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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep4 Raito and Elly

"Welcome home, God Raito."


"I'm back, Elly. I managed to get Sasha to read the note."


I transferred from the capital of the Queen Elf Nation to my office in Naraku using the SSR Transfer. Elly, the Forbidden Witch, was waiting for me.


Elly holds down her witch's hat, holds her skirt with one hand, and bows.


I've already found out the date when Sasha, who betrayed me, will have a tea party with her fiancé.

I made her see me for a moment on her way home.

When she notices me and chases , stick a piece of paper on a place where she can see it, and use "SSR, Presence Concealment".

The sight of Sasha desperately looking around when she can't find me and her screaming when she notices the note is so awesome. I desperately hold myself from deactivating "SSR, Presence Concealment" right in front of her and killing her straight away.


Even now, I still hear Sasha's scream in my ears, and I can't stop thinking about her ugly, screwed-up face.

I can't help but smile widely.

Elly praises me.


"I can see the traitor elf through God Raito's eyes. How you attracted her attention and the way you made her find the paper, everything was perfect. As expected of God Raito! Especially your timing when you showed yourself to Sasha for a moment... that was amazing!"


"That was because the carriage had just stopped. Actually, I would only cross the small road as they were moving. It was because the human slave collapsed and scattered the goods.......I felt sorry for him as he was whipped......."


I didn't purposely scattered the goods so that Sasha would see me.

It was just a coincidence.

We only cleared the back alley so that no one would disturb us.


That human slave splattered the goods in the street, and her carriage stopped. Thanks to that, she looked out and quickly saw me for a moment.

Initially, I would have just passed in front of or beside her carriage. But, in the end, I managed to attract Sasha's attention perfectly.


However, I couldn't help him because it will ruin the plan. Watching an unrelated human slave being whipped made me feel bad.

Elly covers her mouth with her hands, and her eyes are wet at my comment.


"Oh, God Raito....... Such compassion for a complete stranger! God Raito, you're a real saint."


"It was a coincidence that he helped us, but I will arrange to free him later. I'll also kill the elf who was whipping him."


"Hmm, I think killing him is a bit too much. If he agreed to release the slave then let him alive."


"Very well, I'll arrange it that way."


Elly accepted my instructions and bowed deeply.

I'm sure the human slave will be rescued now.

After clearing up the small problem that was bothering me, I proceed with the next question.


"But Elly, is it really OK? I've left the note as planned. 'I'll wait in the big tower. Raito', isn't that sentence too short? Would it have been better if I left a longer message so that she would be coming for sure....... Maybe she'll give up on killing me with her own hands and ask for help from the government."


"As for the message, if it's too long, it might give away too much information. So I think it's best to keep your message as short as possible."


Then, she tells me with a smile. Her smile is so lovely and angelic that any man on earth would not only fall in love with her but would give his own life to win her love.


"We haven't built the Big Tower on the surface world yet. That traitor elf will wander around without knowing where the giant tower is located. I will make her suffer and let her taste of the hardship, humiliation, and disgrace that God Raito experienced."


"I see, that's wonderful, Elly. So you want to make Sasha frustrated for not knowing where the place is located. Just imagining that makes me excited."


"Thank you very much."


Elly's face looks calm, but her knees are shaking with joy as I praise her heartily.

She holds herself not to faint there and continues her words.


"Also, I think we don't have to worry about Sasha leaking the information to other people or the government. It's too far away to contact the other Race Union ex-members. Inevitably, she'll want to make sure she kills you with her own hands this time. Even if she knew it is a trap, she couldn't help but jump in. Even if it's in the mouth of a demon king, she couldn't help but jump in. Because once a person has happiness in their hands, no matter what race they are, they will never want to give it up.


Elly smiles. She looks really happy.


"I'll make Sasha the traitor elf suffers. She will feel pain and desperation not only on her flesh and bone, but engraved on her souls as well. She won't die right away, because I've already prepared a hell for her where she can't die, even if she wanted to."


I smile back at her.


"That' s very promising, Elly. Then please continue to lead this operation. I'm counting on you, OK?"


"Yes! Leave it to me! I'll definitely deliver the results that God Raito wants - no, even more than that!"


As if she's happy that I'm relying on her, Elly smiles brighter than the sun shining on the surface world.


This is how "Sasha the Traitor Elf Revenge plan" began.



  1. Wow this is exciting. Want to see that elf suffer and it was so good that they'll at least save that slave who accidentally helped them.

  2. "I'll make Sasha the traitor elf suffers > "I'll make Sasha the traitor elf suffer

    but engraved on her souls as well > but engraved in her soul as well


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