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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep3 Sasha's Early Life



Sasha is the illegitimate daughter of the head of a noble family, the Locket family.

Sasha's mother is a commoner, so she is neglected, and although she is given a room in the main mansion, she and the madam do not get along well.

Her father pretends to ignore them. Her stepsisters always treated Sasha and her mother as if they don't exist because of their mother's influence.


Occasionally, they would laugh at her as she passed them in the hallway, sarcastic or tripping her up.

Sasha cried out to her mother, but her mother, who came from a low-class family, could do nothing but tell her to be patient.

Eventually, Sasha's mother died of illness.


After losing her mother, Sasha was further disrespected as a "orphan" or "mistress's daughter," and the bullying intensified.

When she grew up, she was kicked out of the house without any reason.

But for her, this was a blessing in disguise.

Her father was so concerned about public opinion that he would not allow her to go out independently.


Sasha was finally free from that living hell.


After that, she started working as an adventurer.

When she was still living in the mansion, she always trying to avoid meeting her stepmother, stepsisters, and other harassing servants. She was doing that by covering her breath, hiding her presence, and searching for their presence.

Thanks to that experience, she became a skilled scout and was promoted to the C class in a short time.

As an adventurer, she experienced many life-threatening situations. But it was hundreds of times better than staying in a house where she was constantly looked down on and despised.


After Sasha is recognized as one of the most talented of the young adventurer, a top-secret request comes in.


"Investigating the Master suspect? Or if possible catching it......."


"Yes, we need Sasha-sama's skills as an adventurer and your beauty. We would be very grateful if you could lend us your strength for the sake of your country."


In a private room at the most expensive restaurant in the city where she was working that time, she talked with a good-looking elf man. The elf man said that he is a messenger of the Elf Queen Nation.

If she found someone who seems to be the Master, she must contact him, and the government will investigate. The Master has a tendency to like elves, so she was also given the role to use her beauty and body to seduce and detain the Master if possible.

At first, she was disgusted by this proposal.


(Why do I have to give my body to an ugly human and flirt with him?)


Even among the elves, Sasha has very great pride.

This is because she has always been despised and looked down upon during her past in the mansion.

She despises humans as an inferior race. Therefore, her pride won't allow her to let a human being touch her body. But the offer made her abandon her pride.


"If you succeed, we'll give you these rewards."


"Huh!? Are you serious about these rewards?"


The thing that surprised Sasha the most was the "marriage to royal family".

Even if the Master was secured by another country, Sasha was promised to marry a royal family member as a reward if she found him.

In other words, it was like saying, "I promise you that your daughter or your daughter's daughter will have a chance to become the next leader in Queen Elf Nation".

Other than that, some crazy rewards are lined up too.


She swallows her saliva unconsciously.


(Even if I continue to work as an adventurer, I can see my future. There's no way I'll ever be able to get back at my stepsisters, my stepmother, or my father for disowning me. But if I take this job and succeed......)


There is a possibility that her daughter or her daughter's daughter will become the next leader of the Elf Queen Nation. For that reason, Sasha decided to marry into the royal family. The royal family status is above the Locket family, so her rank will be higher than her father's.


Nothing could be more satisfying than that.


Surely, the wine she would drink at that time would be the most delicious wine she would ever drink in her life.

She will never be able to achieve it if she continues to work as an adventurer, that's for sure.


Sasha hesitated for a while and then made her decision.


"... I'll do it. Please let me do it!"


This is how she joined the Race Union.




Although she was briefed beforehand, the Master's existence is very hard to find.

That's why each country is working so hard to find him.

To be honest, Sasha accepted this top-secret request with a complicated feeling. In a good word, "it's like clinging to a thin thread". In a bad word, "desperate".

Besides them, other parties are searching for the Master.

Most of them don't catch anything and disband after ten or thirty years of work.

In that case, they get some hush money.

Sasha herself was hoping for the best, but she also inwardly felt pessimistic.


However, a few years later, they found a boy who seems to be the Master. His name is Raito.

Raito makes a living mainly from dirty and low-paying jobs such as simple herb picking, warehouse rat-catching, cleaning the drain, and carrying luggage in the city.

She successfully invited him to join the Race Union. But the investigation revealed that Raito is not the Master.


Though the reward is lower because Raito is not the Master and has to dispose of him just to be safe, she still gets many rewards.


She will marry Michael, a vice commander with royal blood, and become the adopted daughter of a noble family with a higher rank than her own father.

It was a great reward for her who had been despised as a commoner's daughter and an illegitimate child!


When her parents and stepsisters heard that Sasha was going to marry the vice commander of the White Knights, they instantly changed their attitude and started to approach her.

The father wanted to promote his career, while the stepmother and stepsisters wanted to marry influential men through Michael.

People who looked down on her and bullied her for years in that mansion are flattering her now!


"After all this time, Raito is still alive....... This is not real, right? If this fact is exposed......"


She received her current treatment because she disposed of Raito, who was suspected as the Master.

If people found out that he is still alive, all rewards given to Sasha would naturally be taken away.

The marriage will be canceled. Sasha will be stripped of her position as a noble family adopted daughter and kicked out of the mansion.

Maybe she'll be asked to refund the reward money.

She has spent a lot of money and will have to borrow money if they ask for a refund.


And once again, the Locket family would change their attitude and look down on her.


"No! I don't want that to happen! There's no way I can pay the debt and go back to being an adventurer now. They'll look down on me! Why didn't you die for me?"   


She screams alone in her room.

After a round of screaming, she fixes her hair and takes a breath.

She bites her thumbnail in frustration.


"Should I contact the other Race Union former members? No, if they find out, we'll be in big trouble. I'll kill Raito by myself this time....... My level is over 500 now, so I can handle this alone. Next, I'm going to cut off his head with my own hands, mince his body, and feed him to monsters. I'm going to kill him! I'm going to make sure he never comes back to life. In his next life he'll be reborn as monster shit!"


The only problem is.......

She scratches her head with both hands in frustration.


"Wait in the big tower"! Where the hell is this Big Tower? Draw a map, you damn human!"


Sasha had been an adventurer for many years, but she doesn't remember any such place as a "big tower".

There is no such building in the Elf Queen Nation capital, where she currently lives.

She wondered if it is a code, but she has never seen it, and it is too short to be a code.


"To kill Raito, I'll have to start there! What the hell is this?! Ukiiiiiiiiiii!"


She gets hysteric again and scratches her head. This had happened several times today.


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