiting around her.

The corresponding enemy monsters have escaped, so they may have come to ask for instructions.


"Long Leg bugs! Hunt down the defeated army to gain experience! I'll get Takuto-sama to upgrade you later!"




Long Leg Bugs heading in the direction in which the monsters fled at a terrifying speed.

Because a lot of experience points can be earned in this defense battle, it is possible to evolve and become more powerful unit by the upgrade function.

The loser loses everything and the winner gets everything.

The acquisition of higher-ranking units at this stage is a very beneficial result for the nation of Mynoghra.


I'd like to join the chase too, but ...... what's should I do first?' --No, first I'll have to report to Takuto-sama.


She also need to give instructions to the Mynoghra soldiers, including Old Mortar.

Above all, they have to report to Takuto.

If she's rushing to chase after them, she'll have to surrender her rank as commander, or even her tittle as a hero.

With that in mind, Atou takes a deep breath and calms down, then get focus to sends a telepathy to Takuto.

In telepathy she speaks like a very adorable girl, different from when she fought Ice Rock before, when she talked like a ruthless girl.


(Takuto-sama! The Dragon Town defense task has been successfully completed.

The enemy forces of the Shitennou have come to invade, but they have been successfully defeated.At this pace, as long you have this Atou, you can beat them with a single blow.

However, I mean, I was a little off guard...There are also some other reports.But before that, I'd like to have a compliment for this Atou who works hard in the distance...)


Atou started the conversation with a little shyness.

When contacting Takuto he bent his head many times maybe he was already influenced by Takuto's habits as a Japanese …….

However, the joyful mood, with the lovely tone of voice and smile like a flower, became cloudy in an instant.


(...... Eh?)


In a moment, the girl's face shifts from a normal girl to an evil hero.


--The enemy forces is invading Mynoghra main base.

The facts reported by Takuto were sufficient to make Atou's heart and soul tremble.


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