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KoushaRyouri ~C10

  Chapter 10: What I wanted to do for 300 years   " ---- is why."   I told them about my circumstances.   My father was a very strict man, and he decided to abandon me in the mountains.   I told them that I survived in the mountains thanks to my medicines and cooking knowledge.   When I finished my story, a painful silence greeted me.   As if our voices had been stolen, the Knights and I remained silent for a minute or longer.   "Can I ask you one last question, Luciel-kun?"   Fletty broke the silence and asked me.   "Yes..."   "How long have you been in this hell?"   "Eh?   That's three hu............."   Awawawawa.......   Wrong, wrong. Not that long.   "It's three hu......?"   Fletty tilted his head.   I hurriedly corrected myself.   "Noooo. Eeto, 3 years. It's been 3 years."   "3 years..."   Fletty try to digest

Episode 35: Conflict between Evils 3 - part 2

  The battle balance is leaning to Atou. However, Atou also refrained from attacking hastily. Words didn't pose a risk, but a careless strike could give his opponent an opportunity to strike back. Even in her sadistic action to the weak, she still calm and never overlooked the other party. Does the hero's instinct lead her to do that? Does the evil soul not allow to overlook the enemy? The possibility of victory as much as the sand grains that Ice Rock have slowly fade. However, Ice Rock still scratches his feet. He decided to unleash his secret technique before it’stoo late.   “Nuuuh!   Then eat this, my deadly blow!”   Cold air blows from the whole body of Ice Rock. It spreads like an explosion from his center, instantly freezing the surrounding land as if it were in extremely cold place.   Bikiri and the handle of the battle ax squeak.   The power that could destroy one's own weapon was forcibly put in, The body of Ice Rock, who sat

KoushaRyouri ~C9

  Chapter 9: Care slime     We briefly introduced ourselves and I quickly led them to my bedroom (house).   "Oh....... It's a magnificent tree."   It was Fletty who let out a comment.   He has blond hair, gentle green eyes, and a sweet face. His figure is solid and looks very reliable.   I can tell that he had been training a lot.   Even though he is wearing heavy armor, his back is straight.   It seems that he is a knight of a small knight order after all.   He is carrying an improvised stretcher and the injured woman is lying on it. Her condition was much better than before.   That's good. The candy seemed to be effective.   "Garner, I'll bring Mildy inside. I need you to secure the surrounding area."   "Yes, Sir!"   The knight called Garner stands upright.   He is a tall knight, one head taller than Fletty. His rocky, square-shaped face gives the impression of a solid personality.