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Friday, December 24, 2021

Episode 36: Surprise Move 1 - part 2


"... Anyway, the policy is clear. It doesn't matter if the opponent is a player or not, it's difficult to reconcile. We can't just sit down here, then we must crush them with all our might."


"Yes, yes, you're right."


Given the current situation, it is a waste of time to raise further doubts.

Above all, Takuto, the king of Mynoghra, decided to do so.

Then the subordinate’s role is to carry out his command no matter what the consequences.

Isla completely changed her mind, nodded hard, and as retainer she give salute to the King.


"Unnecessary hesitation can sometimes can hurt ourselves. One of the keys to a successful strategy is to never look back once you've made a decision.


"As you wish, my king.


Takuto planning a strategy in his head.

He dig up the memories of the past, review the war history that has been repeated many times, and consider the most effective and efficient strategy for this situation.

Of course, he also considering unexpected events that may happen.

This is not the Eternal Nations world. There are many unknown factors, and maybe there will be countless events that do not go as expected.


Takutofeels that his heart beats faster due to excitement.

For some reason, he felt some strange excitement and enjoying this situation.


"Emergency report your majesty! The enemy troops heading for Mynoghra capital!"


WhenTakutojust settled the strategy in his mind and began giving instructions to the warriors using his authority as leader.

The messenger Dark Elf with pale expression and entered the throne room.

Takuto can grasp the situations of all Mynoghra citizen, he also know the information of the enemy invading unit that discovered by the warrior corps.

However, the warrior chief Gia, who was worried about the lack of communication, also sent a messenger for confirmation.


“I know.”


Normally, people entering the throne room without permission should be punished.

However, because the situation is urgent, Takuto raise his hand to stop Isla who was going to say something and reply the report briefly.


The messenger feel some kind of pressure when hearing his words and taking his breath, Takuto exchange looks with Isla.

Isla, who understand his lord message, gave an instruction and appreciate the messenger effort with a slightly softer voice than usual.


"The King already know about this invasion of the enemy army.Of course, the king himself has issued orders to the main people, including the warrior chief Gia.We will also leave the royal palace and move to the city's hall for command. You too, please quickly back to your post."




The communication system between the field and the leaders is in perfect operation.

The Eternal Nations system, the player can grasp the situation of each unit and give direct instructions, will make it possible to move the army like its own limbs.

The response of the warrior chief Gia is also satisfying. Even before Takuto gives instructions, he gathered the warriors to guide the evacuation of the citizens and create a simple defense position.


Takuto impressed because now he have retainers that move better than his previous subordinate inside the game.

The number of enemies is unknown, but inside Daijukai the foothold and visibility is poor, it is not possible to take such a large-scale military action.


In addition, forests give advantage to the Dark Elves, and cursed lands benefit all Mynoghra citizens.

The situation is critical. However, it was not something that could not be overcome.




“It's true that we were a little bit left behind.”


Takuto muttered words in small voice again.

In normal situation, it was foolish to send force back to headquarter.

If this is a theater, the audience will booing at them,

If it's a game, he's probably will throwing away the controller.

Unfortunately this is a reality, that’s why he has prepared to make decision.



"OK, let’s regain our strength in one move."


Takuto quietly laughs. Apparently the opponent doesn't know much about him.

The opponent doesn’t know about the existence of Ira Takuto, who led Mynoghra in Eternal Nations and conquered Nightmare difficulty.

If so, he have to teach them a lesson, the meaning of that word.

Stepped into unexplored path.


With a somewhat less kindness expression on his face, Takuto quietly stood up from his throne.


  1. I foresee a bloodbath in the near future. How exciting!

  2. I love this so much tanks for the translation


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