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DeokuTeima ~ C22

  Chapter 22: Get a new title   I browsed around the flower shop that I just found.   The store had nearly ten kinds of flowers and accessories made from them.   "Are these pressed flowers?   And they've been turned into bookmarks."   Name: Flower bookmark - Cosmos Rarity: 1 Quality: ★4 Effect: None. Small thing.   Unlike potpourri, it doesn't have a scent and is really just for ornamental purposes. It's a bookmark, but I don't have any books, so I have no way to use it.   "No, is there really no way to use it?"   In other games, sometimes it's set up that players must go to the library and read books to get recipes and skills. But there's no library in this game-- that's what I thought. If this bookmark exists, then it's possible there are books or library somewhere.   Perhaps it doesn't exist in the beginning town, but maybe I will find it if I go further. Though, I don't have any lang

KoushaRyouri ~C6

  Chapter 6: 60 years later... (Part 1)     60 years later...   "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"   The sound of loud neighs filled the mountains.   The sky is covered by large wings and a jet-black body. Its scales are so thick. At first glance, it looks like a rocky mountain floating in the air.   A pair of eyes that looked like big jewels kept staring at me.   Grand Dragon shakes his head. He moves the fire sack in his nose and flicks the igniting stone that is said to exist at the end of his long esophagus.   Instantly, a magma-like fireball is spat out at me.   The dragon fire is so powerful that it can turn the mountains and fields to ashes instantly.   There is no escape from his raging flames.   "Mmm......."   I frown a little.   My fine hairs are burned to dust.   But that's as far as it goes.   The armor I am wearing now is made of salamander skin. In addition to heat resistance, the armor is shock resistan