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Thursday, November 18, 2021

KoushaRyouri ~C9


Chapter 9: Care slime



We briefly introduced ourselves and I quickly led them to my bedroom (house).


"Oh....... It's a magnificent tree."


It was Fletty who let out a comment.


He has blond hair, gentle green eyes, and a sweet face. His figure is solid and looks very reliable.


I can tell that he had been training a lot.


Even though he is wearing heavy armor, his back is straight.


It seems that he is a knight of a small knight order after all.


He is carrying an improvised stretcher and the injured woman is lying on it. Her condition was much better than before.


That's good. The candy seemed to be effective.


"Garner, I'll bring Mildy inside. I need you to secure the surrounding area."


"Yes, Sir!"


The knight called Garner stands upright.


He is a tall knight, one head taller than Fletty. His rocky, square-shaped face gives the impression of a solid personality.


Maybe he was born in a different country. His skin is light brown.


By the way, the Onee-san on the stretcher is Mildy.


When I heard Fletty's instructions, I shook my head.


"You don't need to do that because the monsters won't come near here."


"No monsters will come here?"


"There's no guarantee that they won't approach at all, right? It's better to be cautious......"


The last person who spoke was the Healer onee-san.


As I recall, her name is Richil. She is petite, beautiful, and neat. She seemed to be a bit cautious and took a step back from me.


"I am using a monster repellant, so the monsters around here rarely approach me."


"monster repellent? I don't smell any smoke......"




Maybe that's a type of magic tool that creates a fire and smells that monsters don't like?


Though I've never used one.......


"No. I rubbed the surrounding trees with Dra ---- Wyvern's sweat."


"Wyvern sweat?"


Fletty and Richil raised their voices in confusion.


While the quiet Garner only raised his eyebrows a little.


"I've never heard of using monster sweat to repel monsters....... How about you, Richil?"


"Sorry. I'm also......."


As if in confusion, Richil's voice gets even smaller.


"I don't think he's lying."


Garner, who remained silent for a while, finally speaks.


His voice is quite masculine and sounds nice.


"I just tried to use detection magic, but there is no sign of monsters. At least until the nearby river's edge."


"This mountain is a place that even experienced Monster hunters rarely get close to. I heard that this place is a monsters' den.


"That would explain one of the reasons why this child can live here......"




Richil said, and then Fletty nodded.


"No, more importantly, why does this child have a wyvern sweat? Aaah, so many things I can't understand."


Fletty scratches his head.


"Well ... Why don't we take the injured person into my house for the time being?"


"Ah, Aaah....... You're right. I should apologize. I had some weird thoughts."


"No problem. Don't worry about it."


I said that, but inwardly I was breaking out in a cold sweat.


It's natural to be curious.


If I were in Fletty's position, I would ask a lot of questions.


Besides, I already told a lie.


The wyvern is a lie.


It's actually the sweat of a Grand Dragon. Dragon's sweat has a strong smell that covers a large area, so most monsters are too frightened to get any closer.


Thanks to this, I don't have to worry about animals damaging my farm.


However, there is a limit to its range.


I let the injured person sleep on my bed for the time being.


I was sleeping as an adult until yesterday, so her legs don't stick out. It's just the right size.


I was expecting some kind of complaint about the unnatural size of the bed, but Fletty doesn't seem to be concerned about it.


He probably has lots of other things on his mind than to worry about that.


"Her complexion has improved significantly. Now, if only I could use my recovery magic. ......"


Richil-san takes out a wand that looks like a conductor's stick.


She concentrates, but it seems she can't gather any magic power.


"Your magic power is drained, isn't it? Then take this......."


"Isn't this the recovery medicine you gave Mildy earlier? This is the recovery...... medicine, isn't it?"


"It's a little bit different from the previous one. See, the color is different."


"Oh..... That's right..... The previous one was blue, but this one is red?"


Richil is still wary, so I eat the candy.


I want to show her that there is no poison in it.


While gulping it down, I take out another red candy from the same bag and offer it to her.


Richil looks at Fletty once and asks for confirmation with her eyes.


Fletty eventually agrees, and Richil takes the candy.




She timidly brings the candy closer to her mouth.


She put it on her tongue, nodded her head, and closed her eyes at the same time.


Immediately after, her beautiful blue eyes wide open.




Richil screamed.


She puffs up her cheeks, and her face turns red.


I could hear the sound of her licking inside her mouth.


"Are, are you OK, Richil?"


Fletty's face turned pale at the sight of Richil's transformation.


Garner, who was watching from near the room's entrance, also widened his mouth in surprise.


"Yes, yes, Commander. But that ......"


"What, what is it?"


"It's the first time I've had such a delicious candy. The sweetness is elegant, and there is a slight sourness like fruit juice. It's like a cake eaten by the nobles---- haa!"


Richil who was talking so passionately earlier, regains her calm.


Her face turned redder like a fully ripe tomato.


"So, sosososo Sorry, Commander. I was a little distracted."


"No, it's fine. More importantly, how is your magic power?"


"Magic power?"


Richil-san was momentarily flustered.


Apparently, the candy was so good that she forgot her initial intention.


The others look a little confused, but I am a bit happy.


After a while, Richil-san remembers. She bows her head again.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."


"Eeto....... Magic power, eh............."


"What's wrong, Richil?"


Fletty took a deep breath.


"My, my....... my magic power seems to be fully recovered."


"Full, fully recovered ....... Even if you emptied a bottle of magic potion, your magic power wouldn't fully recover, right?


"So, sorry. But, but I...... didn't lie."


Richil was half crying as she replied.


The candy I just gave Richil-san is not an ordinary candy.


It is a magic slime, a rare magic slime that can use magic.


By the way, the one I gave to Mildy was a Care Slime candy.


If I give her ordinary slime candy, it will only make her feel better at most.


But the Care Slime candy has the effect of healing an injured body.


Well...... in any case, they will be surprised to find out that the candy is made from slime.


"Commander, now ----."


Garner interrupts the two of them as they continue to argue.


"Ah, Aaa. Well, I'm glad you're fully recovered. Please heal Mildy."


"Oh, OK......."


After saying that, Richil raised her wand.


She closes her eyes and concentrates.


"Ariel, God of Healing! Give your wounded child your healing breath and words."


So this is the spell.


I learned about it, but I've never seen it before.


Green color magic power gathered at the tip of Richil's wand.


She cast it on Mildy, who is lying on the bed.


Her whole body is enveloped in green light.


Her complexion became even better, and her injuries began to heal.


Eventually, Mildy is completely healed.


"Now, we can rest assured. She will sleep for a while until she recovers her strength."


"I see. I'm glad to hear that."


Fletty exhales in relief.


He looks at me and bows his head deeply.


"Thank you, Luciel-kun. You really helped us."


"No, it's not a big deal. Please raise your head."


I waved my hands at his gratitude.


"By the way, I was wondering. What is that candy......?"


"That's right. How to make it? I've never had a candy like that before."


Richil-san asks me with sparkling eyes.


Apparently, she is more concerned about the taste than the candy's effects.


I'm in trouble......


When he sees me troubled, Fletty turns his face down.


"No, I don't think it's polite to question our savior. Forget the question I just asked. Just tell me one thing. Luciel-kun----"



"Why do you live in the mountains like this?"



  1. I just discovered the manga of this novel the other day. Thank you for picking it up!


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