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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep5 The White Knights 1


If you ask elves, "What is the most powerful order in the Elf Queen Nation?" 100 out of 100 will answer "White Knights".

Of course, there are other knights' orders in the Elf Queen nation, the White Knights' abilities are outstanding.

It is rumored that the 5 main members of the White Knights are as strong if not stronger than the rest of the Knights of the Elf Queen Nation.

So, it's not strange if they are known as the strongest in the Elf Queen nation.


4 of the 5 main members of the White Knights are gathering in their dormitory garden, enjoying their tea leisurely.




Hardy is the leader of the White Knights. He has short blond hair and looks like a strong man who has fought many battles. He drinks his tea quietly.

He is over 190cm tall and well-built. He has a handsome face, just like any other elf, but he has a quiet intimidating vibe. At first, women may be more intimidated than attracted to him.


Contrary to the Commander's tough image, Sharp Hat, the archer flirts with a human woman on his lap.


"Sosha's boobs are really the best ~."


"Geez, don't start playing with them in the daytime like this, Sharp Hat-sama."


Sharp Hat has long hair that is partially tied up. His height is over 180cm. As one can guess, he's a womanizer, and his words and actions are flirty and carefree.

However, he has one of the most handsome faces among the elves, so his flirty attitude fits him well.

It's not surprising that a woman would not feel bad if a handsome man like him 'eats' her.......

The woman named Sosha looks pale.


Despite her warning, Sharp Hat continued to fondle her breasts and thighs. While enjoying their sensation, he started talking to the Commander, who quietly drinks tea in front of him.


"By the way, Commander, have you heard? It seems that idiot Kaito, the self-proclaimed hero who stole the treasure sword Grandius has been killing adventurers in the dwarves' dungeons."




"Hmm, mmmmmpppph!"


Before Commander Hardy replies, the muffled scream of a human male slave tied to a tree interrupts their conversation. The slave is the target of a knife-throwing match between Kia and Nia. The twins are the youngest among the Knights.


"Nia, look, look. I hit his foot."


"Kia, look, look, Nia just hit his ear."


The human slave's mouth is strapped shut. He can't move and let out a muffled scream.

Nia and his Kia twin brothers are laughing as they watch that scene.


They are handsome boys in charge of raiding, and they're still very young. Although they are members of a knight's order, they are not so tall or muscular yet. For a woman who likes younger men, they are probably very attractive.

Their personalities are innocent, cheerful, and they have a strong sense of humor.


The two purposefully bought a human male slave and tied him to a tree to play a shooting game.

This is why Sosha, the woman on Sharp Hat's lap, looks so pale. A human male slave cries out to her, but there is nothing Sosha can do about it. She can only look away.

The Commander hadn't responded, but Sharp Hat continued to talk.


"According to the investigator, Kaito cannot accept his own growth limit and has been going around killing adventurers to raise his level. His victims are mostly humans. During his action, he was defeated by a human child and ran away."


Maybe he is clinging to that rumor.

A rumor about an elf knight who was struggling with his growth limit.

One day, when a human slave misbehaved, the knight slashed the human slave to death. As a result, the knight broke through his growth limit, and his level was raised.

Not just human, this kind of story happen on beastman, dragonman, elf, dwarf, and demon.




"Hmm, hmph, mmmooh! Mmpooh!"


"Because of that, they recognized his face and his race and even drew his portrait. It seems that he managed to escape to the deeper part of the dungeon with Grandius's flying ability. There is only one way to get out, so it's going to be difficult to escape from that dungeon with his wanted portrait displayed everywhere."




Nia and Kia laughed loudly at their human slave, who is in pain.

Sharp Hat continued to speak with a smile.


"The top doesn't want to be embarrassed anymore, so they're going to deploy us. I really don't want to do it. I'd rather be having a lovey-dovey kiss with Sosha like this."


"Jeeez, Sharp Hat-sama..."


Sosha looks pale, but her cheeks are blushing because Sharp Hat has pulled her face close and kissed her forehead.


"Nia, let's aim at his other ear next!"


"Kia, I'm aiming at his eyes."


"Mmm! Mmm!"


"Just kill him! Little bastards, you two are too noisy!"


Sharp Hat got angry and yelled at them.

Nia and Kia puffed out their cheeks at his scolding.


"What we do with the slave we bought with our own money is our business!"


"We bought them with our money, so it's fine! Sharp Hat bastard, you have bad taste in women!"


"Yeah, yeah! Flirting with an ugly human woman."


"Sosha is not ugly! She's charming!"


 Sharp Hat, Nia, Kia, and the target slave - multiple voices overlap and echo in that garden.


"...... Silence!"


Hardy, the White Knights commander, muttered a warning word.




With just a single word, the room is filled with tension.

It wasn't just the Sharp Hat and the Nia-Kia brothers.

Even the male human slave, who is struggling with his pain, is intimidated and fell silent.


He sips his tea slowly and returns it to the saucer.


"When a human makes a noise, the tea tastes bad. Nia, Kia, if you play, do it at home.




 The Sharp Hat points his hand at the male slave without leaving his seat, with the woman sitting on his lap. Suddenly, that slave's head is crushed.


 Blood is pouring out of his neck.

 It looks like a fountain of blood.


 A thick blood smell fills the garden, and Sosha's pale face becomes even worse as she sits on Sharp Hat's lap.


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