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Friday, December 24, 2021

Episode 36: Surprise Move 1 - part 1



"It's unpleasant ... I took it too lightly."


Hearing the words that Takuto unconsciously said, Isla silently considering her Master's heart.

The barbarians that their alliance nation Fawncaven was worried about suddenly appeared at their door step.

The attacks, which should have been sporadic, suddenly turned into huge waves.

Besides, they were from other games.

It is foolish to use common sense and normal practiceThere are too few info to analayze the situation, and he can't even think what kind of response is best.

Of course, the time won't wait for him.

The enemy's army are now moving toward their home. In other words, they threatening Mynoghra's peace.

The situation is tight.


“I didn't expect them to found this place...... It's only a matter of time before we clash with the enemy forces. --But my Lord? Maybe is it wise to make the first move against the enemy forces, the Demon King's Army”


Isla uses casual words to push her Master to consider her decision. Regardless of the result, Takuto's instructions regarding this military action seemed hasty.

It is understandable that the other party power is still unknown and speed is required to deal with it.

It was also understandable that the city of Dragon Tan was attacked by the opponent's army and needed to be protected at all cost.

However, the fact that he opened the battlefield at Dragon Town without judging the opponent's identity and nature did not make sense to her.

As a result, they were able to defeat the enemy general and repelling the Dragon Town invasion army.

Isla wondered if there is any info that she did not know till this point, and asked question.


"Well ...that’s right. As a result, the enemy is invading here. So it was a mistake, but"


If Isla's memory was correct, Takuto are always act with cautions.

In addition, no matter what happen he always try avoid war because he puts peace and domestic affairs as the first priority.

If it’s give them more advantage normally Takuto would even consider the option to abandon the Dragon Town.

But, why did he open the battle with the opponent so quickly?

That is her question.


"I was relieved that the opponent's ability was within my expectation. If that was the level of the four heavenly kings, we should be able to take care the Demon king himself."


 That's right, Takuto planned this by himself.

 It was lucky that the information he got from Atou earlier revealed the general strength and nature of the Demon King's army.

He wasn't in a desperate situation yet, and knew that he would be able to overcome this challenge if he didn't make any mistake.

But that's why Isla can't dispel her concerns and stares at Takuto.

What kind of speculation lies behind his master’s eyes? Isla, who cannot read Takuto mind, decided to take the plunge and directly ask the strong question that was smoldering within himself.


What kind of speculation lies behind his eyes, Isla, who cannot measure, decided to take the plunge and directly ask the question that is bothering her mind?


If I may be so bold, I think it's possible that the ringleader of the enemy forces, the Demon King, is a player like you, Lord.


"It's May sound presumptuous, but I wondering about the enemy leader, the Demon King. Maybe he is also a player like you, what do you think?"


Isla has one concern.

Is the opponent also a player like Takuto?

If so, the enemy power is unknown. There is a possibility that he is also a veteran player like Takuto.

No matter how long Takuto had become Mynoghra leader in this world, it can be painful to have cross blade with people who came from the same world.

Whatever the other party's true intentions, a temporary ceasefire

It is not a bad decision to buy more time, they can prepare to handle the damage, gather more information and open negotiation.

It was a question with that idea in mind.

However, that speculation is far off.


"In the first place, if the opponent is also a human... or even also Japanese ....just because of that, why you consider him as a friend?"


Isla gasped at the words that he just said.

There was compelling pressure on that word.

His expression has a soft smile, but the eyes were not.

What is inside his king mind? Even Isla, who had conquered so many worlds together with him, could not guess it.

Perhaps Atou, whom he truly trusts, would be able to lift off the load on his chest. Unfortunately, Atou is not here, currently she focus on defending Dragon Town.

Therefore Isla silently bowing and follows the king's command.

Either way, she has no choice.

Even if she has a choice, from the beginning she had no intention to against the king.

Like the dark elves feel both amazed and reluctant to Isla and Atou.

Isla also went through the same thing with Ira Takuto and couldn't understand him completely.


  1. I'm with him, just because we may be from the same species or come from the same country the connection doesn't go beyond that. It says nothing of one's nature or behavior, it is not a guarantee of peace or hostility.

    1. Yup. We fight each other all the time here on our home world. Why should it matter on another world?


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