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Friday, November 26, 2021

Episode 35: Conflict between Evils 3 - part 2


The battle balance is leaning to Atou.

However, Atou also refrained from attacking hastily.

Words didn't pose a risk, but a careless strike could give his opponent an opportunity to strike back.

Even in her sadistic action to the weak, she still calm and never overlooked the other party.

Does the hero's instinct lead her to do that?

Does the evil soul not allow to overlook the enemy?

The possibility of victory as much as the sand grains that Ice Rock have slowly fade.

However, Ice Rock still scratches his feet.

He decided to unleash his secret technique before it’stoo late.


“Nuuuh! Then eat this, my deadly blow!”


Cold air blows from the whole body of Ice Rock.

It spreads like an explosion from his center, instantly freezing the surrounding land as if it were in extremely cold place.


Bikiri and the handle of the battle ax squeak.


The power that could destroy one's own weapon was forcibly put in,

The body of Ice Rock, who sat down deeply, swelled as if it represented the bokeh and its strength.

The handle of the battle ax squeak as if the power that could destroy the weapon itself was forcibly put in.

Ice Rock sat down, his body swelled as if it just lost all it's strength.


 Atou quietly watching the scene with a smirk on her face.

 A moment later - the tentacles growing from her back gathered around the holy sword and transform a giant spiral-shaped spear.


"Come on. Challenge me your best skill, thenlose miserably."


Her words and attitudes didn't hide the wickedness.

The intention to kill the enemy leaked from every corner of her small body.

As if to prove her words the tentacle spear increases its hardness.


--And as clichéd as the story itself.

A struggle called a special move was unleashed.


''Oooh! Glacier-busting slash!


The offense and defense are momentary. However, the time included in that moment seemed infinite for both sides.

Frigid cold air blows out from Ice Rock body and attack Atou like a snowstorm and wrap her skin in thin ice.

Frozen soil crawls from the ground like a living thing, her ankle was locked to the ground by ice.

In the intense cold that blows, in the frigid cold where all kinds of life forms will close their eyes, tremble and freeze.

However, Atou is looking straight ahead.

Her eyes were looking at the ice battle ax which coming to slash her.


Ice Rock's deadly blow just madeAtoufeel a little cooler than usual.


“Ahaha!Hahahaha!Do you think this level of ice can stopped me?Seem you've underestimated me--”


 Then a strange thing happened.

 The moment when the hunter and her prey eyes crossed each other’s, in a fraction of a thousandth second.

 Atou missed ...... an attack that she should never missed.




Atou can't move her legs.

Certainly her feet are locked to the ground by ice.

However, the power that Atou has in it is not weak that it can be stopped by this level of ice.

It is not.

Her feet were locked to the ground by another, some extraordinary thing.


Her whole body resist the effect of Ice Rock attack.


"Gaha! Guu!!”


After a moment of offense and defense, it was Atou who knelt down.

She should have completely exceeded the enemy.

The blow that Atou fired with all her might is several times stronger than her opponent, and the timing was perfect.

In normal condition, she should be able to recover from her opponent's attack and deliver a fatal blow to Ice Rock.


She was unable to do so, and even allows her opponent to counterattack.

Atou's eyes widened in astonishment, her eyes move around, she trying to speculate and grasp the situation.

Ice Rock has stopped moving as if he was bounded, perhaps it's a side effect after unleashed the special move.

With a small snapping noise the ice that covered Atou's body shattered.

Her body moves, her consciousness is also clear. There is no evidence of any mental attack.

Something she never experience before just happened.

Her battle sense as Mynoghra’s hero give her one answer, she hitby an attack.


(---Im! Impossible! An attack hit me!)


A mighty shock hitAtou.

Her confusion was stopped her quick thinking, and her conclusion is that the impact of those attack left behind on her body.

The hero of Mynoghra is a fierce fighter with a fighting ability comparable to a military corps.

However, that does not mean that she will never get any damage.

In addition, the previous attack was unexpected for her, and the damage was immeasurable.


It would have been really bad situation if she hadn't taken the Stone Skin skill from the Stone Golem to strengthen her defense.

Atou grateful for her good luck, she continue to analyze the situation while cursing her own carelessness.


(Is this "Attack that cannot be counterattacked or intercepted"!?If I am under the influence of SLG, is the opponent under the influence of RPG? An attack that cannot be avoided systematically is a foul!)


The internal organs spill out through the wound that wide open from abdomen to the chest.

Finally after released from the side effect of using the secret move,Ice Rock turns his eyes to Atou and his expression changed.

No life form can survive after ejecting its internal organs.

Even a demon like Ice Rock must have suffered fatal damage.

Ice Rock finds faint hope after realizing that his attack was successfullyinjure the opponent, previously he thought it would not work.

However, a change occurs to the internal organs that spilled out from the girl body.

The internal organs flowing out from the abdomen, along with the bright red blood, gradually turned black.

Eventually it became muddy sludge and from her feet it is sucked back into the body.

There were no sign of scratches left…….

The sludge hero Atou is standing there.


  1. Ooh it was like one of those "Defense-penetrating, 100% hit rate attacks" in RPGs. That was unexpected.

  2. She was opened like a fish but is back to 100% while the opponent is still daydreaming

  3. Atou becoming Pus of Man


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