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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep2 When the past is catching up

The coachman answered Sasha's question.


"We stopped because a human slave who was carrying a load of goods in front of the merchant association collapsed, scattered the goods all over the street."


"Uwaa, the worst......."


After meeting her fiancé, Michael, the vice commander of the White Knights, Sasha was on her way home riding in a horse carriage. Then trouble occurred.


When Sasha heard the coachman's reply, she looked out the window. She saw that the carriage parked in front of the merchants' association had collapsed and fallen to the street.

Because of that, they had to stop the carriage.


The merchant association staff is whipping a human slave who collapsed and splattered the goods.


"Don't mess with me! You, useless human! Quick, get those goods back on!"


"For, forgive me, forgive me....... I've been working all day and exhausted....... Let me rest for a while......"


"A talking livestock like you have no right to ask for a break! Just move!"


The staff became enraged and continued to whip the collapsed human slave.

None of the elves watching the scene felt sorry for him.


For the elves, human slaves are cheap to buy.

As that staff said earlier, they are just like "talking livestock".


90% of the human kingdom is made up of farmers. Therefore, most of their foreign currency earnings come from agricultural products, which are underpriced. Therefore, many orphan children and adults have fallen into slavery and sold out of the human kingdom.


This is why the elves tend to look down on humans, the least capable race among the six races.


The maids also let out a sigh of disgust.


"That's why humans are...... They can't even carry luggage properly......"


"And they're ugly and dirty and ...... really disgusting."


Sasha agrees with her opinion and thinks inwardly.


"If Raito was the real Master, I would have had to use my body to keep him under my control. Ugh...... I feel sick just thinking about it. I'm really glad that Raito is just an imposter and he's already dead."


Thanks to him, I am engaged to Michael, who has royal blood and is the vice commander of the White Knights.

Because I have disposed of Raito, I can enjoy this happiness.


(I want to thank him for that, though. Garou was wondering, "What is the Master? He's such an idiot. He's such an idiot, why does he waste his time thinking about such meaningless things? The most important thing is for me to achieve happiness. I really don't understand him.)


Recalling the past, she remembers the face of her ex-colleague, who has been chosen as the next head of the Beast Wolf race.


(I'm sure even now, he is drinking and screwing around with women. Just like when he was in the Race Union.)


She couldn't help but let out a chuckle as she can imagine it in her mind.

While remembering her past, about three years ago, she saw something nostalgic in the corner of her eye.

That thing is standing quietly under the shadow of a building, on the small road between buildings.

Sasha's eyes reflexively stare at it.


(A boy with dark hair and a short body. Is he a human boy? He looks like---huh!?)


Sasha was shocked as if she had been hit in the head by a blunt object.


"I'm going to move the carriage to avoid the scattered goods, so please stay seated and don't get up for a while-- my Lady!"


"Oh, my Lady!"


Sasha jumped out of the carriage, ignoring her maid and the coachman's voices.

She pulled up her dress skirt, which she made for the tea party with Michael, and ran toward the back alley on the other side of the street.


On the way, a carriage coming from the opposite direction shouts at her, but she runs on without caring.

She hears her maid's screaming behind her, "My Lady, that is dangerous," but she ignored it.

She runs into the back alley.


Sasha repeatedly mutters with a pale face.


"No, no, no way, no way! That's not Raito! I must be mistaken!"


Her mouth and emotions denied it, but she couldn't help but chase after the figure that stood quietly under the shadow of the building. The place where the black-haired boy had been standing a moment ago was empty.


Her ears, trained as a scout, caught the sound of small footsteps walking through the alleyway.

Sasha followed the sound as if pulled by it.

She is wearing a luxury dress, but since she has surpassed level 500, she can run faster than ordinary men.


As she turned the corner, the footsteps sound disappeared as if it was just a dream or hallucination.


"It, it's a dead end... there's no place to hide..."


Sasha, who had been trained for many years as a scout for the Race Union, looked around and searched for any sign of life.

The place is a dead end with no place to hide. Even an ordinary person can tell at a glance that no one is hiding there.


After looking around and confirming that no one is there, Sasha slowly regains her composure.


"That, that must be a mistake? ...Ye, yeah, it's impossible for a human with level 15 like Raito to get out of Naraku safely. Anyway it's been almost three years since that time. He should be older now."


Calmly thinking about it, even if Raito managed to survive, 3 years had passed.

When a human male turns from 12 to 15 years old, he can't stay the same height as before.

He will grow taller, look more mature and muscular.


"If I think about it, it's impossible for a 12 year old boy to look the same as he was 3 years ago....... It seems that I mistook the human boy for Raito because I had a nice talk with Michael-sama and remembered about Garou and the others."


Sasha tried to convince herself.

The sound of footsteps running through the back alley to get away from her was real, but she subconsciously tried not to think about it.

Then she notices a piece of paper on the wall.


She just noticed the white paper on the wall because the Elf Queen Nation capital buildings are mostly white, and Sasha was busy searching for the human boy.


She covered her mouth with her trembling hand and slowly walked to that wall.

She read the words written on that piece of paper.


"I'll wait in the big tower. Raito."




On this day, the past caught up with Sasha.



Chapter 2: The Traitor Elf: Sasha Revenge Chapter

Infinite Gacha:  Ch 2 - Ep1 Sasha and her fiancé


In the afternoon, a man and a woman elegantly drink tea together in a garden where the sun is shining through the trees.

Both are elves. They are sitting at a white table and chairs, chatting and laughing with their maids.


The Elf lady is Sasha. She's happily talking with the man sitting in front of her.


"Raito, who was suspected as the Master, looked so desperate when he realized that we had played him like a fool. So I shot him in the leg with my arrow and made him unable to move, and he said, 'You're imposters! You are definitely imposters! You are imposters!'. His face was really ugly and desperate, just like any other human being. But for some reason, it was so funny that I can't hold myself to laugh. I really wanted to show it to Michael-sama."


Although he listens to a story from the woman's ugly past, the man sitting in front of her smiles warmly and says he agrees with her.


"Sasha's stories are always fun to listen to. I wish I could see the desperate look on that boy's face. We sometimes destroy human villages in our operations, or kill travelers or humans who witness the scene and try to escape. At the moment they are killed, their faces become more ugly than usual. No matter how old or young, male or female, they were begging for their lives. On the contrary, they were so ugly that I find it very interesting."


"I get it! I understand very well! When Raito was about to be killed, his face was even uglier and dirtier than usual. But that made me laugh till my stomach hurt."


The man sitting in front of Sasha is her fiancé.

His name is Michael. He has royal blood and is the vice commander of the White Knights, the most powerful knight order in the Elf Queen Nation.

His blond hair is carefully cut so that it doesn't get in the way. He wears glasses and has a gentle, handsome face. He looks like a smart and serious guy, but he has a solid body with wide shoulders. He's the type of guy who excels in both the literary and military arts.


As if they had just watched a comedy show, the two discussing the ugliness and the funny side of human dying and begging for life.

They are both beautiful men and women, but their conversations are ugly as hell.


Both Sasha and Michael have the same feeling about "humans' ugliness when they're begging for their lives", so the story of the murder of a boy who is suspected as the Master has become a regular conversation topic at their tea party.


Three years ago, Sasha was a member of the Race Union and made contact with Raito. They suspected he is the Master and took him in as a member.

After three months of investigation, they judged that he isn't the Master, and they were ordered to kill him as a precaution.


They took him to the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, 'Naraku'. They tried to kill him there, but he escaped.

Sasha shot Raito in the leg, and Garou tried to stop him when he was stuck, but Raito's hand accidentally activated the transfer magic circle.


Sasha and the others did their best to look for Raito, who had been transferred somewhere in the dungeon, but in the end, they couldn't find him.


A human child bleeding from an arrow in his leg and unable to walk properly in the hardest and most punitive dungeon, considering that most likely he won't survive.

So they assumed he must be attacked by monsters attracted by his blood smell and eaten alive.


In the end, all the members agreed that Raito is dead and reported it to the upper management.

The upper management also accepted their report and decided that Raito is dead.


As a reward, Sasha was matched with Michael, the Vice Commander of the White Knights, who has royal blood. She was also rewarded with enough money to live and play for the rest of her life.


Michael has royal blood, but the Elf Queen Nation is a matriarchal nation, and as a male, he has no right to the throne.

But he is still a member of the royal family.


When her parents and sisters found out that she is engaged to Mikhail and received a huge reward, their attitude change was so funny that she can't help but laughs so hard every time she remembers it.


"--And the fun time really goes by in a blink of an eye."


Michael notices that it is time for the tea ceremony to end and stands up.

He gently looks at Sasha through his glasses and offers his hand to her.

Sasha is charmed by Mikhail's handsome face, and her cheeks turn red as she takes his hand and stands up.

Michael smiles as he holds her hand affectionately.


"I'm so glad I met you, Sasha-dono. It's not every day that a rugged knight like me and a lady like you can have such a good conversation. We are very well matched, aren't we?"


"I'm really happy to be engaged to you, Michael-sama. So happy that I feel like I'm dreaming......"


"That's my line."


"Geez, Michael-sama..."


They looked at each other and laughed happily.

Sasha gets into the carriage, and Michael stays there until she disappears from his sight, just like two lovers regretting the end of their secret date.

Sasha continues to look back at Michael through the carriage window until he is out of sight.

Her fiancé was chosen by the government as one of her rewards, but their chemistry seems to be very good.


The carriage moves along the Elf queen nation's capital road.

Sasha and one of the elf maids she employs are sitting inside the carriage.

Sasha let out a happy sigh.


"Haa...... Michael-sama, he looked wonderful today."


"Yes, I envy young lady for getting engaged to Michael-sama.

You and Michael-sama are both beautiful, so I think you two are a really perfect couple."


The maid said something that raised Sasha's mood.

She accepts the compliment happily.


"Ufufu, thank you. If you say so, it was worth the effort to become a woman suitable for Michael-sama."


Sasha made a lot of effort to improve her beauty and education. Still, the most difficult part was raising her level.

At that time, Sasha's level was around 300.

Mikhail's level was over 2000. Their difference was too great, and she had to work hard to close that gap.

This is the reason why they were not married but stayed engaged for about three years.


She literally worked herself to death to get up to around level 500.

Somehow it all worked out, and she finally got permission to marry Michael.


"You really have worked hard for Michael. There are still some preparations to be made, but I am deeply moved to think that by the end of this year, you will be married."


"Oh dear, you're thinking too fast. The end of this year is still a long while ahead."


"Young lady, if you don't let your guard down like that, the wedding day will be here before you know it. Don't let the waist of your wedding dress be too tight because you were careless."


"Hey, that's rude. I won't let that happen----- What!? Why suddenly we stopped."


While she and the maid were having a ladies' conversation, the carriage suddenly stopped.


Sasha called out to the coachman, and he turned to explain.



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