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Friday, December 24, 2021

Episode 37: Strange Hand - part 1



Mynoghra royal palace are some distance away from the city where the dark elves live.The trees have already been cut down,a simple road has been paved over. While walking together with Isla Takuto builds a strategy in his head.


"I'll check this strength. First of all, there are 100 warriors lead by Gia. The number is less than one unit, but the morale is the best."


"There are also Bug Childs that I gave birth to. Actually they are childrensmeans for menial works, but their stats have been boosted, maybe they can fight as well."


"This is why Isla is called the most powerful hero in Mynoghra. Labor worms originally have 0 combat power. However, Isla's unique ability can increase their power into 2 combat power and they can act as soldier ..."


Takuto glances down and looks at the paved road.

A certain period of time has passed since Isla summoned into this world.

The labor insect unit that was borned by her ability Childbirthwas already fully demonstrating its power in urban construction and cultivation.

Combat power 2 can be counted as additional military strength, though it is still weak.

They can defeat a goblin-sized monster, so their strength is more than enough for hunting small fish enemies.

The hero unit called Islahas fully demonstrated her capability.


"If we were also producing battle bugs at the same time, our defense would have been rock solid. Anyway disasters always come at the worst timing."


"If we think that the situation won't get any worse than this, its kind a relieving."


It's a disaster, but Takuto feels calm because Isla is here.

If he didn't summoned Isla on time, he would be sulk for sure.

To him, Minogra's heroes were so trustworthy, it showed how intense and memorable the days he had spent with them in his previous life.


"Yes, yes, you're right. Well, my Lord. How about Gia and his men’s?"


Hearing Isla's words, Takuto immediately reconfirmed the current situation.

Atou won’t be back in time, so the game winner must be decided by the card in his hand.

He can't make any mistake.

A small mistake can becomes a big wound, and eventually it will trigger the country's destruction.


"The situation in the city is not bad. Civilians have been evacuated to the government building, a simple defense position has already been prepared to protect the city, and the soldier troop are ready to move."


“There's also bonus stats from the cursed forest and land.Easy to defend and hard for enemies to attack us.We will definitely get a lot of bonus experience as long as the national forces are ready in place ... "


Common knowledge said that when capturing castles the attacker must prepare strength three times as much as the defender.

That theory also valid in the simulation game Eternal Nations. The defender had a great advantage because of the bonuses that included various fantasy elements.


But that theory only apply if certain preparations has been made.


Mynoghra national power and troops are still unsufficient, even the production of defensive facilities was postponed,

No matter how strong the land bonuses are, it's hard to stay optimist.


"I just got in touch with Gia ... The enemy troops that entered the Daijukai are about 2000.Well, there should be enemy generals among them.The RPG monsters power has not been fully known yet.This is going to be a tough battle."


"But our great Lord? You already thinking about the strategy, right?"


Even if he knews everything, Isla still ask the question.

Although the situation is critical, she knew that his Lord already had an plan to take care this situation.

If there is a risk of losing, he can lead the dark elves and withdraw to Dragon Town.

Small number of Dark elves and forest characteristics give them advantage, they should be able to escape without problems.

On top of that the safest and most effective way is to join Atou and Elder Mortar in the Dragon Town then hit back the enemy.


Theircity may be burned, but there are tons of wood in the Daijukai.

The city also still in the growth stage, so it will be easy to recover.


However, Takuto's decision was not withdrawal but repel the enemy.

Atou also ordered the chase the Dragon Town invasion troop instead of returning to Mynoghra.

It was clear that he was hiding enough backup plan to be confident that he could win.

It looked like he is enjoying the situation which make people around him wondering, but Takuto just grinned and laughed.

And the orders were given.


"The magical resources has been prepared for such kind of times.If the opponent can make a monster appear out of nowhere, just like the typical RPG, I'll also show them the speciality of simulation game."


"Fufufu. We’re lucky, there is no limit for the emergency production. We can make unit as many as we want as long we have magical power. The rule give us great advantage."


Takuto just mentioned the word "magic", and Isla try to predict what tactics his Lord is trying to use.

In the normal gameplay, emergency production required a certain interval.

However, so far they have verified that there is no such limitation in this world.


Then the cheapest unit,Long Leg Bugcan be mass-produced by consuming up to the limit of the magical power.

This unit, will have a combat power of 3 thanks to Isla's ability.It also has the ability to move and traverse the enemy's territory, making it an unbeatable scout.

In addition, it is easy to check the battle situation because of their high visibility.


Isla, who calculated the number of "Long Leg Bugs" that can be produced from Mynoghra’s magical power, judged that they can overcome this difficult situation without problems if she can defeatthe enemy general.




"Isla, this is mycommand. I’ll give you all magical power that Mynoghra possesses. Level up to the maximum and destroy all enemies."


For a moment, Isla opened her mouth as if she had been struck by a tons thought at once.

If she is a person, she would probably have a blank expression now.

Then her mind to catches up with the reality.

What was waiting for Isla after that is a strong delight running around the body.


Fuu, fufufu! ufufufufu! Oh, my Lord!How mean and how hateful you are! I never thought you would give me such an order!


  1. Ooh, I think MC wants a show of force to send enemies packing and think many times before attacking again.

  2. As far as i can see the enemy is just going for swarm tactics, overwelm with numbers since we can can always make more summoned units. Maxing Isla and tossing her against an army is like making a elephant stomp on vermin.

    1. Or let her make more babies?


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